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Architecture Model Makers in Bhubaneswar

When you have to market your property, you need to emphasise on various tools. With the help of architectural models, you can help your prospects visualise your property. In the realm of architecture, it is crucial that you can display technical drawings. With the advent of computer-aided technology, it has now become fairly easy to illustrate architectural facets. So let’s explore the importance of architectural model makers in Bhubaneswar.

Leading Service Providers in Bhubaneswar as on Oct 07, 2022

Shree Somnath Assets
Nayapalli, Bhubaneswar, 751012
Architectural Model Makers, Residential building contractors, Commercial building contractors
+3 more
Response Time: More than 60 MinsSulekha score: 7.2Working hours: 10 AM to 4 PM

Complete solution for building constructionless

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Abhradeep Sil & Co
Bow Bazar, Kolkata, 700012 ( Also serves in Bhubaneswar )
4.5/5 Based on 22 Reviews
Architectural Model Makers, Building service contractors, Architecture services
+1 more
Response Time: Within 60 MinsSulekha score: 8.2Working hours: 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
+1 more
  • Years of Experience: 3

Consultant Civil Engineer ,Estimator Our Chief consultant civil engineer is also an ex -govt employee having extensive knowledge in the field of civil engineering. It is our pleasure to have other consultant engineers who have also immense working knowledge . We are currently serving many top civil engineering companies as well as govt institutions.less

Arati sen from Kolkata

"They are very Professional & punctual in their work, will recommend to others."

Rituporna Banerjee from Kolkata

"There remedies in vastu & building structural knowledge has helped me get rid of bad times,will recommend them to others"

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Chinmayees Archi Studio
Patia, Bhubaneswar, 751024
4.0/5 Based on 7 Reviews
Architectural Model Makers, Home Interiors, Office/Commercial Interiors
+1 more
Response Time: Within 60 MinsSulekha score: 6.5Working hours: 9 AM to 7 PM

We are the best residential interior designers in Bhubaneswar. Our service will also include commercial interior designing, architecture service and also good in delivering modular kitchen for your spacing. Get connected with our leading experts.!less

Subasish Sarangi from Bhubaneswar

"I really appreciate Chinmayee and her team for complete design and completion of interior work of my flat. Unique design and within budget. Excellent. "

Sambhav Sahoo from Bhubaneswar

"The design ideas she provides are unique in her own way . When she's done with the whole thing and you look at what she's done you'll be awestruck with the work. 10/10 will recommend."

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Adidev Engineering Private Limited
Mancheswar Industrial Estate, Bhubaneswar, 751007
Architectural Model Makers, Residential building contractors, Commercial building contractors
+3 more
Response Time: Within 15 MinsSulekha score: 4.6
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D ArchiPark design
Badadand Sahi, Bhubaneswar, 562312
Architectural Model Makers, Residential building contractors, Home Interiors
+2 more
Response Time: Within 15 MinsSulekha score: 7.4

Interior architecture isa practice that incorporates the art of design and the science of architecture, and it focuses on the technical aspects of planning and building a room. This field involves making the room safe and functional as well as designing aesthetically-appealing lighting, color and texture for a space.less

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Zealous Engineers
Saheed Nagar, Bhubaneswar, 751007
4.0/5 Based on 1 Reviews
Architectural Model Makers, Property valuation services, Business valuation services
+11 more
Response Time: More than 60 MinsSulekha score: 7.5Working hours: 9:30 AM to 06:30 PM

Zealous Engineers was established in the yaar of 2009. Zealous Engineers provides the wide range of solutions, be it in Architecture, Infrastructure, Rural, Urban, and Industrial, Engineering and Planning. Zealous Engineers gives the design on Bridge and Structure, Public Building in Rural, Commercial and Residential in Urban Cities...less

Kamal from Bhubaneswar

"They contacted me. Negotiating now."

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Architectural Constructrion & Engineering Consultancy
Architectural Model Makers, Residential building contractors, Building service contractors
+2 more
Sulekha score: 0.1Working hours: 10:30 AM to 7:30 PM
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Mohapatra Architects
Baramunda, Bhubaneswar, 751003
Architectural Model Makers, Home Interiors, Office/Commercial Interiors
+1 more
Years of Experience: 2
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Architectural Model Makers, Architecture services
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Bishnu architects
Baramunda, Bhubaneswar, 751003
Architectural Model Makers, Residential building contractors, Building service contractors
+3 more
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I have duplex one canal kothi the kitchen of ground floor's 's roof is leaking with water due to some fault in the pantry and open space on the roof of kitchen I want to find a solution to this problem

sandeep18 September 2022

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Yes I am Architect Nikhil Singh any query (More)

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Need Arkitecture

A User15 September 2022

Post Answer
Chandrakant 3 DAYS AGO

Hii sir im Chandrakant And I'm searching a job As a architecture(More)

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Can I please get the contact number as the landline number is not working

Nissi08 September 2022

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Dharmesh chauhan 17 September 2022

Send us your contact number(More)

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Can existing built up house of 10 Marlas resigned with enhanced FSA

ATUL04 September 2022

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kuldeep 13 September 2022

Good morning sir Of course we can redesign your facade..(More)

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How do you design the elevation of a house?

Neha24 June 2022

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Deepak kumar model mekar 22 HOURS AGO

I am deepak kumar architecture model mekar(More)

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Recent Customer Reviews in Bhubaneswar As on Oct 07, 2022

Average Rating
4.5/5 57 Reviews

" Thanks a lot for such a nice work with such a competitive price. I will surely recommend others for Creation X. "

Preetish Ranjan Jena from Bhubaneswar, on 10 Apr 2022

" Excellent service thank you "

Guest from Bhubaneswar, on 02 Sep 2021

" They contacted me. Negotiating now. "

Kamal from Bhubaneswar, on 12 Jan 2021

" Nice Design and drawing details "

Meenakshi Sinha from Bhubaneswar, on 06 Aug 2020

" I postpone my project for time being....if in future i plan any...i will contact you. Thanks "

Subhransu Das from Bhubaneswar, on 29 Oct 2019

" UNique world gives best service in bhubaneshwar excellect ... "

ROOPA from Bhubaneswar, on 08 Oct 2019

" Best architect in Bhubaneswar. Technically qualified and experienced architect. Wish him all the best in future endeavors ! "

D Raja Rao from Bhubaneswar, on 05 Mar 2019

" Good intentions design/ decoration in Bhubaneswar...good work...good job.i am work is best & beautiful.... "

So anwar from Bhubaneswar, on 22 Sep 2018

" Technically sound good at their civil work. Sketch plan and elevation are neatly describe in design sheet. Thanks to Craftsman team. "

RAJA from Bhubaneswar, on 20 Jul 2018

" Very Experienced people... They do good interior work. if you are looking for good interiors at a affordable budget. Then one must go for it :) keep up the good work. Behera Babu! :) "

Roopam Roy from Bhubaneswar, on 04 Jul 2018

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Find the Latest Designs for Your Next Project With Services of the Top-Rated Architectural Model Makers in Bhubaneswar

Are you in search of the new-age designs for your next building project? Are you bored with the same old architectural designs available in the market? If you are concerned about getting some out-of-the-box designs for your next project, then look out for the services of the architectural model makers. These professionals are highly skilled in depicting your imaginary visions in forms of layouts and designs.

About architectural model makers

Model makers are the professionals who produce three-dimensional models to depict different kinds of layout and designs to their clients. These professionals use their architectural knowledge along with preliminary sketches to bring one's ideas into reality. Such an approach helps the clients to visualise their building projects through the eyes of the architect.

Therefore, even before the onset of the project, the clients are able to get an overall idea of the completed project. These professionals work on any building projects, including the film sets and corporate ones.

Benefits of hiring the architectural model makers

The advantages of hiring the services of the prominent architectural model makers in the market are:

  • Easy to understand

    The designs and layouts provided by these professionals are always user-friendly, which makes these quite easy to understand by any person. Even the non-technical ones find it easy to interpret these designs and layouts with little professional guidance.

  • Acts as tools for communication

    This kind of service helps the professional to build a healthy and corporate relationship with their clients in the market. With their designs and layouts, the architects can communicate appropriately with their clients without any hassles.

  • Provides appropriate methods for clear visualisation

    The architectural model makers can give a proper description of your imagination regarding the building project. These professionals are adept at bringing the ideas into reality.

  • Budget-friendly

    Another advantage of hiring these services is that these are quite cost-effective as compared to the age-old designing methods. Here the professionals mainly use software to depict the designs and layouts instead of concrete substances, which also reduces the overall budget of the project considerably.

  • Can use for future projects

    These designs and layouts are so well prepared that one can even sue them for their future projects. This happens to be one of the crucial advantages of hiring such services in the market.

Charges of hiring architectural model makers in Bhubaneswar

The fees of the architectural model makers vary from one location to another. Remember that there are certain factors that bring about the fluctuations of these charges in the market. Some of these factors are:

  • The reputation of the professional in the industry
  • The demand for the project
  • The location of the building project
  • The area of the project
  • The types of raw materials used for the completion of the design
  • The software used for the layouts
  • The time required for the completion of the project
  • Tax considerations
  • The budget of the project
  • The current stock market trends, etc.

Generally, the architectural model makers charge around 5 to 15% of the total budget of the project. However, the prices can cost depending on the above-stated factors. Hence, to avoid any confusion later, make sure to check the price details along with the services thoroughly before hiring them for your next project.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How architectural models in Bhubaneswar help in communicating new ideas?

An architectural model in Bhubaneswar is quite useful when you want to communicate your creativity to project managers. On the other hand, architectural models also facilitate proper coordination between clients, architects and engineers. It is a widely accepted fact that coordination between various departments is necessary. Interestingly, models also help you to obtain permit in the easiest manner. It is because you can communicate the design to the authorities easily.

2) What makes architectural models in Bhubaneswar popular?

One highlighting trait of architectural models in Bhubaneswar is that they are easy to understand. So when you are communicating your building ideas to non-technical people, the use of models is a necessity. It also helps you to implement decisions more easily. The construction process comprises of various complexities. With the help of architectural models, you can speed up the sale process considerably. It also depicts your company’s dedication towards the potential clients.

3) How architectural models in Bhubaneswar depict practicality in absence of engineers?

During the process of construction, it is quite normal that the engineer would be absent for a few days. This is where architectural models come to the fore. In case of modifications and doubts of the masons, the models would help clear their doubts. Moreover, the designing process of the architectural model doesn’t always involve the knowledge of AutoCAD. Thus with the help of these models, you can facilitate in-site constructions with ease.

4) Why do the architectural model makers in Bhubaneswar make different kinds of models?

There are specific methods used by the architectural model makers in Bhubaneswar to provide a realistic drawing and plan for the benefit of their clients. One such way is using models and sketching to provide proper visualizations about spaces and other building aspects to the clients. The reason behind the usage of such a procedure is to provide realistic effects and accurate ways to produce more creative, efficient, and insightful solutions to every aspect of the project.

5) What are the different types of substances used by the model makers in Bhubaneswar?

The requirements of the project determine the usage of the different kinds of substances by the model makers in Bhubaneswar. However, some of the primary ones used by these professionals are:

  • Wooden planks and blocks
  • Cardboards
  • Foam and foam boards
  • Polystyrene, etc.

These professionals also use a specialized tool to provide an enhanced three-dimensional drawing of the respective structure of a building project.

6) Can architectural models persuade potential clients in Bhubaneswar?

When you are persuading the client to accept a proposal, it is important that you point out the sections. With the help of architectural models, you can assess the technical aspects of your design. For instance, when you are buying a particular apartment, the builder would explain its various features with the help of architectural models in Bhubaneswar. When they can see the whole building in the form of model, they do not need any technical skills.
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