Pamper Your Skin This Quarantine & Chill Period

Suhasini Bhaskar 4 years ago

As we practise social distancing to beat the deadly coronavirus, quarantine and chill has become the phrase of the month.This is your time to catch up on everything you kept procrastinating blaming your hectic schedules.Social media platforms are filled with ideas to beat quarantine boredom ranging from fitness videos, reading books, cooking ideas, gardening tips, skincare tips and so on. How do you plan to use this quarantine period? Sulking that you are bored or by enhancing yourself? We choose the latter! Self love starts with self care and this is just the right time to pamper your skin. Here are some easy skincare tips that your skin will thank you for!

Your skin will love staying indoors contrary to the pollution, harmful UV rays and grime that it was used to earlier. This brings us to our very first point which is

  1. Sunscreen is a must even when you are staying indoors. It protects your skin against harmful UVA & UVB rays. Owing to the constant screen time with work from home options, skipping sunscreen is a big NO NO!
  2. Get into the kitchen and find the best of the magic ingredients. Haldi, milk, tomato, lemon, potato,curd, besan, papaya, orange and the list goes on. Know what your skin needs, get creative and your beauty sesh.
  3. Embrace organic skin care routine. There are plenty of tutorials available online that talks about the importance of organic skincare and how to make it at home. Pamper your skin with the goodness of nature as time is no more an excuse.
  4. Summers are here which means it's time to up your hydration game. Hydrate inside out. Drink plenty of water and use hyaluronic products for your skin. Check for some interesting detox water recipes online and thank us later.
  5. Organise your skincare vanity. Throw away all the expired products and make a note of products that are about to expire soon. Make the most of the products before they go waste.
  6. DIY Fruit facial. Missed your salon appointment this month. No worries. Instead pamper your skin with a fruit facial available in your home.
  7. Get your beauty sleep. Netflix addiction can be a real thing during this self isolation period but value your sleep. Your skin will love it.
  8. Virtual pyjama party. While you facetime your gal pals, have a gala time with various face packs and share your beauty secrets. Afterall, sharing is caring.
  9. Tackle that harsh tan like a pro! Uneven tan can be very disturbing and difficult to get rid of. Consistent skincare routine and staying indoors can make a huge visible difference. Use  papaya, orange, lemon , baking powderetc. to get rid of any stubborn tan.
  10. Enjoy your quality time with your loved and dear ones. The glow of the inner happiness is unbeatable and effortless.

Hope this simple practical tips inspires your inner skincare junkie. Staying indoors is the need of the hour to contain the virus. Hold on, just a few more days till you get back to your normal routine, socialise with your friends and book your appointments at your favourite beauty salons listed at Sulekha.

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