2020 Horoscope Predictions For All Zodiac Signs

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The countdown for the New Year 2020 begins! New hopes, plans, and resolutions emerge as another New Year commences. A New Year means new beginnings with new goals and resolutions starting afresh. While we are excited towards the beginning of the next decade and year, there also comes the anxiety and uncertainty about our future plans, career goals, relationships, health, and success. Things, like buying a new home, kick-starting a new career, job, getting into a new relationship, financial positions and others as such, will cloud our mind. However, don’t worry! Here we help you have an idea about how this New Year 2020 is going to be in the aspect of your career, finance, relationship, and health.

We all have that curiosity and the desire to know about our future happenings in our lives. Horoscope predictions help us satisfy our thirst for senses and let us know about the possibilities of future life events. A horoscope is an astrological chart calculated on the basis of the Sun, Moon and planetary positions to predict a man’s life with his birth data of time and place. And, Zodiac signs are the astrological signs (sun or star sign) that determine our personality traits and character based on our birth date, time and place. Each zodiac sign has different planetary positions and will have different influences on persons, so it is essential to know the various combination of planets for that particular year affecting different areas of a person’s life either positively or negatively. The changes and challenges that will occur in your life in the next year 2020, concerns of your life and the actions that need to be taken are detailed in the Horoscope 2020 reading.

Will you be able to achieve your goal and get success in 2020 or still need to wait for a good time? Get to know your forecast and answers for all your queries with the annual horoscope 2020 predictions for your zodiac signs.

Let’s start the 2020 horoscope predictions with the Zodiac Sign- Aries

Reach new heights in career

As per the horoscope predictions 2020, the Aries natives will get health benefits in the second half of the year. There is a necessity for natives born under this moon sign to take proper health care as there will be some fluctuations in health. When it comes to love life, there might be some obstacles. Maintain a stable and strong relationship with your partners to overcome any hurdles. Married life will be smooth and happy with a healthy relationship with your spouses. Auspicious events are expected to take place in the family. However, there is also a possibility for the change of residence this year, so be prepared for it. As for children, it is a good time for them in studies and other perspectives. The time is good for students as they might yield good results. For aspirants, under this moon sign, preparing for competitive exams, you’ll have to work harder to attain positive results. Financially, the position will be stable and there might also be some profits at the beginning of the year. In the work environment, you’ll gain support from co-workers and the situation is conducive to work. The biggest part of the upcoming New Year 2020 for you is you’ll reach heights in your career, so hope for it.

Horoscope 2020 Predictions- Taurus

Success for students

The horoscope predictions 2020 states that there will be fluctuation in health conditions for natives under this sign. You’ll have to balance both professional and private life to avoid any health-related ailments. Love life is good with a strong bond between partners. Newly-weds might have a slight negative influence at the beginning of their life journey, however, it’ll be stable during the course of time. When it comes to family life, the time is not good during the first half of the year, but stars favor following the September month. The time for children is average with small ups and downs in studies. For students pursuing higher studies in education fields like Medical, Engineering, and Law, the time is good expecting greater success. In the financial aspect, there will be obstacles in accumulating wealth. The financial crisis will occur with more expenditures but less income, so be extra cautious and maintain financial balance. However, you can expect some promotion in the job. The later part of the year is favorable for natives of this star sign.

Horoscope 2020 Predictions- Gemini

Stay healthy

Good health favors the natives of this star sign with the start of the New Year 2020. However, don’t ignore small health issues. Love life will be good with the increasing bond between partners. Married couples have to be extra cautious to have a smooth relationship. Some fights might occur within the family for wealth and property-related matters. Children’s time is very good with rewards and recognitions. Students have to harder to achieve success in the competitive exams. The first half of the year will is good with financial rewards, however, refrain from starting a new venture this year.

Horoscope 2020 Predictions- Cancer

A good beginning

The year starts good for natives of this sun sign as per the horoscope 2020 predictions. However, health should be taken care of by maintaining properly with a balanced diet and lifestyle. You can expect some positive changes in relationships, however, there might be some hiccups in love life. Chances of multiple affairs are high, so be careful and refrain from those things that’ll cause relationship issues. Married life is also challenging with few obstacles, however, it will be solved with better understanding between partners. Family wise, the mother’s life will decline and there needs some extra care for it. Students will have to work hard to achieve positive results. Fluctuating financial conditions will prevail and there happen to be stances of spending more on religious deeds. Therefore, avoid taking risks in the financial aspect.

Horoscope 2020 Predictions- Leo

Good career life & health

The horoscope 2020 predictions for Leo says good health condition will prevail for natives under this moon sign. Meditation and yoga are recommended for a peaceful mind though. Love life might be destructive leading to break up, so be careful with your relationships. A stressful environment prevails for married couples, too. However, the last few months are good and any issues in relationships will be solved. A good time for children with positive signs of attaining success. Expect a new member in the family in the second half of the year. Students will have a relatively good time with chances of exceeding in the competitive exams. Also, students pursuing higher studies in the field of electronics, law, social service, hardware, secretary and service provider will achieve success. In financial terms, earning will be good, but spending would be more. Proper planning and execution will help maintain financial stability. You’ll have to work hard to increase your wealth. Good regards in terms of career and job opportunities.

Horoscope 2020 Predictions- Virgo

A wonderful year ahead

The year 2020 is going to be prosperous and fantastic for the natives of this sun sign. Enjoy good health by maintaining a good daily routine and a healthy lifestyle. Luck will be in favor of you in all aspects. Love life is good and stable with strong bonds with your partner. You will stay in harmony by spending quality time with your partner and married life is excellent with the full support of your spouse. There might be a situation when you might have to stay away from spouses for some time, however, it will strengthen your love. Good time for kids and family. Your name and fame in society will increase in the upcoming year. Students have an excellent time with big achievements this year. Also, students studying abroad will get their wishes fulfilled in the month of September. The economic condition will be stable and good. You’ll also gain some profit some share market between the time period of April and June 2020. Excellent career growth is predicted for the Virgo natives. In the professional aspects, gain good support from friends and will receive good rewards.

Horoscope 2020 Predictions- Libra

Good time for students

Horoscope 2020 predicts there will be some decline in health for Libra natives. Physical ailments like headache, indigestion, chickenpox, body pain, etc. might occur, so it is indispensable to take care of your health. Love life is stable and your love with your partner will increase. For married people, conjugal life might be slow at the beginning of the year. However, by midyear, you might seem some improvement in marriage life. Pay attention to your spouse’s health. Children must work hard for success and good results in academics. This year is going to be favorable for students; foreign travel is likely and students who pursue higher education have a good time between June 30 and Nov 20 when you have high chances of success. Financial condition is average, however, it’s not advisable to start a new venture.

Horoscope 2020 Predictions- Scorpio

Good financial and family life

Horoscope 2020 predicts good and stable health condition for Scorpio natives. Harmony will prevail in love life. Single persons might meet new people and also some relationships will gain back. Good time for married couples. Happen to take some important decisions with your partner. There might be arguments in the family but maintain patience. There is a possibility of childbirth and marriage in the family, too. Students must work hard to achieve success and good opportunities prevail for students who pursue higher education in the field of Law, Finance, and Teaching. Financially, the condition seems to be good with economic benefits, unexpected profits and a good flow of money. You can start a new venture at the beginning of the year. Many career opportunities are available where you can use your full energy and potential.

Horoscope 2020 Predictions- Sagittarius

Healthy family & love life

Sagittarius natives might undergo some minor health problems in the year 2020. Love life will be good while you tend to move close with your love partner with good understandings. You might also get a positive response if you have ideas to propose someone. Good marital life and a good relationship will prevail between you and your life partner. But be cautious with your spouse’s health. Childbirth will be attained and there are good chances to accumulate wealth with land and property. A peaceful family environment with the new member entering family is likely. In the academics part, students will get mixed results. The time period between April 1 & June 30 can be challenging and you have to work harder than ever to get positive results. You will be back in form by the mid-November and move ahead in education. The financial condition will be stable; you’ll gain foreign sources. In the employment aspects, expect rewards for excellent performances, however, you might get transferred from the current place. Hope for goodness coming in your life.

Horoscope 2020 Predictions- Capricorn

Stability in love & family life

Horoscope predicts a good year ahead for Capricorn natives. Mixed results in health are predicted, however, you can cope up with the chronic disease successfully if you are suffering any. Good time for love life; you may even get married the upcoming year. When it comes to married people, there will be ups and downs. Spend time with your spouse to balance family. The time is not favorable for children, however, take care and encourage them to stay positive. You’ll attain a good status in society and will rise to fame. In academics, work hard to achieve success and the time between March 30 & June 30 is good for pursuing higher education. Not fruitful in the economic aspects, so you’ll have to be careful in maintaining finances. There might be travel across cities for personal or professional purposes. The career aspect is good and even unemployed people may get a job this year.

Horoscope 2020 Predictions- Aquarius

A challenging year ahead, but remain positive

The horoscope 2020 predictions depict some challenged and mixed results for Aquarius natives. You might have to take care of health. You will travel a lot, but only a few will be fruitful. Earnings are good, but there are chances for high expenditure. Slight financial problems will be there. There might be a transfer in your job. IT students will earn special achievements but might face some difficulties in the way. Students need to work harder to achieve their desired goals and for those wish to go abroad might get their wishes fulfilled the upcoming year. Some relaxation and good time prevail between June 30 and November 20, however, after 20 Nov, the financially tight situations might occur. There would be little tense in the family. Maintain harmony with partners for a peaceful relationship. The year is also not favorable for love life, so pay attention to it.

Horoscope 2020 Predictions- Pisces

Good family and financial condition

The year 2020 will bring success and wealth for Pisces natives. You’ll get a wonderful opportunity to meet close friends, relatives, and loved ones. You tend to outperform in any task and get immense success. In family life, there might be some obstacles. Tackle them with tactics and maintain peace in the family. You’ll get blessings of old aged people and earn a good name in the society. Busy schedules might affect your health, so take small breaks while working and have a work-life balance. The time period between Jan & March 30 and from June 30 till Nov 20 will be good for aspirants who prepare for competitive exams. Experience people’s support in every aspect of life. However, keep your travel less. Financially, the time is good; you might attain more profits and opportunities in the mid of the year. Tremendous success in business is assured.

While the New Year celebrations are ahead with fresh New Year resolutions 2020, gear up for the new beginning by learning about the possibilities in the upcoming year 2020 with the annual horoscope 2020.

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