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A microwave oven is a versatile kitchen appliance that can be used for gourmet cooking and to heat pre-cooked food. So, it doesn’t matter what type of cooking you prefer, you can surely buy a microwave. You can find some of the best microwave ovens by LG, Panasonic, Samsung and other top brands at Sulekha. Contact dealers associated with us to purchase a convention, barbeque, grill or solo microwave oven depending on your requirements.
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    Top 10 User Reviews

    1. Onida MO23CSS11S Microwave oven

      Jenifer reviewed Onida MO23CSS11S Microwave oven

      6 mnths ago

      very good model. am using more than 4yrs. no fault or repair till.. safe one. I recommend to buy this model..

    2. Reconnect RHMCB2301 Microwave oven

      S.Murugavel reviewed Reconnect RHMCB2301 Microwave oven

      6 mnths ago

      I asked for operating manual for the past 6 months nobody response then how to buy your product very worst all the rep. Managers officers executives are well sleeping very good keep on going By S. Murugavel

    3. Reconnect RHMCB2301 Microwave oven

      M.basavaiah chowdary reviewed Reconnect RHMCB2301 Microwave oven

      6 mnths ago

      Its very worst product i never see this type of product and this type of service .i had asked you to help regading this company manual but no response

    4. Reconnect RHOTE4002 Microwave Oven

      Perm reviewed Reconnect RHOTE4002 Microwave Oven

      10 mnths ago

      Reconnect RHOTE4002 Microwave Oven

    5. IFB 20PM2S Microwave Oven

      ravinand reviewed IFB 20PM2S Microwave Oven

      1 year ago

      Well Experienced With cooking

    6. Samsung CE138XAT B XTL Microwave Oven

      Sanjeev Singhal reviewed Samsung CE138XAT B XTL Microwave Oven

      2 yrs ago

      I have rated this the lowest as Samsung will not support this product. They have no spare parts if something goes wrong with your Microwave. While selling they will not tell you this. You will realise it only when your Microwave has a problem and when Samsung will simply throw up their hands and say sorry we conned you. I have just been through this experience with the same model.

    7. KAFF KB4A Microwave oven

      Pradeep Rai reviewed KAFF KB4A Microwave oven

      2 yrs ago

      I installed the built in microwave in my kitchen three months back. It has a very beautiful design. My old microwave acquired a lot of space on the kitchen platform so I thought of getting a new microwave which was built-in so I could’ve more space on my kitchen platform. Built in options are the best to get the kitchen modified. The Microwave also have grill and convention mode which really helps me to prepare good food & desserts for my family. The food comes out to be awesome.

    8. Samsung MC322GAKCBB Microwave oven

      Arun reviewed Samsung MC322GAKCBB Microwave oven

      2 yrs ago

      System has a design fault with the cable harness that connects the control unit on the front panel. The problem could not be solved and a one year old unit had to be returned to the manufacturer.

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