8 Must-Try Indian Sweets!

  • They say “life is uncertain. Eat dessert first”. Of course, we are all fond of the creamy cheesecakes, fudge brownies and Choco chip cookies. While these desserts are undoubtedly scrumptious, there’s a long list even when it comes to Indian sweets. Whilst Rasgullas and Kaju katlis are some of the common sweets, here’s a list of unique Indian sweets you can indulge in to satiate your sweet tooth.

    1. Elaneer Payasam

    Simple and quick-to-make dessert that is a slight variation of the traditional kheer. Prepared with tender coconut pulp and condensed milk, it’s a popular delicacy in Kerala. It is incredibly tasty for a dish that is this easy to fix. 

    2. Kharwas

    Also known as Posu and Ginnu. Kharwas is the Marathi name for sweet steamed pudding. Kharwas are steam cooked in a water bath and hence, they melt in your mouth instantly when you take a bite. Apparently from being unbelievably delicious, this dessert is also very nutritious.

    3. Goan coconut cake

    With a slight hint of rosewater and four different types of coconut, this cake is nothing short of a treat to your taste buds. Refrigerating overnight helps the semolina cake soak up in the coconut liquid and this results in a tender crumb.

    4. Pazham Pori

    Anglicized name is banana fritters. This sweet from Kerala will definitely make you go gaga over bananas. This bonne bouche from Kerala is the perfect end to any meal. Fried in coconut oil with turmeric on ripe plantain, this dessert is a must try.

    5. Naap Naang

    This sweet dish is originally from Nagaland. This pudding is prepared using black sticky rice as the main ingredient and is subtly flavored with sweet nuts. The best part about this dessert is its nutritional value and its high fiber content. It can be consumed even by diabetics.

    6. Malaiyo

    This is prepared only in Varanasi, during winters. It’s basically flavored milk froth garnished with pistachios and almonds. It takes someone highly experienced to make a dish this airy and cloudy, this tasty.

    7. Madhurjan Thonbga

    This is a Manipuri dessert. Sweet besan dumplings in thickened milk and flavored with cardamom and bay leaves. Tastes best when garnished with grated coconut. It takes lesser than 30 minutes to prepare this delicacy but a lifetime to forget its wonderful taste.

    8. Patoleo

    Another healthy dessert on the list! A traditional delicacy in Goa. Rice paste over turmeric leaf with a mixture of coconut, jaggery and cinnamon powder as the filling.

    Has this list left you salivating? Of course, we are here to turn your sweet tooth into a hearty burp. Find the most dexterous sweet caterers here!