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About Borewell Contractors in Ghaziabad

Borewell Contractors in Ghaziabad own a verity of borewell machines and drilling equipment. A borewell contractor requires many things like casing pipes, pumps and other machines for borewell drilling. Additionally, the borewell services can help his client with borewell cleaning, repair, and maintenance when it is required. One can classify the borewell drilling methods depending on the borewell drilling machine. There are many borewell drilling machine types that works great for all kinds of soil.
When you plan to get a borewell for your water requirement, you need to get approval from the concerned authorities. Only then you are allowed to drill the borewell on your land. After getting your plan approved, you got to find the right borewell contractor. Borewells are preferred more than the open well water nowadays. The traditional open wells occupy more space than the borewell but do not provide better quality water as that of the water from the borewells.
Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions about borewells and other essential information one should know before opting for a borewell.

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" Approached Sharma Electricals for Borewell Drilling Services.Their service is excellent and they completed the work on time.They charged me some nominal amount for the Borewell Drilling service.they brought all the equipment that is needed for drilling service.they have completed their task successfully "

hemkumar sharma from Ghaziabad, on 21 Oct 2016

" this is an very good company that provide fitting of new bore well in various places in the cities ,they provide best machines for digging the earth for water. "

nitesh from Ghaziabad, on 19 Jul 2012

" they are the best borwell contractor ,they provide machines for digging the hole in earth ,here good pipes are available for fit into the earth.all these services are provided at very low price. "

nipun kumar from Ghaziabad, on 15 Mar 2012

" A deep borwell in my farm was installed by Bhartiya Industries. They ensured the pretty good job done in two days time only. Offerd me good motor with good durable and leading brand and charged me very competitive as per the market rate for sure. Highly reocmmended one. "

Puneet Kumar from Ghaziabad, on 24 Oct 2011

" Jayashree Borewells have good motors, handpumps & boring motors at them. They have different brands in them & their service is good.. "

Bharti Rajput from Ghaziabad, on 08 Sep 2011

" Jayashree borewells at DDA Flats, kalka ji offer good quality servicing for home repairing and their charges is also very awesome... they are highly reliable and strongly commended "

Mamta Kumari from Ghaziabad, on 19 Aug 2011

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Hire top borewell contractors with best price in Ghaziabad

Borewell contractors are the ones who help you in all the aspects related to borewells like identifying the drill point, borewell drilling, or in choosing the right method. Borewell contractors in Ghaziabad are growing fast to provide the best services for its customers.

What are the phases of borewell installation process?

Phase 1: Identification of the drill point

It is the primary step that is taken to identify the right place where the possibility of getting water is high. Vertical electrical sounding is one of the standard methods practiced for finding the drill point that is suitable for domestic purposes. It requires a wide open area to conduct the survey and cost about Rs.1500-5000. Some other methods like geophysical surveys, diviner wooden sticks or magnetic blocks also help in finding the spot. It is necessary to spot the right place to drill, which when failed results in loss of money.

Phase 2: Selection of borewell sites and drilling season

In summer, identifying the drill point or borewell drilling the borewell may end up in bad results in areas of Ghaziabad. However, it entirely depends on the groundwater potential of that particular site.

Some experts consider summer as a good season for bore well, and agricultural lands get access to drilling rigs only in summers. It is better to discuss with the local borewell contractor who holds knowledge about the local area.

Phase 3: Adoption of the suitable borewell drilling method

You need to consider the geological formation under the land which may be alluvial, boulder or hard rock. Other factors like expense, diameter, depth and the purpose of the borewell play a significant role in the selection of the borewell drilling method. Some of the effective drilling methods popular in Ghaziabad are listed below.

Borewell Drilling method Type of Bore Suitable Formation

Water Jetting

Shallow bore


Augur Drilling

Shallow bore


Calyx Drilling

Shallow bore

Alluvial and hard rock

Percussion Drilling

Deep bores


Rotary Drilling

Large and deep bores


Down the Hole Hammering (DTH) Drilling

Large and deep bores

Hard rock

The diameter of the borewell ranges from 4.5 to 6 inches. Individual houses prefer 4.5 inches, while 6-inch borewell yields higher to cater the requirements of the large apartment buildings or agricultural purposes.

Market rates of borewell implementation in Ghaziabad

The calculation of the drilling charges can be of many types depending on the method and purpose of the drilling. Here is the breakdown of the charges that a borewell contractor may charge you.

  • Borewell drilling cost per feet
  • Casing pipe cost per feet
  • Drilling cost + charge for installation of the casing pipe per feet
  • Flushing charges per hour. (After drilling)
  • Transportation charges

The approximate borewell drilling cost estimate would be around 1-1.5 lakhs. It would borewell cost per feet about Rs. 300-500 depending on the diameter of the pipe.

How does borewell work?

Borewells are primarily vertically drilled wells which are bored into the aquifer in the earth surface to extract water. The casing pipe is the support to the external surface of the borehole. This casing helps to avoid the damages that may occur at specific depths. Continued by this, electrical pumps are used to pump out the borewell water from the borehole.

The PVC made casing pipes are the best borewell pipes which more predominant in the market than the other types. Earlier, GI/Mild steel casing pipes were in use and corrosion made it unsuitable for this purpose. Use the standard unplasticized PVC pipe that abides with the BIS specification IS 12818: 1992. Slotted PVC casing pipes are in use when dealing with the sandy or boulder surfaces and also to prevent the entry of sands along with the borewell water flow.

How to choose the right pump for your borewell?

We can categorize pumps into two categories depending on the purpose of the usage. One is for domestic use while the other is for agricultural purposes. Here is a list of both category pumps with their characteristics.

Jet pumps: These pumps are suitable for pumping out clear water free from abrasive and chemically aggressive substances. It fits perfectly for borewell depths up to 150 feet.

Compressor pumps: Preferred for low yielding borewells. It is easy to install and maintain. The problem is that these pumps are noisy and needs regular repairs.

Submersible pumps: This efficient pump holds a sealed motor entirely submerged into the bore wells. They provide higher discharge as well as higher performance. These pumps are prone to repairs when the borewell consists of heavy slit particles.

It is essential to consider the depth at which the pump is to be installed and the expected discharge while deciding on the capacity of the pump. The depth at which the pump can be installed is decided by the depth of the entire borewell. The pump depth is mostly maintained 10-25 feet above the total depth of pumps.

How to find the best borewell contractor?

Choose the suitable answers to the questions asked above. So, that we can understand your requirements and filter the right ones who can cater to your needs. Tell us how many borewell contractors you need free quotes or discuss. Talk to the contractors and hire the one who gives you good customer service, experienced and guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How should I decide on the borewell point?

It is better to seek guidance from the geologists or water dowsing professionals to identify the right spot for borewell drilling. These experts conduct surveys and experiments to find the water layers under the soil. These water diviners are easily available in every locality. Also, inquire in your surrounding area about the borewell depth that got implemented recently and the possibility of getting water when drilling a new borewell in that area. If you believe in Vastu and want to follow it for finding the spot of drilling, you need to approach a spot in the northeast direction. As per Vastu, the source of water or borewell needs to be dug in the North East.

2) When is the best time to drill a borewell in Ghaziabad?

It is advisable to dig a borewell that in summer seasons. Most commonly, the summers in Ghaziabad are generally dry, and the groundwater level lowers down. When you drill a borewell at that time, you will reach the maximum borewell depth to reach the water level. Doing this ensures the availability of water for the next summer too.

3) What permits should I get from Government Authorities to drill a borewell?

In our state, the Supreme Court issued some guidelines for drilling a borewell. At least 15 days before digging up a borewell, you need to get permission from the concerned urban or rural local bodies and with the Department of Ground Water or Public Health. It is necessary to follow the general rules given by the collector while drilling the borewell. Try to abide by the legal framework and finish the legal formalities before signing the contract with the borewell contractor.

4) How do I get quotes from Borewell Contractors in Ghaziabad?

When you get approval from the government authorities and decide on the drilling spot with the help of a water diviner or a geologist, you need to hire the right borewell contractors to get your job done flawlessly without complexities. Fill in the above form to get free quotes from the efficient borewell contractors around you. Read the transparent reviews given by the verified customers who previously used their services. Get calls and free quotes from many contractors you wish to discuss. Shortlist the ones that promise you good package and support. Finalize the deal

5) How do borewell contractors charge in Ghaziabad?

Generally, the borewell contractors charge depends on the following:

  • Borewell drilling cost per feet
  • Casing pipe cost per feet
  • Drilling and installation costs for pipe per feet
  • Flushing charges per hour (Cleaning and flushing after drilling)
  • Transportation charges of the rig or borewell vehicle to the site per km.

When you get the quotations from different borewell contractors, compare each of the parameters and decide on the right contractor. Also, ask clearly to the contractors that if they charge additionally after the work is done.

6) What are the significant borewell drilling methods?

One can categorize the borewell drilling methods according to their drilling machines. It is essential to choose the right drilling method depending upon the purpose of the borewell drilling and the type of soil present in that area. Some of the commonly known drilling methods are For shallow bores-

  • Water Jetting and Augur Drilling are suitable for shallow bores in alluvial soil
  • Calyx Drilling are suitable for shallow borewells in both hard rock and alluvial soil
For deep bores-
  • Percussion Drilling is for deep bores in boulder soil
  • Rotary Drilling is most commonly used for drilling large and deep bores in alluvial soil. While DTH Drilling does the same in hard rock soil.

Can I reschedule an appointment?

Yes certainly. If you feel there is something that you need to take care of before cleaning, you can always reschedule an appointment with the cleaning service provider. You will not be charged extra for that.

How to measure the borewell depth?

There are a number of methods that help to measure the borewell depths. But, most commonly the borewell depth is measured by using a string. In this method, a string that is longer than the depth of the borewell that is drilled and a piece of wood is tied at the one end of the string. Now the string is sent into the borehole until the wood piece reaches the water level. As the wood piece reaches the water level, it starts floating and loosens the string tension. That point of the string is marked and measured.

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