Services Offered by Landscape Architects

Shruti Suresh 12 years ago

Landscape architects will prepare a schematic design for your approval Landscape architects will oversee execution and maintenace of the project

Landscape architects are trained in aspects of architecture, urban planning, and civil engineering, so as to be able to give you holistic landscape solutions for your home. Different landscape architects offer various landscape services, and so you must discuss the services you would like to avail before choosing a landscape architect.

1. Design Scheme

All landscape architects will offer you schematic landscape design which will include the site analysis, master plan, design concept, schematic landscape planning design, and an approximate cost estimate.

2. Design Development

Once the schematic design by the landscape architect has been approved by you, and your needs, as well as the site potential has been taken into consideration, the landscape planning detailing begins. This includes landscape services like detailing the softscape, hardscape, plant choice, and detailing out the budget.

3. Construction

Once the plans, schemes and details are approved, the landscape architect will proceed with the actual execution of the project. This will include preparation of the construction drawings, irrigation plan, lighting and planting details. In addition to this, certain landscape architects provide landscape services for supervision of the project execution as well.

4. Maintenance

Maintenance is among the addition landscaping services offered by landscape architects. Often, a landscape design takes many seasons to attain its full potential and suitable tending and care must be afforded to the landscape to achieve this. Many architects provide the required seasonal maintenance services and customized recommendations for your garden.

Landscape architects offer various services depending on your needs. Always consider the long term needs of your garden before deciding on a landscape architect. 

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