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    Placement Consultants in Ahmedabad as on Apr 23, 2017

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    1. +91 79 30937450
      Placement Consultants, Shipping Job Vacancies

      Our focus is on complete gamut of HR Management including recruitment and Talent Management services. We guarantee you to close your requirements within 60 days, else we will close that requirement for FREE, that's our commitment!! We are here to change the way the business is happening today! We are an emerging organization with a difference in approach toward the Human Resources business.   We are providing our valued client an affordable flexible service of high standard related to requirements of needs of business with the principles of integrity, honesty, initiative and reliability. We are ensuring that our customized services meet our client’s and employee’s quality standards and needs. You will receive personalized attention from our staff. Our services will positively influence in minimizing your employees cost and improve the bottom line through our customized, dedicated and timely HR services. We are assisting the organization in developing next generations of applicants. We are utilizing progressive innovative solutions to human and business resource challenges by our forward-thinking, friendly and passionate staff.

    2. +91 79 49071229
      Placement Consultants, Shipping Job Vacancies

      Welcome to toucon tourse and consulting.we provide a service of Inbound and Outbound tour packages.india's most personalized and prompt in communication, inbound tour operator National Holidays was established with the motive of handling tourists from all over the world. All these years has earned us the goodwill and reputation.we provide a service of passport and visa also.in visa service we provide all type of visa like student,workpermit,pr. etc..toucon provide service of money exchange also. Our knowledge of Indian tourism and our experienced and courteous staff are at your service. Our travel services are focused on ensuring that you have a comfortable and enjoyable tour to India, with National Holidays. We welcome the opportunity of providing you with our travel services. National Holidays endeavors to make your travel to India easier, smoother and happier, with our comprehensive travel services. To book any of our services, or for more information, please Sent enter your query in the form . Toucon Tourse and consulting is India's leading Inbound Travel and Outbound Travel solution company for the Indian sub continent and also constant growth in Travel and Tourism industry, India. We providing the best services to the customer. The result is a vibrant atmosphere, wherein respect, genuine concern, reliability, willingness to serve and friendliness flew unabated, between the company's personnel and their customers in corporate and as well as individual operators.

    3. +91 79 33106394
      Placement Consultants, Shipping Job Vacancies

       Unique HR Consultancy is a leading Placement Consultancies service provider with several years of experience in the industry. We deal with Corporate Consultants, Engineering Job Vacancies & IT Recruitment Consultants. We guarantee efficient service and satisfaction to our clients. We are happy to have you as our valuable client. Contact us for further information.

    4. +91 79 30691337
      Placement Consultants, Insurance Job Vacancies

       I , Nita Upadhyay, welcome you to my Office. I will provide you very convenient & excellent tools like, Industry News, Informative Articles, Financial Calculators, Agency Canvas to grow your career as an Insurance Advisor, Tax & Bonus Information & many more. He is on a mission to develop a community of Competent and Committed LIC Agents of international repute. You will be trained at our office, equipped with well stocked library of Books, Audio and Video CDs on life Insurance and self-development. You will be trained on Need Based Selling techniques. We are consulting for rejected claims for LIC and general insurance company

    5. +91 79 30691248
      Placement Consultants, Shipping Job Vacancies

      Pushpa Consultancy has massive experience in this business. Our motto has always been timely service, best quality and optimum cost. We are in touch with our customers through quality, performance, service and assistance. Bringing the best of value to our customers, we also care as much about our customers. We value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our clients and professional contacts and provide a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all our dealings. We deal in Train Travel Agents. Contact us for further details.

    6. +91 79 30691974
      Placement Consultants, Shipping Job Vacancies

      Job Store is 1st of its kind and Job placement on stop store for Employer ,Institutes, Instructors & Job-seeker. Job-Store helps to get the job and get ready for the job by providing right skills. We offers Job-placement, Job search, Skilled staffing, Training and Resources.

    7. +91 79 49072961
      Placement Consultants, Corporate Job Consultants

      CPN Solutions serve a wide range of clients throughout India. It is our focus to provide effective recruitment solutions which enable our clients to develop and achieve their objectives. We do this by being innovative, professional and honourable in regards to every aspect of our recruitment practice.CPN Solutions are renowned amongst our clients for our unparalleled ability to succeed (where our competitors have failed) in filling even the most difficult of vacancies. We have an excellent team of intuitive resources who are fully trained in sourcing the very best candidates for the job and who also take the time out to understand a company’s culture. Coupled with our highly knowledgeable team of Recruiters, PeopleZeal has a winning formula for filling both mainstream and highly specialised jobs.

    8. +91 79 30691093
      Placement Consultants, Shipping Job Vacancies

      Shivansh Job Placement is one of the reputed service providers and our strong presence in the industry is a proof for the same. Our customers are always treated with courtesy and you can feel it when you are with us. At Shivansh Job Placement provide, BPO & Call Centre Job Vacancies, Placement Consultancies, Marketing & Sales Job Vacancies, Placement Consultancies Placement Consultant Services in Ahmadabad. Call us to know more about us.

    9. +91 79 30691775
      Placement Consultants, Placement Consultants for Doctors

        S.I. PLACEMENTS had started its operation in 2011 at Ahmedabad to give the Placements in BPO & Software Companies; however right now SI PLACEMENTS is recruiting in the fields of Medical Billing, Software Companies, IT Companies, BPO, KPO, RPO, Software Outsourcing based companies, Production Companies, Manufactering Companies, Insurance & Marketing fields And looking forward to welcome other fields to recruit for. SI PLACEMENTS has its registered office in Ahmedabad. Goal of SI Placements is to give complete Recruitment Solutions, Placements and Manpower Solutions to its clients. SI PLACEMENTS office is fully equipped with latest technologies of Softwares & Hardwares, full infrastructure and Experienced Recruitment Team, SI PLACEMENTS is capable to give Candidate Sourcing, Recruiting and Placing on Pan India level.contact us for more details.

    10. +91 79 30691938
      Placement Consultants, Corporate Job Consultants

      Welcome to Mehta Consultancy. The need for quality committed, persevering and talented professionals are the need of the hour. With paucity of time coupled with stringent deadlines to be met at a short span of time, the corporate are driven to scout for reliable recruitment / HR firms and that is the reason we are here. We provide for BPO / Call Centre and corporate job consultants. Contact us for more details.

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    10 Reviews of Placement Consultants in Ahmedabad as on Apr 23, 2017

    Average Rating (4)
    1. kunjrajsinh chauhan reviewed Naukri.com in C.G. Road, Ahmedabad

      14th April, 2017

      I am getting various job vacancy notifications from online websites like Naukri.com, C.G. Road, Ahmedabad. But I am in search of mechanical engineering jobs. anyway, their service was good and I like their way of communication.

    2. SHAIKH MOHAMMADMUSTAKIM AABIDMIYAA reviewed Shine. Com in Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

      11th April, 2017

      I have updated my resume in Shine. Com. Navrangpura, Ahmedabad. As I am looking for Engineering Job vacancies. Their service was good. I am satisfied with their response and communication which was sent through emails and notifications.

    3. Patel jinal reviewed Shine. Com in Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

      8th April, 2017

      As I have opened an account in Shine. Com. Navrangpura, Ahmedabad. so, they used to send me notifications and various job recruitment details. Their response was good. I am satisfied with their services. Further, I am looking for banking Job Vacancies.

    4. vala sanjay reviewed Naukri.com in C.G. Road, Ahmedabad

      7th April, 2017

      Since I am searching Mechanical Engineering Job Vacancies So I have registered in the Naukri.com, C.G. Road, Ahmedabad They send me job vacancies on my registered id those are relevant to my requirements. I am satisfied with the service provider.

    5. Hetal Thakkar reviewed Naukri.com in C.G. Road, Ahmedabad

      6th April, 2017

      This online site, namely, Naukri.com., C.G. Road, Ahmedabad is very good. Their response and communication through emails were very proper and exact match with my profiles. Further, I am looking for Banking Job Vacancies.

    6. Jagroop singh reviewed Naukri.com in C.G. Road, Ahmedabad

      6th April, 2017

      As usual, I was getting Job alert notifications and calls from their side namely,Naukri.com C.G. Road, Ahmedabad. Their service was Average. But one thing is that the referred consultancies were asked to pay some amount as registration fees. Without any process or interview. It is not fair. Anyhow it must be amended.

    7. Khushbu Rathod reviewed Naukri.com in C.G. Road, Ahmedabad

      5th April, 2017

      Through Naukri.com., C.G. Road, Ahmedabad, often I used to get the Job Alert notifications from their side. Their communication and services were good. I am further, looking for BPO & Call Center Jobs.

    8. piyush reviewed Shine. Com in Navrangpura, Ahmedabad

      28th March, 2017

      All is good through this online site, namely, Shine. Come Navrangpura, Ahmedabad. I am satisfied with their services and communications, But one thing is that the consultancies referred by them were asking Registration fees and another additional charge without any interview and consult. These things need to be amended.

    9. piyush reviewed Naukri.com in C.G. Road, Ahmedabad

      28th March, 2017

      This online site, namely, Naukri.com., C.G. Road, Ahmedabad is very good service provider regarding various jobs and vacancies. They didn't charge any registration fees. Their response and communication through emails were very proper and exact match with my profiles. I am satisfied with their services. Further, I am looking for Banking Job Vacancies.

    10. vipul kansara reviewed Naukri.com in C.G. Road, Ahmedabad

      23rd March, 2017

      I had registered my profile on this site. their notification had been, yet not relevant to my requirements, further, I am looking for Banking Job vacancies. Anyway, I am satisfied with their services.

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