8 Must-Know Ways To Protect Your Skin This Winter

Harshavardini M 2 years ago
Freezing winds and the smell of warm masala chai, accompanied by the serene sound of rainwater hitting the road, indicate the beginning of the winter.  

Do you know what else this indicates? 

It indicates that it’s about time you change your skincare routine. 

Winter might look serene and calming to the city and its streets, but it’s harsh on your skin. Red, irritated and flaky skin is not a good look on you this winter. So make sure that you look your best and treat your skin with utmost care this winter by following these winter skincare tips: 

Cut Down on The Heat 

Hold your horses, Icarus. It is tempting to take steaming hot showers in the chilling air and the freezing climate. Even though a hot shower might soothe your soul, it does not do the same thing to your skin. Hot steaming water irritates the skin and removes moisture, making it dry and irritated, leaving you with patchy and peeling skin.  

It does not mean you should reduce the heat; cool showers also hurt your skin. So ensure you shower in slightly warm or lukewarm water to soothe your soul and your skin.  

Now enjoy a Hot…No Lukewarm shower. 

Cleanse, Not Just Your Soul But Your Skin Too 

Your trusty little bar of soap might work wonders on your skin at any given moment, but the winter is a time you should rethink your choices. If your soap bar contains ingredients that strip the skin’s natural oils, you must stay away from it this winter. Changing from a harsh bar of soap to a body wash or another soap labeled with “for sensitive skin” and “fragrance-free” tags is better. 

The products made for sensitive skin usually do not contain stripping ingredients, and look for products that contain moisturizing ingredients like hyaluronic acid, squalene, Niacinamide, and safflower oil. Products that contain natural ingredients like Shea butter, oats, and oils can also be used  

Moisturize the Bad Vibes 

Skin as dry as a desert is a common mishap during winter, but that does not mean you should exfoliate the hell out of your skin.  Cut down on your scrubbing and get slugging. You heard it right! Slugging. It is a process of slathering your face with petroleum jelly overnight, which is supposed to secure the moisture in your skin throughout the night so that you can have glowing glistening skin in the morning. Make sure to add oils and rich moisturizing creams into your skincare routine this winter. Give slugging a try if you have extreme cases of flaky, dry skin during winter. Slugging is not recommended for people who do not have dry skin issues.  

Embrace the Change, Be the Change 

Change in the climate calls for a change in your skincare routine. That does not mean you have to eliminate your skincare routine entirely. It means you should implement some changes in your usual skincare routine. You can make some product additions and stop using specific products. The skin care specialists recommend using hydrating serums and serum masks and adding facial oils to your routine to make sure you are moisturized.  

Don’t Freeze; Moisturize 

Stepping out of your warm shower and getting hit with the cold air that immediately freezes you is an experience that all of us have gone through. This freezing is a primary reason we hesitate to moisturize immediately after stepping out of the shower. Because you know what feels worse than feeling the cold air after a warm shower is applying cold lotion on your body right after that. Even though it is a challenging task, it is a task that you will have to put up with. It is essential to lock in the moisture into your skin and prevent your skin from drying. Therefore, there is no gain without pain involved. Get moisturizing. 

Stay Green and Apply Sunscreen 

Even though you outshine the sun during the winter, it is imperative that you use sunscreen. The appearance of the sun in the winter might seem like seeing a blue moon. While the sky with clouds might stop the sun’s rays from reaching you, it does not prevent the UV rays from penetrating the atmosphere. Therefore, sunscreen is an essential skincare step even in winter. And make sure that the sunscreen you are wearing has an SPF level of 30 or more to protect your skin from both UVA and UVB.
Apply sunscreen and stay young.  

Vamp Up Your Wardrobe in a Cool Way 

Fabrics can either make or break your skin, according to skincare specialists. Some fabrics can aggravate your dry winter skin, leaving it flaky and irritated. Instead, try wearing soft and breathable materials like cotton or silk against your skin and layer them with harsher materials like wool. So you stay warm, and your skin won’t be left irritated.  
Also, make sure to protect your ears and hands. They tend to dry out more due to exposure to harsh cold winds. Make sure you wear gloves or mittens and cover your ears with an ear muff or a beanie. 

Eat Well and Stay Hydrated 

Moisturizing and taking care of your skin will only protect you from the winter on the outside. To take care of yourself from the inside, make sure you drink plenty of water and eat nutritious and rich food to keep yourself healthy inside and out. Remember that your body tends to use more energy during the winter to keep you warm, so eat food with rich fat content to keep yourself warm and healthy. 
Suppose you have dry or irritated skin that does not CARE for your SKINCARE. Make sure that you visit a dermatologist near you and check it out. 

I hope all these hacks help keep you young and healthy during the winter.  

Stay happy and healthy!  

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