Ink Yourself With These Minimalistic Tattoo Ideas!

Elisa Vincent 5 years ago

Tattoo is not just a form of art but also an emotion. Most people who ink themselves associate a special feeling towards the image they select. Many of them do it in memory of an event, happy or sad. While most of us associate tattoos to be big and loud, and not for the faint of heart, there are also small tattoos which would subtly remain on you forever.

Tiny, but high on impact, these are 8 minimalistic tattoo ideas for you!

Swallow bird

There are different kinds of bird tattoos that we commonly see around us. Either a group of birds flying away or birds set free from a cage, each of these carry a different meaning altogether. However, a swallow bird represents hope, loyalty and new love! Some people also get this tattoo as a sign of good luck and protection.

Eternity loop

Symbolising unlimited possibilities to some, eternal love to others and rebirth to another, the eternity loop is a small tattoo that holds big meanings. This tattoo, also gender neutral, is popularly used as a couple tattoo.

Semi Colon

A simple semi colon signifies endlessness. It is usually used to pause a sentence, but when more information is following. Likewise, a semi colon tattoo represents a sense of continuity.


This versatile tattoo will adapt beautifully to any part of one’s body. Just like most tattoos, this one also has multiple meaning according to how the wearer perceives it. Sometimes, a feather signifies freedom or one’s quest for it. If you particularly choose a an eagle feather, it is believed to represent courage and strength!


One of the most popular gender neutral minimalistic tattoo, this one can mean anything from chasing your dreams to being someone with a concrete aim in life.

Paw print

This is a tattoo that is often chosen by animal lovers to portray their love and affection towards their pets. Some get this one in memory of a pet who passed away or to remember the day they got the pet. There are various similar universally accepted tattoos that signifies your interest or passion towards something such as a musical note or a ballet dancer.


From single word quotes to powerful one liners, quote tattoos are a popular way to emphasis on your mantra in life. If you are ever in doubt about what tattoo to get, just figure out the quote that inspires you the most and ink away!


Symbolising stability, an anchor represents a sense of grounding. This small tattoo can be placed anywhere obscure such as behind your ears, on your fingers etc. and looks stylish as well!

Tattooing is a form of art that needs rigorous training and practice. If these simple designs inspired you to create more dynamic ones, then wait no longer. You can master this art through one these tattoo art classes in the city!

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