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Top Battery Dealers nearby S. Savarkar Marg, Mumbai

as on Jul 28, 2021
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  1. Indus instruments pvt ltd

    East, S. Savarkar Marg

    Battery Dealers

    Agarkar Road,Krishna Radha Society,East, S. Savarkar Marg, Mumbai - 421201 Get Directions
  2. Indus Instrument Pvt. Ltd.-Mumbai-Battery Dealers

    Indus Instrument Pvt. Ltd.

    Phadke Road, Dombivali East, Mumbai
    1 Review 7.7

    Battery Dealers

    Sanjay 20th Oct, 2014

    These folks have charged me Rs.16000 for Microtek 650 VA capacity inverter along with the battery. The service provided by these people was good as they installed the inverter on the next day. Overall I am happy with their service.

    Indus Powers is a hub of powering happiness since 1996. With a widespread portfolio of power back up solutions such as inverters, inverter batteries, and power generation solutions like Solar Applications. We always worship our work, and follow our ethics sincerely to deliver a first-class service. We Indusians strive to remain relevant, dependable, smart, and cool in the minds of our consumers.

  3. Indus Instrument Pvt Ltd

    Mumbai - 421202, Dombivali East
    5 Reviews

    Battery Dealers

    Reghu Kuttappan 17th Oct, 2016

    Acquired inverter battery for my home need. Their service was good and they had all the brands and models with them. They made free installation of the battery the next day. The inverter battery cost was 11000.

    Sachin Prabhu 13th Mar, 2012

    For 150MPR inverter I went to Indus Inverters in Dombivali East,they had given me a good choice with brand also,the cost is nominal which fitted to my requirement,it was a good deal.

    Abhang Apartment, Phadke Road,Dombivali East,Mumbai - 421202, Dombivali East, Mumbai - 421201
  4. Luminous Power Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Kalyan Shill Road, Dombivali East, Mumbai
    3 Reviews

    Battery Dealers

    yogesh 21st Oct, 2016

    Purchased luminous car battery from this shop. Their service was favourable and useful they got all king of battery with them. The battery cost was 4500 and they also installed it freely in my car. Delighted to avail service here.

    Archana Verma 24th Jul, 2014

    I have Luminous Inverter. Its was not working and charging also. So I called this people. They bring my Inverter to their service center and rectify the problem. Now Its working good and giving good backup. And I am gratified.

    Provide inverter and battery service and auto battery service and sale new product also

  5. Star Two Wheeler Garage-Mumbai-Battery Dealers

    Star Two Wheeler Garage

    Nandivli Road, Dombivali East

    Battery Dealers

    Shop No.1, Nandivli Road, Dombivali East, Mumbai - 421201
  6. PMEN Sales & Service

    Bhopar Road, Dombivali East, Mumbai

    Battery Dealers

    We,  PMEN Sales and Services, are authorised distributors & dealers for all types of Inverters/ups, Batteries,Solar Products of SU-KAM, LUMINOUS,EXIDE...  

  7. Renutron Power Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

    Tilak Nagar, Dombivali East

    Battery Dealers

    Flat No. 25, Amar Niketan Vidya Mandir Road, Tilak Nagar, Dombivali East, Mumbai - 421201
  8. COSTA POWER INDUSTRIES PVT LTD.-Mumbai-Battery Dealers


    Dombivali East, Mumbai - 421201

    Battery Dealers

    Costa is a global leader in providing,designing,serving that enables in ups,server room,data centers,battery back up solution for office, commercial centers

  9. Neelkamal Batteries

    Manpada Road, Dombivali East, Mumbai

    Battery Dealers

    Neelkamal Batteries is a renowned company known for its quality UPS services. We deal in all types of UPS. We are in this field from many years .We address your needs with utmost care and ensure your satisfaction in whatever we do. Give us an opportunity to serve you. We will gift you with a pleasant experience. Contact us now.

  10. Indus Industries

    Thane, Dombivali East, Mumbai

    Battery Dealers

    Founded in 1996, Indus is today a market leader in manufacturing power electronics equipments. INDUS has earned reputation & trust in the market by offering unique technology solutions, High quality products & unparallel customer support in the business areas of power electronics.

  11. Classic Power Corporation

    Kopper Road, Dombivali East

    Battery Dealers

    Shop No. 67, Kopper Road, Dombivali East, Mumbai - 421201
  12. Elam Electronics

    Chandan Road, Dombivali East

    Battery Dealers

    Ambika Palace ,Shop No. 6, Chandan Road, Dombivali East, Mumbai - 421201
  13. Inova Battery-Mumbai-Battery Dealers

    Inova Battery

    MIDC, Dombivali East, Mumbai

    Battery Dealers

     INOVA has earned reputation & trust in the market by offering unique technology solutions, High quality products & unparallel customer support in the business areas of power electronics. Our products range contains TUBULAR BATTERY & AUTO BATTERY SOLAR BATTERY . Sine wave UPS, Square wave inverter, Static UPS, Online UPS, Lift UPS INOVA is more than just a manufacturer, it prides itself in providing clients the added value of engineering, technical expertise & solutions to meet clients needs. We are commi ...

  14. Shree Sai Enterprises

    Dombivali Industrial Area, Dombivali East

    Battery Dealers

    Bamandev Arcade ,Shop No. 3, Dombivali Sheel Road, Bamandev Nagar, Dombivali Industrial Area, Dombivali East, Mumbai - 421203
  15. Rohit Electronics-Mumbai-Battery Dealers

    Rohit Electronics

    Manpada, Dombivali East

    Battery Dealers

    Eknath Patil Shopping Center ,Eknath Patil Shopping Center, Bhagaset Chowk, Manpada, Bhagaset Chowk, Manpada, Dombivali East, Mumbai - 421201
  16. Empire Batteries

    Shop No. 1, Dombivali East

    Battery Dealers

    Vilas Patil Building ,Shop No. 1, Dombivali East, Mumbai - 421201
  17. Yash Batteries-Mumbai-Battery Dealers

    Yash Batteries

    Tilak Nagar, Dombivali East
    1 Review

    Battery Dealers

    CHETAN DIXIT reviewed for Inverter & UPS battery dealers 20th Apr, 2018

    Excellent service, one stop solution for inverter and battery

    Shiv Prasad Society ,Shop No. 9/A, R.P. Road, Tilak Nagar, Dombivali East, Mumbai - 421201
  18. Vega Powertronics

    MIDC Phase 1, Dombivali East

    Battery Dealers

    Shop No. A/132, MIDC Phase 1, Dombivali East, Mumbai - 421201
  19. Hari Om Electricals

    No. 3, Dombivali East

    Battery Dealers

    No. 3, Dombivali East, Mumbai - 421201
  20. Victory Information Division

    Shop No. 4, Dombivali East

    Battery Dealers

    Sadguru Niwas ,Shop No. 4, Dombivali East, Mumbai - 421201

Latest Battery Models and Specifications

View All (1312)
  • Amaron AAM CR CRTT150 150 AH Tubular Battery
    Amaron AAM CR CRTT150 150 AH Tubular Battery
    • Brand:AMARON
    • Warranty: 48 Month(s)
    • Battery Type: Tubular Battery
    • Capacity: 150 AH
  • Eapro EP12 240 240 AH VRLA Battery
    Eapro EP12 240 240 AH VRLA Battery
    • Brand:Eapro
    • Warranty: - Month(s)
    • Battery Type: VRLA Battery
    • Capacity: 240 AH
  • Exide PS88T 88 AH Battery
    Exide PS88T 88 AH Battery
    • Brand:Exide
    • Warranty: 36 Month(s)
    • Battery Type: Automotive Battery
    • Capacity: 88 AH
  • Rocket ES 12 12 12 AH SMF Battery
    Rocket ES 12 12 12 AH SMF Battery
    • Brand:Rocket
    • Warranty: 12 Month(s)
    • Battery Type: SMF Battery
    • Capacity: 12 AH
  • True Power INVT2200 220 AH Tubular Battery
    True Power INVT2200 220 AH Tubular Battery
    • Brand:True Power
    • Warranty: 30 Month(s)
    • Battery Type: Tubular Battery
    • Capacity: 220 AH

Battery Buying Guide - How to buy the best battery for your Home and Office

Battery plays a crucial role in determining the performance of your power backup equipment. So, you must check the battery specifications properly when deciding to purchase a new battery or when your old battery becomes unusable.

Battery Size

Generally, the size of a battery is determined by its wattage load and projected runtime. Using a battery which is not strong enough will be unable to power up  your UPS or inverter and may lead to some discharging issues that could permanently damage the battery.  The below mentioned formula can be used to calculate the size of the battery:
Battery size = Inverter rating (watts) ÷ input voltage x usage time (hours)

Battery Capacity

The electrical capacity is measured in Ampere Hour (AH) which is the amount of energy the battery can store. Electrical current is multiplied by time in hours which will be equal to ampere-hours. This is an important measure to see while choosing a battery for a UPS or inverter. AH ratings of a battery will vary with temperature and also with the rate of discharge.

Battery Discharge Rate

When the battery is discharged over 10 hours, the rate is C10. C20 is for 20Hrs and so on. These rates indicate how many amperes the battery can supply for 10 and 20 hours without falling below a certain voltage. So, lower will be the discharge rate, lesser will be the electricity you will be able to draw for a designated period.

Types of battery

Lead-acid battery

Lead-acid batteries are the common type of rechargeable batteries. Most of the inverters and UPS have lead acid batteries of different types.

Flooded/Vented battery

These type of batteries need maintenance and distilled water has to be filled once in a while. This traction style battery has a traditional engine start. Liquid electrolyte moves freely in the cell compartment. Users can access the individual cells and add distilled water when the battery dries out. Popular applications are engine starting, deep cycle designs, etc.

Deep cycle battery

The deep cycle batteries have been designed to be less susceptible to any sort of degradation due to cycling and are required for applications where batteries get regularly discharged such as uninterruptible power supplies. These kind of batteries have thicker plates which deliver less peak current, but are able to withstand frequent discharging. 

They are also called traction batteries or golf cart batteries. They are mainly used to handle repeated discharge/charge cycles.

Sealed battery 

These batteries are usually maintenance-free. Although you do not have access to the cell compartments, the internal structure is basically the same as a flooded battery. The one and only difference is that the manufacturer ensures a sufficient amount of acid in the sealed battery to sustain the chemical reaction under the normal usage throughout its warranty period.

VRLA battery

VRLA or Valve Regulated Lead Acid battery is a type of sealed battery. It has a valve regulating mechanism which allows a safe escape of hydrogen and oxygen gases during charging and therefore no separate room is needed to keep this battery.

AGM battery

AGM or Absorbed Glass Matt battery is also a sealed battery.
These batteries boast all the benefits of gelled batteries, but are more rugged and durable. 

These are also known as starved electrolyte or dry battery because the glass mat is just 95% saturated which means that it do not leak acid even if its casing is broken. 

Gel battery

The gel battery is similar to the AGM style because the electrolytes in the battery are suspended but different. The electrolyte in this cell has silica additive which makes it hard. The recharge voltage on this gel battery is lower than the other styles of lead acid battery. It is the most sensitive cell in terms of adverse reactions and over-voltage charging. Gel Batteries are used in very deep cycle applications and have the capacity to last a bit longer in hot weather applications. If inappropriate battery charger is used on this gel battery then poor performance and premature failure will be certain.

Battery based on Design

a.) Pure Plante : The type of batteries have a long life but at a relatively high expense than the flat plate or tubular batteries. Hence, they find less use these days.

b.) Flat Plate : The positive plate of this battery is a rugged lead alloy grid that is is filled with a specially compounded paste of active material.

c.) Tubular batteries : The positive plate of this battery is composed of a series of parallel polyester tubes which are filled with lead oxide to prevent 'Shedding'. They are mainly recommended for UPS back up power and inverters where the environmental conditions are very tough. They provide long hours of backup. 

Checking the efficiency of battery

To determine if a battery system is experiencing any problem, you can fully charge the batteries then shut off the battery charger and remove all the connected loads. Allow each battery to stand on an open-circuit for up to one hour. Measure the voltage of the battery. If the battery voltage spread rises above .30 volts for a 12 volt battery then a problem is indicated. Only battery voltage cannot confirm a problem. When the voltage spread indicates some problem, confirmation can be done by taking some electrolyte specific gravity readings with the help of a hydrometer. If the readings show a spread greater than .030, it will show slow constant current charge.

Top Battery Brands

  • Sukam
  • Exide
  • SF Sonic
  • Okaya
  • Luminous
  • Amaron
  • Amco

Maintenance of battery

Maintenance of the battery is important for proper functioning of your power backup equipment. There are several dangers which a battery may pose including:
  • Short circuit of the battery terminals
  • Fire hazard due to battery gases
  • Severe acid burns from wet lead-acid batteries

Here are some tips for battery maintenance:

  • The battery terminals must be clean regularly
  • The electrolyte levels in the battery should be maintained over the minimum levels. Only distilled water should be used to fill the electrolyte.
  • The inverter batteries must be equalized in every two months. The deposits on battery must be knocked down by controlled overcharge. It will help in extending the battery life.
  • The battery tops must be cleaned with rags dipped in solution of baking soda. This solution should never enter the batteries through any of the vent holes.
  • The battery terminals must be checked regularly for corrosion which will be indicated by green coloured deposits.
  • Always keep your battery in a cool and ventilated place. Heat must be avoided as it will harm the battery and reduce its life.
Buying batteries can be a daunting and time-consuming task because of the fact that you have to compare different batteries and several battery suppliers before finalizing the right one. This results in wastage of your valuable time and incurs additional costs in going from store to store. So, look no further than Sulekha where you can find the best battery dealers at one place who can provide you top quality batteries from leading brands like Exide, Amaron, Okaya, MtekPower, SF Sonic, Luminous and DigiPower, etc. at very reasonable rates. 
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