What noises from an AC mean?

Shobika 4 years ago

The modern air-conditioner aims to deliver the most exceptional comfort. Massive innovation in AC technology has made the latest versions to be noise free. Although the decibels have gone down, your AC can make certain noises over time.

Different noises come out of an AC. We have gathered the most common ones and the solutions to eradicate them:

  1. Rattling sound – It may happen after a new installation or after service. This problem arises due to loose parts in the air-conditioner that get stuck and gives rise to severe scenarios. Do not ignore this sound. Resolve it at an earlier stage and save money which otherwise would go towards additional sourcing parts.
  2. Grinding noise – This type of sound comes from the compressor and corresponds to low cooling problems. Call the technician as soon as one is available. This type of sound is common in an old AC, where the compressor suffers from damage due to wear and tear over the years. The technician examines the interior space and determines the nature of the problem. By changing certain parts or the entire compressor, you will be able to solve the issue.
  3. Dull and constant noise - This is a soft and swirling sound is indicative of debris or particles stuck inside the coil or drains within the AC. Remove the panel and listen close, be careful. Switch off the AC and open the affected area after some time. Clean with a vacuum cleaner or dust the dirt from its location. If you find a particular object stuck in a bent, try to remove it with a brush. If you are unable to do it successfully, call a technician.
  4. Loud humming – A soft humming is common in most AC units. But if the humming gets louder, it indicates a problematic situation. Most of the times, the motor makes the noise. It happens due to over or insufficient voltage. By changing the wire, you can resolve the issue at a minimal cost.
  5. Bee-like buzzing – The main reason behind this noise is loose fan blades. Tightening of the blades helps solve the problem. Water leakage can also lead to a buzzing sound and results from debris and dust the water carries and deposits on the filter. Cleaning off the filter and repositioning the drainage pipe will solve the issue.
  6. Squealing – A squealing or screeching sound is quite unnerving. It comes from an overworked AC. The corrosion and friction which the motor goes through cause damages to the whole circuitry. When you switch on the AC, the compressor and the motor work hard together to give you the desired temperature. The noise continues and halts after a few minutes, but you should not ignore it. At the time of the AMC, mention the details of the sound to the service staff.

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