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At Sulekha, we have an extensive selection of air coolers at prices designed to fit any budget. Whether you’re looking an air cooler without water or a desert air cooler, you will find it in our listing. Online shopping for air coolers is simple and convenient at Sulekha as we bring you the best air coolers in India at prices you’ve dreamt off. With most of the popular brands and local dealers listed on the website, you will easily find the perfect air cooler online here.
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    Top 10 User Reviews

    1. Symphony Siesta Jr Personal Air Cooler

      Nilesh Chawda reviewed Symphony Siesta Jr Personal Air Cooler

      6 days ago

      Recently I bought symphony air cooler siesta, which I show in birthday party. The cooler amazingly cools the home. I use this cooler all the time but it never gave any single trouble to me. I am feeling very great after buying this cooler because this year the temperature of hot air is very high. The cooler looks very attractive and cools perfect. Looking its current working condition I am sure it works same for long time without any trouble.

    2. Symphony Ice Cube i Personal Air Cooler

      margie thakkar reviewed Symphony Ice Cube i Personal Air Cooler

      1 week ago

      I purchased my second cooler for my office room which is symphony Ice Cube air cooler I am surprised when I show how smoothly it cools my room without giving me slightest trouble. thanks to symphony for making this type of cooler. its powerful cooling system cools my office room in very less time. the cooler will cools my space so quickly that I forgot my all troubles and even the harshest of air summer. i like this cooler very much because it is nice and affordable in price.

    3. Kelvinator MIRADO KTC 25 Tower Air Cooler

      Manoj kumar gupta reviewed Kelvinator MIRADO KTC 25 Tower Air Cooler

      2 weeks ago

      Shree har har gange lamp shed d40/17 a r market godoliya varanasi

    4. Symphony Siesta 45 Desert Air Cooler

      amit mehta reviewed Symphony Siesta 45 Desert Air Cooler

      2 weeks ago

      I got this unit and I could finally have a good sleep in hot summers night/day. This cooler is just an alternative to AC. It keeps the room smelling fresh and cool. It’s very energy efficient and very simple to operate. It doesn’t increase the power bill at all. the cooler has dura-pump technology which is great and it also has wheels inbuilt so i can easily move the cooler at any place in home. I love symphony siesta cooler.

    5. Symphony Touch 80 Desert Air Cooler

      Gauri Mishra reviewed Symphony Touch 80 Desert Air Cooler

      3 weeks ago

      This cooler is amazing and I am glad to have cooler like this. I was purchased it before two months. Because I was faced so many troubles from hot air of summer so I don`t want to face same problems this year. This cooler is amazing in cooling and cools the room very fast. It has large water tank with empty water tank alarm facility which is very nice and helpful. It consumes very less units of electricity which is really good.

    6. Symphony Winter XL Portable Air Cooler

      shaily macwan reviewed Symphony Winter XL Portable Air Cooler

      3 weeks ago

      I bought symphony cooler for my home. It is just amazing and how nicely it cools whole room. This cooler is also has capacity to work for longer time. This cooler also has a large water tank capacity. The cooler is energy saver and has a feature less electricity consumes, which is good for me as a middle class person. This cooler is also has wheels so it easy to keep the cooler in any place of the house. The cooler`s body is made in way that it is fit in any place of the house.

    7. Symphony Touch 20 Desert Air Cooler

      Bhavesh Bhatt reviewed Symphony Touch 20 Desert Air Cooler

      3 weeks ago

      I bought symphony touch 20 air cooler before 6 months. I have symphony sumo cooler for my home and I am happily using it since last 2 years and then I purchase touch cooler for my shop. The cooler is also works very well. this cooler has touch panel which is looking very attractive. it has empty tank alarm and remote control also. the inbuilt wheels is also working great. I am fully satisfied with symphony’s products and services, because their products are very well in quality and affordable in price.

    8. Symphony Ninja XL Personal Air Cooler

      sanjay reviewed Symphony Ninja XL Personal Air Cooler

      4 weeks ago

      I thank full to Symphony Company who makes this wonderful cooler symphony ninja i which makes my home cool and fresh every time. from first day I start using this cooler till now that is 6 months long time and this cooler works perfect without one time failure. The main part of the cooler which I like the most is it has ice-chamber for instant cooling. It has nice body structure so it can be fits in any place of the room. I am fully satisfy with it's performance.

    9. Symphony Touch 35 Desert Air Cooler

      avni sharma reviewed Symphony Touch 35 Desert Air Cooler

      1 month ago

      I bought Symphony Company’s cooler for the summer. The cooler which I bought was symphony touch air cooler and I bought it before 6 months. The cooler has all facilities and functions which are my primary need in cooler. It has large water which I needed because I don’t want to fill the tank every now and then. The cooler’s body is shock proof and dust proof so there is no need to clean the cooler. it has some amazing feature like touch panel, empty work alarm, remote control system all are works very nice.

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