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    Computer Repair and Services in Gurgaon as on Mar 29, 2017

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    1. +91 11 40496820
      Computer Repair and Services, Computer repair & services

      Hindustan Business Technologies (An ISO 9001: 2008 Certified Company) was implanted in 2010 with the sole aim of providing complete enterprises solution and facility management services to its Clients. We strive to offer the much required quality service in the field of Information Technology. Hindustan Business Technologies is leading business partner of HP/Lenovo/Norton/Cisco, Microsoft/ iball etc. to provide end-to-end solution to our enterprise customers. HBT offers Complete Computerization and System Gateway Solutions. With over 12 years of experience in this business, Hindustan Business Technologies is one of the leading computer and IT solution provider in Delhi, India. We have a vast expertise and practical business experience in Computerization, AMC & TRC, Systems and Networking Integration. Hindustan Business Technologies has established a strong customer base in the capital city by providing quality products and innovative services at affordable prices and timely delivery. Catering to the changing needs of the customers over the years and providing innovative and customized services to businesses, HBT is renowned for its quality products, customer-oriented specialized services and the trust it has earned all these years.With its sales and support office based in Asia’s biggest IT Marketplace, Hindustan Business Technologies has emerged as the most sought after destination for organizations, firms and businesses for their computer and IT requirements. HBT boasts of highly skilled, dedicated and customer-friendly professionals comprising Qualified Printer Engineers, System /Network Engineers (MCSE & CCNA), Fax Engineers and a fully staffed office to communicate seamlessly with internal and external employees, customers and suppliers. We have mission to provide technologically advanced best in-class products and consumer solutions for major corporate houses, government sectors and business enterprises through mutually profitable strategic relationships. We emphasize on implementing modern techniques and methods in quality control, which gives us the competitive edge. The customer support group, which provides service and maintenance, forms the backbone of the company. Hindustan Business Technologies specializes in the following areas: Design of Networks, System Integration, Procurement of Components, Implementation, Activation of Networks, Testing and Certification services, System sourcing and Integration, Design/ implementation of redundant networks, Implementing security system, CCTV & Biometric Systems, etc. Contact us for your computer related needs.

    2. +91 11 40121332
      Computer Repair and Services, Computer repair & services

      Technet Solutions has been into computer repair and services for the past 5 years. We deal with computer peripherals like desktops, LCD / CRT Monitors, hardware accessories and UPS systems. We also provide Annual Maintenance Services. Our services are now available for offices, education institutes, broadcasting, banks, reservation counters, commercial establishments and government offices at affordable costs. Contact us for more details.

    3. +91 11 40467652
      Computer Repair and Services, Computer repair & services

      Do not you want to repair your computer on one call in Gurgaon? Laptop Home Service is one of the leading computers repairing service center in Gurgaon. What makes you think that we are the best onsite/doorsteps service provider at your destination of your computer issues at the best price so that you can easily pay for fix your device at your home. Here are some points that will assist you in deciding why we are the best computer repair service center in . When you are looking for the best service provider of computer repair in Delhi and NCR, you need to beware of the fraud and forfeited agencies that can loot your money without giving you satisfying services and not provide you best service. This section highlights the computer repair Indrapuram services wherein you can hire experienced technicians who will fix your computer at your home or office where you like to be fix your computer device. It is very important that you do not get trapped by the fraud agencies because first they will charge you high and not provide you best service and do something wrong with your computer device. We will inform you about the best computer repair services in .

    4. Tech Map, Delhi

      6.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 11 39637432
      Computer Repair and Services, Computer repair & services

      Welcome to  Tech Map is a forerunner in the field of Computer Repair and Services, since 2013. We provide repairing service for Desktop, Laptop, Motherboard, Monitor, Laptop Charger and other Computer Chip level services. We also deal in all Apple product's service also. We help you upgrade your systems by installing OS and other Software and we also provide data recovery services. All our services will be offered at your doorsteps and for some complex problems your systems might be moved to our service center for further repair. Call us for further details.

    5. +91 11 40128185
      Computer Repair and Services, Computer networking services

      Om Sai Computers several years of experience in the industry and possesses eminent professionals who can provide you with the best service. we are dealing with Computer Repair & Services We shall stick on to deadlines and deliver prompt services to you including free pickup n delivery. Om Sai Computers we provide all kind of Laptop Services in Gurgaon. We ensure that our customers receive high quality and timely service. Whether it's your home or office, we do it all for an absolute professional treatment to you and timely commitments. You can contact us for further information.  

    6. +91 11 39637306
      Computer Repair and Services, Computer repair & services

      JOGPAL SERVICE POINT has a huge experience in providing repair and services for all leading brands of laptops in Delhi. Careing to our customers’ diversified needs, our certified technicians offer adequate solutions for both hardware and software issues. We are capable of fixing and troubleshooting the most challenging problems. Secure data recovery services are also offered at reasonable prices.Contact us for further details

    7. +91 11 40118535
      Computer Repair and Services, Computer repair & services

      Chawla Infosys has been providing computer repair and services for more than 15 years in Delhi. Our team of trained technicians can carry out repairs and services efficiently in the given timeframe. We offer services like data recovery, OS installation, chip level servicing and more. For the convenience of our customers, we also provide doorstep services. The repair services are done using genuine spare parts.   Contact us and get the issues of your computers fixed.

    8. +91 11 40468354
      Computer Repair and Services, Computer repair & services

      Balaji Services has been providing computer repair and services for the since 2007. We provide services like laptop repairing & servicing, installing software and OS and AMC servicing. We deal with all the leading brands such as Apple, Acer, Lenovo, Vaio, Dell, Toshiba etc.  Quick servicing at affordable costs is something we specialize in. Contact us for more details. 

    9. +91 11 40130118
      Computer Repair and Services, Computer repair & services

      SoftlinkSystems was founded in 1999 by a team of experienced professionals with a passion for technology and a shared vision of a single-source technology solutions company that would serve the technology needs facing modern businesses. The Company is one of the leading dealing partner of HP Compaq, ACER, LENOVO, Dell, HCL, APC And Uniline etc. Our team consists of professionals bearing excellent moral & social status along with technical qualifications. SoftlinkSystems offers IT Infrastructure Integration Services for businesses and organizations to run their mission-critical applications. With our strong expertise and lasting relationship with technology leaders like, HP Compaq, LENOVO, ACER, Dell, HCL, APC, Uniline, MICROSOFT and many others, we provide best-of-the-reed, end-to-end solutions to our Clients.

    10. +91 11 41137609
      Computer Repair and Services, Computer networking services

      ABOUT US • Focused On Computing Solutions. • Team Of 11 Highly Skilled & Motivated Professionals. • Developed Collaboration Modules On Open Source Platform BENEFITS • Renovo Is A Cost Effective Alternative To Internal And Manufacturers Support And Services :- On Site/24*7 • Provides Immediate Access To A Broad Range Of Specialized Technical Skills And Standby Equipment • You Get To Deploy The Equipment & Services Faster While Allowing You To Focus On Your Core Competencies • Flexibility: In Large Project Of Short And Critical Duration, You Can Use Our Dedicated Staff & Support Services • Independence: We Are Customer Focused And Provide Unbiased Opinions On IT Hardware And Software Requirements • Predictability: We Guarantee Delivery And Up times. Allow You To Meet Your Commitments We Guarantee Delivery And Up times. Allow You to Meet Your Commitments

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    10 Reviews of Computer Repair and Services in Gurgaon as on Mar 29, 2017

    1. Nishi reviewed Smart Services in Kamla Nagar, Delhi

      15th December, 2016

      I was contacting this business(Smart Services, Kamla Nagar) to repair my laptop.They have replaced the laptop display and provided a service.They quoted me for a service charge Rs.1600.Overall i am satisfied with the service.

    2. prince reviewed Smart Services in Kamla Nagar, Delhi

      11th December, 2016

      I approached this service. They came and provided the service. charged me Rs. 1450.The service was superb and I am satisfied with it.

    3. Shubham reviewed My Way IT services in Laxmi Nagar, Delhi

      8th December, 2016

      I was looking for Laptop Repair. I approached this service. The person came and provided the service. He replaced some parts and the overall cost was around Rs 1200. The service was pretty good and I am satisfied with it.

    4. priyanka Mrinal reviewed Hindustan Business Technologies in Kalkaji, Delhi

      8th December, 2016

      Through this vendor (Hindustan Business Technologies, Kalkaji) I repaired my laptop. I was facing OS password problem. he completed my repair service within 1hrs and charged me rupees/- 500.their response and customer satisfaction was superb, I'm contented with their services

    5. Kumar reviewed Smart Services in Kamla Nagar, Delhi

      20th November, 2016

      I was looking for Laptop Repair. I approached this service. They came and provided the service. There was some internal cable problem which they replaced and charged me Rs 900. The service was superb and I am satisfied with it.

    6. Pankaj reviewed Om Sai Computers in Sushant Lok 1, Gurgaon

      20th November, 2016

      My Lenova computer not working properly with some issue in it so i need a help of this service center. The charged Rs.600 Issue was completed . I am very much satisfied of this service center.

    7. Sourav reviewed Smart Services in Kamla Nagar, Delhi

      19th November, 2016

      Through this vendor Smart Service, Kamla Nagar I have purchased laptop charger for my lenovo laptop. I paid them Rs-800/- for the service and they have provided warranty. Overall, I am happy with their wonderful service.

    8. arun reviewed Satya Computers in Janakpuri, Delhi

      19th November, 2016

      Through this service, I have contacted forPrinter Repair Services total 1 service persons had visited home for service and done the job in a within 1 days now it is fine .Overall paid 450 Rs. It is very satisfied with the service and I am happy with their service.

    9. Imanath reviewed Technet Solution in Chattarpur, Delhi

      12th November, 2016

      Since there was a problem in my Laptop, its not getting switched on and I have decided to give this service center. I paid Rs.800 for the service charge. Now its working fine and I am satisfied with the service provided.

    10. Monika Sharma reviewed Smart Services in Kamla Nagar, Delhi

      11th November, 2016

      From this service center, I have repaired my Laptop not getting on. These people had charged normal and sorted out the issue in a couple of days. I am very much impressed with their service.

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