Water And Gas Leakage Problems In An AC

Shobika 4 years ago

The most common AC problems are water seepage and gas leakage. Let us discuss these two problems one at a time.

Water leakage

Have you been noticing an occasional or frequent water leakage from your AC? The cause could be simple or complicated. As soon as you see the water dripping, turn off the air-conditioner and call your AC repair technician.Most common reasons for leakage

  • Drain pipe blockage – Dirt, debris and dust can get accumulated inside the drain pipe and cause a blockage. The technician will remove the drain pipe, wash and replace it. If washing fails to clear the blockage, the technician may use a vacuum cleaner to suck out the clog and washes the pipe with water. Make sure to switch on the AC after the pipe gets dried.
  • Ice formation on evaporator coil – Finding ice around the AC unit, on the swings and near the pipes is an issue of concern. This shows your air-conditioner unit has run out of refrigerant. Allow an expert to check the AC unit. Do not attempt to switch on the AC, till the problem gets resolved. It can have lasting damages for the compressor. Ask the technician to replace the existing refrigerant with the best quality and most suitable refrigerant. It will help reduce the electricity bill amount.
  • Drain pipe moved away – Sometimes the air-conditioner starts leaking water within a few days or a month of installation. This indicates improper installation. If an inexperienced person, who is not certified by the company, installs an AC, he might not know the specific needs for your AC installation and carry out an improper approach.

    Gas leakage

  • Does your AC not meet your expectations? Do you have low cooling? Are you dizzy or nauseous for no reason? The possible cause can be a gas or refrigerant leakage. An AC gas leakage is harmful to the health of the residents. It can get circulated inside the room and get the occupants sick.Once the technician arrives, he will try to identify where the leakage has happened. A gas detector can find the leak. The leak can be internal or external. If the pipes have stains on them, then you have internal damage. The external leak at the bottom can be bad news for your compressor.The gas leakage occurs due to corrosion caused by the vibration of the coils carrying the gas to give you colder air. Pressurised nitrogen added to the refrigerant can help detect the leak. A soapy discharge comes out of the leak area. The repairman will weld the area to seal the leak. If the damage has spread, you may even have to change the affected parts.The technician solders the disrupted area with a high silver element. He can also weld a new piece replacing the damaged part, instead of replacing the whole pipe or coil. In most cases fixing the coil and refilling the gas will solve the problem. Nitrogen can also help set the damage. It would absorb the extra moisture and stop the leakage. You will also have to invest in refilling with the most appropriate gas for your specific unit.The sooner the leak is detected, the better it is for the AC unit. Remember to get the gas status checked by the technician at the time of annual maintenance service or AMC.  Avoid going back home to a troublesome AC in Summer. Connect with AC service experts, fix the water & gas leakage issues in your AC and beat the heat with a well functioning AC. AC repair services in Chennai, AC repair services in Hyderabad, AC repair services in Delhi. 

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