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8th Nov, 2018

Nice food & service is best

25th Oct, 2018

Good service, Excellent food.

23rd Oct, 2018

Food, service and everything was superb

23rd Oct, 2018

we arranged a Housewarming Ceremony, so we planned to avail Preferred vegetarian food catering services with the help of this business website I had contacted this Shree Laxmi Food & Caterers, Sector 73, of course, they really did a very Awasom job the food was so delicious. we ordered 60 plates per plate they charged me 250 total amount they have charged me 15,000 that was a nominal price amount only we really feel very happy.

6th Oct, 2018

Job done. Food quality is very nice & good menu ,services is very strong ,thank shree Laxmi caterers

1st Oct, 2018

good planning and arrangement, snacks and foods were very tasty, well mannered waiters, nice managemant

21st Sep, 2018

Great service! Highly recommended as you get value for your money.

17th Sep, 2018

Its the best service I ever had I have tried two to three vendors in past one year and experienced with them was not good but with them its been 4-5 months and i dont want to change the vendor. Changement says it all

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          • What are the Salient Features of Hiring a Catering Service through Word-of-mouth?

            You have to be extremely prudential in hiring a catering service, as it has to serve your invitees for the wedding, birthday party or a corporate event organised by you. Catering is an integral part of any occasion attended by a mass of people and therefore, you, as an organiser, cannot afford to compromise on aspects such as quality, credibility and experience. You can hire a catering service in at least a couple of ways: through the internet and word-of-mouth. This article takes an in-depth look at the perks of choosing word-of-mouth over the internet for hiring a wedding caterer, a birthday party caterer, a corporate event caterer, etc.

            Read on…

            One of the biggest advantages of hiring any service and not least catering through word-of-mouth, is that the people who you approach for help—your family members, acquaintances, colleagues, and friends—know you very well and can give you great suggestions to acquire a service for fulfilling your need. When it comes to organising major events, it is better to talk to people who have organised a wedding, a birthday party, a baby shower function, etc. By doing so, you will be able to know about the manner in which they acquired different services, including catering. When you choose to hire a caterer through the internet, you miss out on your peers’ knowledge and support, and being on your own in these matters is not advisable, especially if you are organising for the first time.

            Assuming your acquaintances and friends know a caterer or two and can recommend them to you, chances are that they could talk to the catering service on your behalf and explain your requirement. This will be particularly helpful if you are about to organise an event for the first time and therefore, are a little unsure about your requirements. Again, you could explain your requirements to them and your family member/friend, in turn, can convey it to the catering service they were a customer of. During their conversation, they could also elucidate on your plans for the event and how you have envisaged it. As the organiser, it might not be possible to be lucid about your ideas, since you will be juggling with a lot of aspects along with catering.

            When you go to your friends and relatives and ask them to put you in touch with a caterer, they can give you suggestions and ideas for organising your event, other than the ideas you already have up your sleeve. So, by approaching them for help, you might also gather fresh and innovative ideas for organising your event.

            And then, after they have had a conversation with the caterer and explained clearly about the occasion, the food menu you plan to serve, the number of people who will be gracing the occasion, etc., and the hiring process has reached its final stages, your friend/relative could also help in haggling the contract fee and ensuring that the price you eventually pay for the catering service is close to your planned budget. This is yet another major perk of hiring a caterer through word-of-mouth.

            Credibility is another major aspect of hiring a catering service through word-of-mouth. Because your friend or relative has already experienced the service of the caterer who they have now recommended to you, you can be assured of enjoying a quality and reliable service that satiates your guests. The catering service too, because they were referred to you by someone both of you know, will make sure that they serve you really well and in line with your friend or relative’s opinion or positive feedback about them.

            You, as the organiser of a wedding or birthday party, will get what you wanted in the end: a credible catering service that prepares delicious food which makes your guests’ mouth water.


            As we have seen, word-of-mouth can be really beneficial in hiring a catering service. The people you know can put you in touch with a catering service they have used in the past, but also suggest you the different ways of organising your event and even assist you in negotiating the contract fee with the prospective caterer.

            Enjoy the occasion!

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