Your Split And Window ACs Can Have These Problems

  • Although air-conditioners give desirable respite from the heat, they are not exempt from creating problems. All AC types suffer from lapses in function. Most of the times, it is resolvable. In this blog, we will discuss the type of issues that are common in Windows and Split AC types.

    4 Common problems in Split Air Conditioners 

    1. The foul smell – This is more common than you might think. The drainage pipe can get clogged over months of use. Moulds start to grow in a damp and moist environment giving rise to a foul smell. A pest or any organic deposition, followed by decomposition, can lead to an unbearable odour.
    2. Swing is stuck – The air circulation in the room decreases when the AC swings get stuck. The primary reason behind this issue is the malfunction of the motor controlling the swing action. The remote may also fail to meet the sensor that helps in controlling the movement. Your battery remote needs checking. If the problem persists, call an expert for help.
    3. Refrigerant leakage – When the split AC fails to cool, it has a problem with the refrigerant leak. Constant corrosion and impact of humidity lead to the formation of holes in the coils. The result might allow the refrigerant to leak. Always ask the technician to use a suitable refrigerant, typical for your AC model. 
    4. Troubles with starting – The most probable reason is a surge in power or a voltage fluctuation which can damage the fuse. If your locality suffers from frequent power cuts, you must get a stabiliser. Running an air-conditioner with frequent power lapse can harm the compressor. Some irreversible damage can also happen.


    4 Common problems in Window Air Conditioners

    1. Water leakage inside the room – If your AC is not properly installed, the windows system can leak water inside the room. Ask the AC technician to re-mount the AC at a tilted angle towards the back end. This simple trick will ensure the water gets drained into the pipe. It will no longer leak into your room. Also, check that no gap is there at the point of connection of drainage pipe.
    2. Compressor switching off – The air-conditioner works by sensing the temperature in the room. It alternates between on and off mode. If the sensor or the thermostat has a problem, the compressor can malfunction. If you do not resolve the issue early on, then the compressor will get damaged. If your filter has clogging or the evaporator coil has rust, then similar problems can arise. Keep the filter clean and do not let the coil rust.
    3. Low cooling – There may come a time when your AC fails to deliver the necessary cooling requirements. A common cause behind it is the fact that your AC has run out of refrigerant or cooling gas. If it is not the case, then check for any clogging in the evaporator coil. The outside colder air moves through the condenser through the coil and released in the room. If there is any blockage in the coil, this action will not happen. As a result, you will have less cooling.
    4. Ice formation – If you find ice formation in and around your AC, then it is the cause of concern. Call an air-conditioner repair professional immediately. It generally happens when your AC has inadequate cooling gas. The condenser coil, to compensate, drops the temperature to the lowest degree leading to the formation of ice. Never try to switch on the AC with ice around it. Keep the machine off until your technician arrives.

    The best way to keep any AC related problem at bay is by subscribing to an AMC or annual maintenance service. Regular servicing and easy maintenance hacks will provide you with uninterrupted service from your AC.Connect with AC service experts in Chennai, AC repair technicians in Hyderabad, AC service centres in Delhi. 

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