DIY Hacks To Fix A Troublesome AC

shobika 4 years ago

An air-conditioner works like any other machine. Many factors contribute to the well-functioning of an AC. However, a myriad of reasons decreases the AC's effectiveness. To help you fix common AC problems we have a brief guide that walks you through the effective methods of maintaining an AC. 

  1. Less cooling – Have you felt that even after letting the AC run for a considerable time, there is less or no cooling? The most common cause is a clogged air filter. The outdoor unit remains exposed to dust and gets dirty and jammed. The colder air from outside may not be accessible to the condenser.

Solution: Remove the filter and wash it with liquid detergent, use a soft brush to clean in and around the area of the screen.

  1. Water leakage – Is your AC dripping water inside the room? Apart from creating a disgusting atmosphere, the water is loaded with germs and bacteria. Your water drainage pipe can have pollutants which are causing the leakage.

Solution – The best way to resolve this problem is to use a vacuum to get the slime out. If leakage persists, then the issue is with the condenser. In this scenario, check the condenser for damages. This problem often happens with old ACs.  Rust can seep into the drainage pipe and do for damage than leaking water. If you find that is the case, getting a new tube is a good idea.

  1. Noise problem – A noisy air-conditioner is trying to tell you something. Various types of sounds come from an AC:

Kind of sound and solution

Rattling noise – It indicates a loose part. Remove the panel and look for any parts flying by. Replace the region at the appropriate place.

Buzzing sound – The compressor can have some problem. Check the temperature of the compressor, if it is too hot, then there can be an issue with the coil. If the coil is burnt, then change it immediately.

A humming sound – If the intensity is within a reasonable decibel, then it is average. Most ACs make noise, but when it becomes unbearable, call for an AC repair mechanic.

  1. Foul smell – your outdoor unit might have a pest infestation or fungal growth. You can spot mould growth in damp and moist places.

Solution - Remove the outside panel, check for dead animals and any growth. Clean it and replace the board. Run the AC after half an hour interval.

  1. Less power saving – This happens when an inverter AC fails to be energy inefficient. Even a 3 star AC may consume more power than required. It occurs when the outside temperature is too high, and the temperature drops inside the room.

Solution – Keep the first running hours of AC at a lower temperature than your optimal need. Once you have a desirable temperature, lower it to have the best result. This process puts less load on the compressor.

Maintenance service – We all know prevention is better than cure. Yet we fail to regularly apply this simple rule. Enlist a preventive maintenance service and enjoy disturbance-free AC for your home. AMC or annual maintenance contract is available among most AC dealers. Find the service that best suits your needs today. Along with that, practice simple cleaning routines to have a long-lasting and effective AC. Connect with AC service experts in your locality and fix any AC issues you might have. 

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