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    Bathroom Accessories & Sanitaryware Dealers7 Fascinating Bathroom Fittings To Consider For Your Home!

    Elisa Vincent 5 years ago

    In this age of high-tech smart phones and robots that work like humans, bathroom fixtures are also progressing to meet the rising expectations of people. Gone are the days where a rain shower was...

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    Bathroom Accessories & Sanitaryware DealersYour Guide To Getting The Trendiest Bathroom In Town

    ‘If listening to music and contemplating about life while taking a shower’ sounds like something you do often, then it is evident that you are someone who spends a good amount of time in the bathroom. If you have a passion for the latest tre...

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    Bathroom Accessories & Sanitaryware DealersPerfect fittings and fixtures for your bathroom

    Deeksha Kapoor 6 years ago

    Today’s bathrooms are developing into a spa-corner with that contemporary look and feel. To match up with the current trends, your bathroom should carry the aesthetic element in it. It is...

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    Bathroom Accessories & Sanitaryware DealersWhat you should consider before remodelling your bathroom

    creativespace 7 years ago

    In this blog, I give you tips on remodelling your bathroom without having to spend a bomb!Source:fortikur.comGood planning is crucial to overcoming even the most minor of flaws. Here are some...

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    Bathroom Accessories & Sanitaryware DealersGive your bathroom a stylish facelift!

    Monisha Krishnan 7 years ago

    When every other corner of your house is posh and brimming with personality, why should your poor bathroom alone be a dull cave After all, if you are anything like me, you spend a lot of time in...

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    Bathroom Accessories & Sanitaryware DealersCheap DIY Tips to Fake an Expensive-Looking Bathroom!

    Shveta Virmani 7 years ago

    As a follow-up to my earlier blog on out-of-this-world bathrooms (http://homeneeds.sulekha.com/fascinating-bathroom-interiors_613171_blog), I thought we could look at how to get your own bathroom...

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    Monisha Krishnan 8 years ago

    I kid you not; I have several friends who consider their bathrooms to be the ultimate sanctums of solace. Where else in the house, they argue, can you expect to get a few minutes of precious...

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    Bathroom Accessories & Sanitaryware DealersKohler bath ware for your bathroom

    Shruti Fatehpuria 8 years ago

    Kohler, one of the leading bathroom and sanitary ware companies of the world, was founded by an Austrian immigrant, John Michael Kohler in the year 1873. The company today is known for making...

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    Shruti Fatehpuria 8 years ago

    Roca is an international brand that has become synonymous with top notch designer sanitary ware products. Selling across 135 countries in the world, Roca has a huge variety and has earned great...

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    Bathroom Accessories & Sanitaryware DealersCheck out the beautiful Jaquar sanitary ware

    Krithika Kapoor 8 years ago

    CHECK OUT THE BEAUTIFUL JAQUAR SANITARY WAREEver visited somebody’s house and found yourself awestruck with the bathroom I call these `the people with an eye to detail’. You know,...

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    Bathroom Accessories & Sanitaryware DealersJacuzzis: All That You Ever Wanted to Know

    neerja 8 years ago

    In an age where people are dealing with stress more than ever there are more and more facilities being developed for relaxation and self-pampering. Jacuzzi do just that, pamper you with a spa...

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