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    Ayurvedic Hospitals as on Jul 26, 2017

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    1. +91 11 40116663
      Ayurvedic Health Centres, Ayurvedic health centres

      Jiva Ayurveda Clinic & Panchkarma Center With over 1 Million patients from all over the globe , Jiva is the leading Ayurvedic Treatment Company in the world. Under the guidance of Dr Partap Chauhan , Jiva Doctors care for you as their own family and help you find the best and most effective treatment for your health problem . Jiva has been operating more than 20 years and the Problems we treat include Arthritis , Allergies, Asthma , Hair Loss , Migraine, Diabetes, Spondylitis, Kidney Stone , Obesity, High BP , Skin Diseases, Menstrual Problem and also Panchkarma Therapies such Abhyanga , Sirodhara , Potli Massage, Potli Facial, Kati Vasti, Nasya, Sneha Vasti , Kashya Vasti and Udvertana.

    2. +91 22 33487157
      Ayurvedic Health Centres, Ayurvedic health centres

      Best Ayurvedic Panchkarm Treatment Provider in Mumbai. Own & manage by Well Experienced (27 Yrs), Highly Qualified MD (Mum) Doctors Team ( Female Gynecologist available). Dedicated, in house trained, well experienced staff. All Ayurvedic Panchkarm treatments under one roof at most reasonable rate. Successful treatment for all problems. Assured results in 1-2 week. Pain management, Thermal Therapy, Medical Acupuncture, TENS, Cupping, NAP Medical Yoga, Food Therapy, Education, Training Institute, Ksharsutra. Founder & Managing Director Dr. Laxman G. Jonwal, Dr. Sunita L. Jonwal are M.D. from Mumbai University, India. Post Graduated from Podar Government Medical College ( Ayurvedic), Mumbai. Clinical Experience from M. A. Podar Hospital, Mumbai. By extensive Clinical research in last 27 year we have developed NAP Therapy - Advanced Panchkarm Merits of NAP Therapy:- 1-Very effective *Fast (results in 1-2 week) *Treat Disease from root cause 2-Safe *No side effect *No Adverse effect *No Addiction *No Relapse 3-Non Surgical, Non Invasive 4-Protects & Rejuvenate vital organs – Kidney, Liver, Heart, Brain, Lung 5-Assured results in all Life style, Chronic, Degenerative, Non communicable Diseases 6- Purification – clears blockages from all vessels 7- Rejuvenate – Degenerated tissue & Organs 8- Detox – Remove Toxins 9-Holistic *Natural *Alternative 10-Non-Drug treatment also available- Panchkarm, Acupuncture, TENS, Cupping, Yoga Product & Services: • Ayurvedic Kerala Panchkarm Therapy, Medicine & Instruments • Panchkarm, Acupuncture, Yoga Training Courses & Franchisee • Complete Health Management - Body – Stomach – Brain – Mind • Cure – Control - Prevention & Health Preservation • Chronic – Degenerative Lifestyle Diseases • Natural Bypass for Blockages, Heart Fail (Hruday Basti ) • Purification– Rejuvenations - Detox – Relaxation • Colon Therapy – Medicated - Matra Basti- Lekhan Basti • Anxiety, Stress, Tension & Depression Management • ENT Therapy for Nasal Block & Polyp • Skin - Hair – Scalp Therapy • Non-Drug Pain Management - Acupuncture, TENS, Cupping, Yoga • Indian Herb Food Supplements & Medicines • Abhyangam Sudation (Whole Body Massage Steam) • Shirodhara for Stress, Tension, Anxiety, Hormones, Brain, Mind • Uterus Basti for Infertility, Tube Block • Gynecological & Female Diseases • Infertility – Comprehensive Management Dr. Laxman Jonwal, MD (Mum) Cardiologist, Diabetes, BP, Infertility, Ayurvedic Panchkarm Specialist. Expertise in management of:- Heart Diseases Blockages Diabetes BP Infertility Prostate High Cholesterol- Lipids Dyslipidemia Obesity Paralysis Hair Fall Skin Diseases Nasal Block & Polyps Sinusitis Acidity- Gas Constipation Piles – Fissure – Fistula Rheumatism Osteoporosis – Fragile Bones Arthritis Spondylosis- Cervical - Lumbar Kidney Stone Gall Bladder Stone Hepatitis – B & C Liver Dis. Allergy Asthma – Bronchitis – Lung Fail – TB MDR Epilepsy- Fits Migraine Vertigo Psoriasis Colitis IBS Urethral Stricture Incontinency – Urine & Stool Baldness Vat- Pitta- Kaph Disorders Effective treatment available for:- 1) Gynec – Female Diseases 2) PCOS – PCOD 3) Cyst 4) Menstrual Disorders 5) Heavy Bleeding 6) Hormonal Imbalance 7) Fibroid 8) Prolapsed Uterus 9) Abortion – Habitual ANY OFFERS / DISCOUNTS PROVIDED TO THE CUSTOMERS: 1) OFFER Rs.800/= for any Panchkarm–Abhyangam (Body Massage) OR Shirodhara OR Basti (Medicated Enema Therapy) 2) Upto 25% Discount on Packages 3) Upto 35% Discount on Life Membership & Family Membership 4) Upto 20% benefits on Joining Loyalty Bonus Program 5) PAY BACK benefits Upto 35% on Joining Referral Loyalty Bonus Program. Contact us for more details.

    3. +91 20 33058107
      Ayurvedic Health Centres, Ayurvedic health centres

      Nanal Ayurveda Consultancy is an Ayurvedic health centre located in Pune, India. We provide Ayurvedic hair treatments, Ayurvedic basti therapy, Ayurvedic jaundice treatments, Ayurvedic joint pain treatments, Ayurvedic Shirodhara therapy, etc. We offer a non-invasive and herbal treatment to the customers at affordable costs. Our valuable Ayurvedic treatments are sought-out by various potential clients. Contact us for getting a non-toxic treatment.

    4. Herbal Point, Kolkata

      5.7 Sulekha Score
      +91 33 33147385
      Ayurvedic Health Centres, Ayurvedic health centres

      Natural therapies by far have the largest share in alternative treatment modality than any other form of treatment combined. These primarily include ancient medical systems like Ayurveda, Unani, Yoga, etc. The vast popularity of such systems derives from the fact that these forms of treatment are without any known side effect and provide a lasting solution by addressing the cause of the ailments. The tremendous success achieved by these natural treatment methodologies prompted HERBAL POINT to formulate a unique combination of Fundamentals of Ayurveda. Thus HERBAL POINT has been the pioneer in providing these natural therapies in the most scientific and patient-compatible manner for implementing complete health solution without any harmful effect. The aforementioned unique method of treatment is popularly known as Ayurvedic or Herbal Treatment. HERBAL POINT Treatment has created a new dimension in the field of Health and Wellness. People suffering from Anorectal Disorders, Joint Pain, Sexual Inefficiencies, Type-2 Diabetes, Skin Ailments, Cancers and many other chronic diseases flock to HERBAL POINT every day. Both men and women have reposed their faith in us. Improving our facilities to provide more efficient service has been our hallmark. To fulfil this mission, our dedicated team of R&D experts, along with highly qualified and experienced medical professionals, are consistently innovating our treatment procedure through an exhaustive study of the Ayurvedic Shastra. As a result, a large number of people from India and abroad are availing immense benefits from this safe and highly successful treatment methodology. It is our pleasure to bring smiles on the faces of sufferers who had lost hope of getting a remedy for their ailments. Our Vision To be the world's leading healthcare organisation specialised in natural medical sciences of Ayurveda. Our Mission To serve humanity with utmost devotion, care and compassion by providing safe and highly effective treatment. Our Commitment To deliver excellent standards of medical service by utilising the Fundamentals of Ayurveda in the most affordable and thoroughly scientific manner.  

    5. +91 44 46294970
      Ayurvedic Health Centres, Ayurvedic health centres

      Dhanvanthri Clinic is run by Dr Dhanvanthri V Murugappan, who hails from the most respectable and traditional Nagarathar Family of Karaikudi and is presently Practising in Chennai, India. Dr Dhanvanthri V Murugappan's fore fathers have rendered Yeoman Services to the Suffering Mankind since last Four generations spread over a span of nearly 100 years. His family is known for its great Success in treating more Complex Diseases with Traditional Ayurveda and Siddha Medicines. The Medicines used are purely herbal without any Side Effects, and they produce guaranteed results. With his interest in Medicine and Serving the Suffering People, Dr Dhanvanthri V Murugappan moved to Chennai and is doing Service since last 20 Years. Being So well qualified in Ayurveda and traditional medicines he is diagnosing Diseases in the Modern Methods using his education and is treating the diseases in the Traditional Ayurveda and Ayurveda/Siddha Methods; which produces guaranteed results and the reoccurrences are usually not there. Seeing his interest in Medicine and his flair for Serving the Suffering People many Associations, Governmental and Non Government bodies have offered him numerous Awards and Medals as a token of their respect to his Services. Dr Dhanvanthri V Murugappan, being highly experienced and well qualified, has taken Ayurveda and Siddha a step ahead and has started his College specialising in Ayurveda and Siddha known as Dhanvanthri Institute of Ayurveda and Siddha. This College is Recognised by the Central Government of India and incorporates the Traditional Medicine and the Modern Methods of Ayurveda and Siddha. People aware of the goodness of Ayurveda and Siddha, Modern Diagnosis and Traditional Medicine prefer only Dr Dhanvanthri V Murugappan for their needs, and he is also happy to provide them with the Best guaranteed Results. Contact us for your Ayurvedic treatment needs. Our Websites - www.dhanvanthriclinic.com & www.ayurvedachennai.com.  

    6. +91 44 49850080
      Ayurvedic Health Centres, Ayurvedic health centres

      Bliss Medicare Centre, Acupuncturist, Healers, Physicians are primary care and specialty doctors who address the underlying cause of disease through effective, individualized natural therapies that integrate the healing powers of body, mind and spirit. These natural therapies are safe and effective in treatment of Physical Sickness, Psychological Complaints, Pain Management, besity / Weight Management. Kindly contact us for more details.

    7. +91 11 40117265
      Ayurvedic Health Centres, Ayurvedic health centres

      Guru Jyoti Super Speciality Centre is an Ayurvedic Center that focuses on providing Specialised Treatments, Preventive Ayurveda Care and Rejuvenation Therapies. The varied ambience of our centre provides the perfect backdrop for a range of Ayurvedic treatments that will leave you rejuvenated and refreshed. We provide Ayurveda treatments for Gouts, Low Back Ache, Slip Disc, Paralysis, Migraine, Stomach Issues, Liver Ailments, Piles, Gastric Issues, Neurological Condition, Leucorrhoea, etc. Our physiotherapy services include treatments for joint pain, knee pain, slimming, sciatica, chest physiotherapy, etc. We were established in 2011 and employ skilled doctors, who are well-versed in the field, to provide the best possible treatment at the lowest possible prices. Contact us for further details.  

    8. +91 33 33147606
      Ayurvedic Health Centres, Ayurvedic health centres

      Dr. S.K. Samanta - M.D. Ayurveda, L.C.M.C., C.C.D.C.D., C.C.A.C.D. Diploma in Preventive Cardiology & Panchakarma is an experienced service provider in the industry. We ensure that our customers receive high quality and timely service. We provide Ayurvedic medicine in Kolkata. We provide Ayurvedic & Homeopathy Treatments in Kolkata. Feel free to contact us. We provide excellent remedy through which we offer Varma Treatments also. We are well known for our services in the field and are happy to have you as our customer. Our bondage with you will always be ever-cherishing. We welcome you to experience the exemplary service of ours. We aim to meet up with every expectation of yours. Contact us for your assistance. Contact us for more details.

    9. +91 80 48068433
      Ayurvedic Health Centres, Ayurvedic health centres

      Our Vision To promote Ayurveda and Homeopathy as Indigenous health-care systems in all classes of society. To incorporate Ayurveda and Homeopathy for the purpose of routine lifestyle management and prevention of diseases.   Our Mission Holistic health to all through Ayurveda and Homeopathy through physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Enhancement of individual health and community health at large for the benefit of our Nation.  

    10 Reviews of Ayurvedic Clinics as on Jul 26, 2017

    Average Rating (4)
    1. 17th May, 2017

      I m body massager aroma massage swidish massage

    2. 13th May, 2017

      Went in this Kottakkal Arya Vaidyasala Agency, for the neurologists, we approached in this Ayurvedic center. Their treatment was good and without side effects. Fees were nominal rate only. This is very cheap and best Ayurvedic treatment in Hyderabad. I contended with their service

    3. 11th May, 2017

      Taking my pregnancy issue treatment in this hospital. The treatment given by the doctor till now has given me hope and positive changes and am taking the medicines according to the doctor order. The fee is reasonable.

    4. 11th May, 2017

      Took general consultation in this center and they suggest me some medicines for that.The consultation was free and collect fees for the medicines.It was effective only so I am satisfied with that consultation.

    5. 11th May, 2017

      Acquired ayurvedic medicines for my treatment from this ayurvedic center. Their service was customer oriented and they had all supplies I required sufficiently. The medicines cost was reasonable. Needy purpose met from here

    6. 11th May, 2017

      Some general consultation has been taken from this clinic.Charged me Rs.500 for the consultation.Their way of treatment was good so feel happy about this clinic.

    7. 11th May, 2017

      For a long time have been taken treatment over here.They have charged Rs.200 for the consultation.They suggest me proper medicines for that so happy about the consultation.

    8. 11th May, 2017

      Taken ayurvedic treatment from Patanjali Arogya Kendra.Their treatment was nice and suggested good medicines.After taking the medicines, am alright now.Am satisfied with their treatment.

    9. 11th May, 2017

      Took some general consultation in this clinic.Fees they have collected for the consultation was nominal.They suggest me some ayurvedic medicines for the treatment, I am satisfied with this clinic

    10. 11th May, 2017

      Took Ayurvedic treatment for Joint pain in this clinic.Charged me the nominal amount for the consultation.Treatment was good and effective.So I feel happy about this consultation.

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