Tips to Choose the Ideal Sanitary Appliances

Ashwin Pandey 9 years ago

Choose a wash basin which complements your bathroom design Measure the required dimensions needed to install in your bathroom

A good bathroom should comprise of quality sanitary appliances. It is important to choose the sanitary appliances with care, keeping their functionalities in mind.

Since they also come in different styles, it is essential to choose the sanitary appliances which complements your bathroom design. Following are the basic specifications required to choose the appropriate sanitary ware.

Wash Basins

The first thing to consider while choosing a wash basin is its size. Check if the wash basin will fit into your bathroom comfortably. Since they are available in various designs, colors and patterns, choose the appropriate wash basin that complements your bathroom design. Corner wash basin is the ideal solution for your bathroom.


There are different types of showers with advanced features that ranges from heating the water resources to blending hot and cold water. Following are the list of contemporary showers which can spruce up your bathroom design.

    • Mixer Shower
    • Electric Shower
    • Venturi Shower
    • Power Shower

Choose the ideal bath shower that will suit your needs and augments your bathroom design.

Bath Tubs

    • Measure the required dimensions needed to install in your bathroom.
    • Keep in mind that you need ample amount of walking space after fitting the bath tub. So choose an ideal bath tub which fits in your bathroom size.
    • Ensure you choose a durable product which can serve you for many years.
    • Before purchasing the bath tub, check if the surface is smooth with no cracks.


    • Decide if you need a western or Indian style of lavatory. Plan accordingly where you want to fix them.
    • Their primary function is acting as a drainage system, so ensure it doesn’t have any cracks or uneven surface.
    • The closets are available in various colors, designs and patterns. Choose the ideal model which suits your needs and bathroom design.

Seek the services of bathroom dealers for suggestions to improve your bathroom design with prolific sanitary appliances.


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