Common air-conditioner problems and solutions

P T Usha 4 years ago

With the scorching months and the burning heat, we can hardly imagine life without AC. But the biggest problem is that being a machine it can suffer from plenty of problems. The good news about these problems is the fact that they are very easy to resolve. Knowing about the common AC problems can help you avert them and resolve the issue faster.

Dirt in the condenser coil – The condenser coil accumulates most of the dust. This dust can turn into stubborn dirt when it comes in contact with moisture. You will easily understand a problem with condenser coil if you notice a sudden drop in cooling. The most likely cause is a dirty condenser coil.

Solution – Remove the coil and clean it by hosing it down or cleaning it with a damp cloth can also help. You can use any detergent you want or even a disinfectant if you want to be sure that it has been cleaned well.

Leaking coolant – Another very common AC problem is leaking of the coolant. It is the gas that helps your AC make the room in your home cooler. The cooling gas can be and must be replaced from time to time. It is the most effective way to maintain the proper functioning of the AC. If you observe a change in the cooling of the AC, then it can be a problem with the refrigerant. Recall when was the last time you had it filled.

Solution – Get a refill of the gas, use only the appropriate one for your machine.

Stuck fan – The fan keeps the air in the AC circulating. If it gets stuck it can be a huge hindrance in the functioning of the AC. There can be many reasons that can lead to the fans getting stuck. One primary reason is an object coming in the way or rust formation.

Solution – If there is rust formation, you will need professional help to remove it. If there is an object stuck, then remove the protective cover and take the blocking object. The fan should now work properly without any hindrance.

Ice formation – One indicator of a problem with the refrigerant or coil is ice formation. It can happen if both or individually they are not working. The ice formation may indicate low gas or coolant. It can also mean the coils are not properly functioning.

Solution – Call for an expert who can check what needs to be done. most probably the AC technician will suggest you replace the coil or refill the gas. He will also look for holes and fix them if any is noticed.

Blocked drains – The drains discard the dirty water that comes out of the AC. The pipes can accumulate dirt and dust making the formation of muddy substance. Even dead animals can get stuck inside the pipes causing the ducts to be jammed.

Solution – Maintain the pipes by cleaning them frequently. You can run water through it or wash them clean.

Thermostat not working – The thermostat gives the AC the indication to when to restart working after it goes to sleep like mode or rest period. A damaged thermostat will not be able to send off the signal at the right time. You will notice the AC is starting off fine but after resting not switching on for a long time.

Solution – The thermostat is very easily replaceable and it will resolve the issue instantly.

One of the most preferred AC problem-solver is hiring an AMC. It is the best way to get help from professionals or experts who will address all your AC problems in the best possible way. They provide annual maintenance which covers regular cleaning and small repairs if required. Subscribing to such a service can help you avoid a lot of major challenges with the AC.

Now that you know the common problems with the AC, you can avoid it by looking out for signs and taking the right step at the right moment. If you are dealing with problems in your AC at your home, feel free to connect with professional AC Repair Services in your locality.

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