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    Banking Exam Coaching Classes in Kolkata as on Feb 20, 2018

    1. +91 98 83024272
      Banking Exam Coaching Classes, Bank exam coaching

      Eastern India Competitive Classes is renowned as the best banking institute in Kolkata. EICC, the best banking coaching in Kolkataoffers all type of competitive and entrance exams near Girish ParkKolkata. We have also enhanced our banking institute in Howrah. That means, besides Kolkata, the students can attempt bank test preparation from the Eastern India Competitive Classes branch in Howrah as well. We provide our excellent facilities for the following exams: UPSC, General Combined Course that includes bankingSBI ClerkIBPS clerkSSC CHSL, and SSC CGL, CLAT, WBCS, CTET, CDS-NDA. We have seen many students in Kolkata to be intimidated by these exams and because of lack of proper coaching they fail miserably.

    2. +91 98 83006501
      Banking Exam Coaching Classes, Bank exam coaching

      43, Shyama Pally Colony, Sulekha More, Jadavpur University, Kolkata - 700032

    3. Ravi Raja's Classes, Bhawanipur

      5 Reviews 6.5 Sulekha Score
      +91 98830 29608
      Banking Exam Coaching Classes, Bank exam coaching
      Based in Kolkata, Ravi Raja’s Classes is one of the most sought after mentorship classes in the city. Our coaching centre is known for offering courses for the preparation of M.B.A. entrance examinations, M.C.A. entrance examinations, B.B.A. entrance, banking examinations, campus recruitment examinations, GRE, GMAT examinations, B. Com. regular course, B.B.A. regular course and C.A. foundation (CPT). Day by day, the competition is becoming more cut-throat. This calls for hard work from the students but in a smarter way. The students need guidance from someone who will share the best practises with them and give them tips on how to crack the exams easily. Ravi Raja’s Classes is a one stop solution for all such problems that the students face. Ravi Raja is a B. Sc. Mathematics (Honors) Graduate from St. Xavier’s College and he has been in the teaching profession since 2003. Having had a teaching experience of more than 10 years, Ravi Raja is a reputed name in the field of education. He has taught mathematics, data interpretation and logical and analytical reasoning to students preparing for various competitive entrance examinations. He has taught mathematics to students of class IX, X, XI, XII of all boards, students of CA (CPT), B. Com., B. Sc., and B.B.A. and also to those pursuing engineering as their career. He has also been teaching quantitative aptitude and reasoning to students preparing for M.C.A., B.B.A., M.B.A. entrance examinations and campus training programs. He has given training to the students of I.I.T's for the preparation of various entrance exams. Being in this profession for the last 11 years, he has the best knowledge of the questions asked in these examinations. He prepares his own set of materials for the students providing them with the best of methods and strategies to crack these exams. Contact us for more details.
    4. +91 98830 41095
      Banking Exam Coaching Classes, Bank exam coaching
      TIBS has been set up by academicians who are extremely passionate about education and believe in more than just teaching. We are dedicated to improving the quality of education currently being imparted to students who are about to choose their future careers. We believe in mentorship, in facilitating our students in taking important career decisions and helping them make the most of opportunities that lie in front of them. We enable our students to achieve their career goals and realize their potential.  Our focus, particularly, is on training students for a career in the public sector, Public sector jobs or Government jobs are undoubtedly among the most sought after jobs in our country. These jobs provide a rewarding career along with security and social esteem, a combination which is beyond comparison with any other job. Needless to say, the competition for such jobs is quite stiff with lakhs of students each year aspiring to join them. The team of academicians at TIBS comprises Subject Experts, Bankers and official with huge expertise, Engineers, MBAS and Chartered Accountants. This team has immense experience in successfully training students for all Government job Entrance Exams. These exams have a rigorous selection process and we help our students become capable enough to successfully meet the demands of this process. We provide specialized coaching for Govt. Job exams such as: IBPS Exams (IBPS-PO, BPS-Clerk. 1BPS-Specialist Officer & 1BPS-Interview)SSC Exams (SSC-Graduate Level, SSC-LDC(1 0÷2), SSC-FCI, SSC-CAPF & SSC-Steno)SBI Exams (SBI-PO, SBI-PO(Associate Banks), SBI-Clerk & SBI-Clerk(Associate Banks))Insurance Exams (LIC-ADO, LIC-AAO & National Insurance-Administrative Officer)CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test)WBSSCKPRailway Entrance Exams (Railway Recruitment Board & DMRC)Other Govt. Job Exams (E5l, Parliament CBSE, High Court, Supreme Court etc.)Mission: To be the best education service providing organization known for setting benchmarks in academic excellence, student satisfaction and result orientation. Vision: To provide unmatched excellent education that enriches lives and creates success for our students. Learning Philosophy: At TIBS, only education matters. Education Is not only the means to success but also an end in Itself. It is the only path to continuous growth and development. In order to make this journey truly successful, genuine endeavours are required on the part of both the student and the mentor. These endeavours achieve desired results when there Is complete harmony between the student and the mentor, as regards all aspects that comprise learning. However, students differ from one another in terms of their learning potential and have different learning curves. Herein the role of a mentor assumes critical importance; the efficacy of the learning delivered depends on his ability to understand the special requirements of each and every student. If the mentor is able to fine tune the learning process as per these requirements then learning assumes a different dimension altogether. Thus, creating an experience which is truly enriching for both the student and the mentor.
    5. +91 98830 14949
      Banking Exam Coaching Classes, Bank exam coaching
      Diksha Learning Services Pvt. Ltd. (DIKSHA) is a new generation learning organisation geared towards ensuring academic SUCCESS for its students. We were initiated by a team of Engineers & MBAs from Cambridge University (UK), IIT Bombay and Jadavpur University with brilliant academic and professional track records of their own. Having a vision of creating Success Stories for the students and practitioners in their academic and professional pursuit, DIKSHA has ventured into the Test Preparation & Training domain to provide the highest degree of professional guidance to aspiring students and executives. Being true to the heritage and essence of the “Diksha”, we have focused all its resources on making the lives of our learners more successful through a process-based academic/ training support, personal mentoring and professional enhancement. DIKSHA Vantage 'Diksha Vantage' is the key-point representation of the pedigree, methodology and philosophy that empowers DIKSHA to stand out tall and genuine to our motto of “Delivering Success”. The Management Team: Diksha is the result of the shared vision of a group of distinguished alumni from prestigious academic universities who have been highly successful in their own academic and professional careers. You can rest assured that at Diksha you will immensely benefit from the guidance of this team – who has “been there and done that”. A Scientific Process: Diksha follows a scientific and structured approach to help you in your endeavour. At Diksha in-depth understanding of specific requirements, a result-oriented plan of action and intensive handholding by highly dedicated resources are followed by solid execution in a simulated environment, continuous evaluation and actionable feedback. The Personal Touch: Diksha is a unique concept where “process meets people”. Our robust processes are always backed by great people – highly effective educators, trainers and consultants, who live by our motto of “Delivering Success”. Thus we ensure to provide personalised attention to your needs at every step. The idea of “Delivering Success”: Diksha runs on a very simple yet a very holistic idea of “Delivering Success” to its students. Whatever we do, we do it from our belief that it will help you to be successful. We always walk that extra mile because we believe that delivering success to our clients is the key to our success. And this sets us apart from others. Contact us for your learning needs.
    6. +91 98830 07285
      Banking Exam Coaching Classes, Bank exam coaching
      Institute of Academic Excellence or IAE is a Non Degree Awarding Institute for the students aspiring to succeed in different Post Graduate Entrance Exams like GATE and competitive exams like IES, NET as well as exams conducted by different PSUs. IAE is a centre for effective learning through organized and methodical classroom sessions that enables a candidate to cross the barrier with ease. Expert faculty members from renowned institutions and well organized management are what IAE commits for. IAE boasts to be a trusted institution in the area of preparing students for examinations like GATE, IES, NET and competitive examinations for joining PSUs like BHEL, NTPC and BSNL etc. IAE also caters to the demands of students who need assistance on their regular degree engineering papers. Our faculty comprises of Professors and Lecturers who are experienced on their respective domains in different renowned institutes. As IAE’s concern for the effective learning of students, we offer effective classes with an attention to the population of the class itself, which we believe to be more comfortable and efficient way of learning.
    7. +91 98830 17494
      Banking Exam Coaching Classes, Bank exam coaching

      C-12/6, Baishakhi Abasan, Ag Block, Sector 2, Salt Lake City, Kolkata - 700091

    8. +91 98830 11899
      Banking Exam Coaching Classes, Bank exam coaching
      Knowledge Space Unlimited: Access to a variety of interactive "apps" would provide tools to assist learning, as technology skills needed in a global economy, and would also be part of the organisation's processes that guide their learning experiences. Due to interactive applications, learners could become designers of their own understandings of their world, by developing data into information, building that into the knowledge they need for entry into society, and, hopefully, gaining wisdom enough to become successful. Much like the "3-D printers" we are seeing these days, education could become an efficient, effective, and customized production and delivery system that morphs out of rigid traditional modes, and truly becomes a "Comprehensive Integrated STEM Interactive Curriculum (CISTEMIC) Framework for the 21st Century". Our focus is on how "General Living System Theory" and skills support the instructional content for a Graduation Level (Arts, Science, Engineering & Management) STEM curriculum. The STEM subject areas describe how the universe of matter and energy works, so in the phrase "The brain thinks", we could describe the brain as a physical object in terms of physics, chemistry, biology, and evolutionary terms. We want to put the action verb "thinks" within the Graduation Level (Arts, Science, Engineering & Management) curriculum, courses should we have on "thinking" that should every Graduation Level (Arts, Science, Engineering & Management) be able to do, as evidence of achievement to a standard level of “critical thinking” for scientific & social development. Our description above suggests that all the "WIKD Intelligence" processes might be described as a foundational layer underlying all the traditional Graduation Level (Arts, Science, and Engineering & Management) courses. Real understanding of the particular areas of "Systems-Quality-Modelling-Informatics-Complexity (SQMIC)" are far too complicated for the Graduation Level (Arts, Science, Engineering & Management) years, but could be useful as a "tool-box" of concepts, techniques, and processes that learners could access through technology. The level of knowledge of these topics would be that of "awareness" of what they are. Our interpretation of STEM (as "Science-Technology-Engineering-Math") is that it is the latest incarnation for a Graduation Level (Arts, Science, and Engineering & Management) curriculum emphasis on the "Essential Skills for the 21st Century Workplace in a Global Economy". In part, it is public education's response to the private sector's desire to have prepared graduates ready for a competitive labour market - that, if we can't prepare cheaper workers for the world economy, we should prepare smarter and better ones. It also attempts to address some of the accountability issues in public education by clarifying what specific skills graduates should have to become employable and productive as they exit the college pipeline. The STEM initiative has won the support of national and state legislative bodies, such that funding for programs is being made available for innovative projects that develop student skills in the STEM content areas. It is thus connected with the Common Standards initiative, particularly with decisions about what math and science skills all students should know as they prepare for work, college, and career. Those creative and critical thinking "habits of mind" that are so important to the arts folks can be developed as a new foundational part of the Graduation Level (Arts, Science, Engineering & Management) curriculum by incorporating the "Wisdom-Knowledge-Information-Data (WKID) Intelligence" techniques that are becoming more accessible through apps on our mobile devices. We don't need additional courses in "thinking", but we should clearly identify what those techniques are, and how they relate to building "Basic Workplace Skill Sets" that all students should have developed by graduation time. Practical Approach: Provide vivid techniques of Basic Science, Engineering & Humanities to cope up with modern technological & social science development as well as for some basic projects that helps the learners to become the designers of their own carrier. Soft Copy Notes: Provide soft copy of study material for Theoretical & Practical Classes, gives problem solving notes for year wise Board Examination, Competitive Examination & University Examination. Doubt Clearing Classes: Extensive Class Room & Lab programmers for doubt clearing section for Basic Science, Engineering & Humanities. A new approach that can enrich the learner’s confidence level of subject understanding for different area of Science, Engineering & Humanities. Training: Train the learners according to their subject & project requirements. Science & Engineering students will get basic global standard scientific & technological knowledge that they need for entry into society, and, hopefully, gaining wisdom enough to become successful. Camp using: Successful Students will get direct Camp using opportunity in Different Projects & Corporate Sections according to their abilities. Some popular projects will take their own dimension to accumulate the pass out students as a smarter worker for Learn to Earn concept. Contact us for further details.
    9. Kshitize Balaji Classes , Kestopur

      1 Review 5.7 Sulekha Score
      +91 98830 18820
      Banking Exam Coaching Classes, Bank exam coaching
      We make competitive exam preparation and guidance for those student who want to work in government sector. Of talent but remain deprived of quality teaching and study material for Mathematics, Reasoning, Current affairs,English. Our teaching method not only assists you in grasping the basic core concepts but also focuses on Increasing your speed and accuracy instead of mugging formulae. We want you to understand the concept follow the simplest possible approach, to solve the problems
    10. Kumar Law Classes, Netaji Nagar

      7 Reviews 7.9 Sulekha Score
      +91 98830 30477
      Banking Exam Coaching Classes, Bank exam coaching
      KUMAR LAW CLASSES, is a premier institute providing Coaching classes to the students pursuing CS Foundation (All subjects) for Rs. 7000/- , CS Executive (All subjects) and CS Professionals (All Subjects). Apart from CS course, we also offer Bank / SSC & Railways Coaching. We offer these courses at very competitive course fees like CS Foundation (All subjects) for Rs.7000/-, CS Executive (Module -1) for Rs. 11,000/-. Module -2 for Rs. 7000/- (Package for Both Modules for Rs. 16,000/-). CS Professional Module -1 for Rs.7000/-, Module-2 for Rs. 7500/-, Module-3 for Rs. 8000/-. Bank Coaching for Rs. 5000/- (5-months), SSC / Railway Coaching for Rs. 5500/- (6-months), Bank + SSC + Railway (7000/-) At KLC, we are committed to serve the interest of students by providing professional integrity, quality standards and world-class education for them to succeed professionally in life. The institute was founded by Mr. Kumar Chandra Mohan, a qualified Company Secretary and Cost Accountants (Inter). He is a prominent educationist with vast experience of teaching and administration. Our Faculty trains you thoroughly so that you outdo competitors, because we know each forward step is crucial for students in professional exams and career.  At KLC, we offer a distinguished stimulation testing methods, by offering Mock Tests in each subject at regular intervals, which helps you to prepare for the main event.  Why to choose Kumar Law Classes: Experienced, Dedicated and Professionally Qualified Faculties.All subjects at one roof.Comprehensive and latest Study Material.Individual attention to students.Doubt clearance sessions to clarify doubts of students.Regular Mock Tests for effective analysis and to prepare you before real test. 
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    4 Reviews of Banking Exam Coaching Classes in Kolkata as on Feb 20, 2018

    Average Rating (4) - 4 reviews
    1. 20th July, 2017

      Sulekha has helped me finding the best institute for the banking exams.

    2. 15th March, 2017

      Pursuing banking coaching in this academy. Their coaching is good and they teach the shortcuts to use in the exams. They have provided the study materials to the students which is very useful. They course duration is few months and the class is conducted weekly in the morning for two hours. The fees is normal.

    3. 3rd February, 2017

      Joined Banking classes in this institute. The training there is very good and the teachers are also experienced and friendly. It’s a 3 months class and the fees are Rs 5000. Study materials are also provided on time. I am happy to join there

    4. 3rd February, 2017

      Joined Banking classes in this institute. The training there is very good and the teachers are also experienced and friendly. It’s a 3 months class and the fees is Rs 5000. Study materials are also provided on time. I am happy to join there

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