Since pre-historic time, swimming is considered as a fun-filled exercise. It’s a great way to enhance blood flow and heart rate, thus helping to maintain a moderate body weight.  Hitting the pool with a few good laps not only boosts fun but also increases health benefits that are unimaginable! It is one of the easiest and best exercises that can be learnt in a short period

So what are you waiting for? Some health benefits that will motivate you to start ahead!

Health Perks  

-Muscle strength: Since the resistance power of water is 44 times greater than air, the thickness of water is larger than air. So, when you swim, you need to work harder to pull water back in order to move forward. So it’s more of a muscle work! This will automatically strengthen your muscles making it strong and healthy. 

-Sweat-free exercise: When at the pool, the body generates 80% of heat that revitalizes your health. Staying in water for long hours gives you a sweat-free exercise.

-Better blood circulation: Swimming generally increases blood circulation, water surrounding your body while swimming wields pressure, this helps in effective functioning of the circulatory system.

-Enhances good sleep: If you swim regularly, you can solve problems like insomnia! Since, this exercise is both physical as well as mental; it rejuvenates the organs of the body.   

-Swim to get trim: A regular swimming burns calories, which makes you slim and healthy. A proper diet will thus maintain body weight for a longer-run.

Other Benefits

  •          It lowers the stress and elevates confidence 
  •          Releases hormone called serotonin, which makes you feel good
  •          Swimming thrice a week along with a balanced diet reduces blood sugar and pressure

It’s time to benefit from swimming classes!

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