How AI and Big Data Influence A Lawyer's Future?

P T Usha 3 years ago

The advent of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is successfully applied in several sectors, and one cannot neglect the legal services in this. Artificial intelligence plays a crucial role in providing access-to-justice in a better way and completely changes the traditional legal system. Though the terms AI, big data, and online courts are new to legal services, it is said that these legal techs will determine the lawyer's future to a greater extent.

The legal system is expected to face several changes over the next decade due to the innovation brought in by artificial intelligence and big data. According to several authors and senior lawyers, the technology will bring about an interesting decade of change in the legal sector and transform the traditional court system into an online court system.

In the current legal tech trend, only 46% of people are said to have access to the legal system. Besides, there are backlogs in many court systems, and people's major fear of courts is said to be the litigations. However, all these issues can be effectively sorted out if we move to the online court system.

One of the major problems faced by the legal firms, corporate and other lawyers, and legal departments is data management. The data volumes are ever-growing, and the so-called 'big data' is almost everyone's problem in the legal department. On the contrary, the clients expect the lawyers to be informed and accurate about the case history and other data. So, their works surround synthesizing the relevant data quickly. To manage the pressure from the clients, it is now important that the lawyers are trained to be data-driven.  

However, there is an effective solution for all these data-related challenges with the advent of AI technology. From concentrating on managing big sets of data and investing in language-based technologies that can scan, interpret, and synthesize the written document.

The legal tech companies are indulging in adding millions of documents to their repositories every day. To store such quantities of massive data, strong purpose-built platforms are required. The advanced data parsing technologies help in document meta-data enrichment; raw data is cleaned and structured.

The future of lawyers

It is a known fact that certain jobs will be eliminated. Especially hectic tasks like searching documents or other databases for information and coding the same can be neglected.

More new jobs like managing and developing AI, which can be termed legal engineers, writing algorithms for AI, reviewing the AI-assisted work product, etc., will be created. The lawyers can get rid of the time-consuming and dry jobs like data gathering for analyzing results, client advice, and more. In a nutshell, the influence of AI in legal services will cut-off several hectic tasks and help lawyers to do everything faster, better, and in a pocket-friendly way.

With AI technology's power, the lawyers can track their customer relationships, do analytics, and run campaigns for the clients to choose your firm over another.

The lawyers shall fit in the market with advanced analytics tools. Hence, lawyers spotting these patterns ahead of time shall help them prepare and pave the way to create satisfied customers in your firm.

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