How To Choose The Best Law Firm For Your Company

Parvathya Sripadhan 8 years ago

Legal advice is an essential part of the overall decision-making process that goes on in a company, both when it has been launched and through the process of its development. Choosing the right law firm is a crucial thing since, the future of the company may be affected by the wrong choice. But with the increasing number of law firms in every city, finding one that matches your company profile can seem like a hassle.

So here are 5 things to keep in mind to make the ideal choice for your company’s law firm:

1. Size of the law firm:

One of the main aspects to look into is the size of the law firm which in turn depends on the size of your own company. A newly launched company such as a start-up needs only a single legal advisor or advocate rather than to hire a big law firm. The nature of the business is another factor that decides the size of the law firm. And most importantly the financial budget in mind decides the law firm that is ideal for your business.

2. Legal Expertise:

Another critical criterion to research before deciding on a law firm is their legal expertise and experience in the industry. Look through the potential law firms and see their experiences with their past clients and make a note of the sort of businesses they have represented. Ensure that the client list is similar to your nature of business, so you know what to expect from this association.

3. Past client experience:

Make a record of the firm’s experience with their past clients. An insight into what kind of cases they have dealt with and how they have dealt with an issue will give you a clear picture of how your experience with them will be. Do a detailed background check on any past issues between the client and the firm so you have an idea of what to expect.

4. Terms of Engagement:

With everything being so streamlined and specific, lawyers also have specialities and offer individualised services such as Contract Lawyers, Law Firm with multi-speciality lawyers, Real-estate lawyers, and so on. You will need to look at the nature of your business, the possible legal issues you may face and accordingly opt for a specific law firm that caters to your need. Paying close attention to the terms of engagement between your business and the law firm is essential as well as this will inform you of the services you get and don’t.

5. Financial terms:

A make or break aspect of choosing the right law firm is to ensure the firm is well under the budget you have placed for that particular purpose. Most law firms work with a monthly retainer concept, wherein you will have to pay monthly charges to the firm for their legal advice. Ideally, this should be decided based on your legal proceedings and how much of assistance you will need.

With stricter rules and regulations coming up, every business regardless of the industry should definitely invest in a law firm/ lawyer to avoid any legal discrepancies. To have an effective business it is essential to take the right steps and moves legally, so it is essential to hire from the best Corporate and Company Lawyers, and ensure your company is legally protected.

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