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    Best 10 baby sitter in Bangalore as on Dec 12, 2017

    1. +91 80 48045468
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services

      Sri Suryodaya Enterprise

      has massive experience in this business. Our motto has always been timely service, best quality and optimum cost. We are in touch with our customers through quality, performance, service and assistance. Bringing the best of value to our customers, we also care as much about our customers. We value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our clients and professional contacts and provide a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all our dealings. We deal in Domestic Help Services. Contact us for more detail.  

    2. Chaithra , Whitefield

      1 Review 4.6 Sulekha Score
      +91 80 48042818
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services

      Chaitra Agencies Services, founded in 2011, offers domestic help services for people in and around Bangalore, India. We provide full-time maids who excel in providing maid services like washing clothes, ironing/pressing, utensil cleaning, etc. We also provide caretakers for older adults and babysitters who take care of kids ranging from less than six months to more than three years. We also provide vegetarian and non-vegetarian cooks for our clients.

      Our background-verified and etiquette-trained staffs excel in offering a comprehensive service for our customers. Our teams speak and understand various languages like Telugu, Tamil, Hindi and English. Contact us for getting our cost-effective domestic help services.

    3. +91 97417 07645
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services
      We provide expierenced maids,cooks,baby sitters, the starting price would be 3000, for the part time for 2hrs of wrk,9:6 would be 10,000 and for 24/7 would be 12,000
    4. Sun Rise Services, Hongasandra

      17 Reviews 6.3 Sulekha Score
      +91 80 48100902
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services
      Sun Rise Services is a leading Domestic Help service provider with several years of experience in the industry. We deal with Cooks & Maids, Child Care, Drivers & Nurses. We guarantee efficient service and satisfaction to our clients. We are happy to have you as our valuable client. Contact us for further information.
    5. STC Management Services, Bellandur

      22 Reviews 5.7 Sulekha Score
      +91 80 43692224
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services
      STC Management Services is one of the reputed domestic help care services with an experience of more than a decade.     Our services include elderly care, newborn care, palliative care, post-surgical care, disabled care and physiotherapy. We prepare vegetarian and non-vegetarian food for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We provide part-time and full-time maids, who would be responsible for washing, utensil cleaning, housekeeping, ironing clothes and gardening.  We have facilities for 24/7 medical services.  Contact us, and we will reach you within 1 hour.
    6. Book My Nanny, Jaya Nagar 4th Block

      6 Reviews 5.0 Sulekha Score
      +91 80 43692038
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services

      Book My Nanny is India's leading childcare company and nanny agency network. Book My Nanny finds and provides the very best Nannies across the India, whatever your needs. We've been providing peace of mind for parents since 2014. In caring for children, we care about every tiny detail, making sure children are happy and secure, and their parents are too!

      Book My Nanny has a network of local childcare, nursery and nanny agencies to help you find the best childcare job. Our team has years of experience finding Nannies and managing all types of Nannies. We know what parents want and what good Nannies look like.

      With the changing dynamics of society and work culture, there is an increasing demand for Nanny or Child Care personnel. Our professional Nannies maids will take care of your newborns with utmost care. You can take your time to recover and recuperate from delivery without worrying about your child is not taken care of.

      A Book My Nanny, our consultants will guide you through the whole process of finding your childcare solution.

      Hire a Nanny
      Find a Babysitter
      Nanny Agency Services
      Mothers' Helpers
      Nanny Housekeepers
      Maternity Nurses
      After School Care
      Emergency Childcare
      Holiday Nannies
      Nanny Shares
      Male Nannies
      Overseas Parents

      Our Services

      Nanny (0 to 1 yr)
      Child Minder (1 to 2 yrs)
      Babysitter (2 yrs & above)
      Governess (3 to 5 yrs)
      Home Help (Above 3 yrs)
      Play Maid (Above 3 yrs)

      Our services for mother
      Postpartum care (The booking needs to be done before a week to schedule a slot) The above services includes:

      Massage for mother
      Support for breastfeeding
      and Nutrition booklet.

    7. +91 80 61344628
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services

      No.355, Ghandhipura, 7th Cross, White Field, Bangalore - 560066

    8. +91 99864 55496
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services

      No. 52/A, 3rd B Cross, Vijaya Bank Colony Extension, Horamavu, Bangalore - 560043

    9. +91 80 43692180
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services

      No. 25/6, 1st Main Road, Dattatreya Temple Road, Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bangalore - 560085

    10. Sri Velumurgan Civil Works, Marathahalli

      6 Reviews 6.5 Sulekha Score
      +91 80 48030559
      Child Care Services, Babysitter services

      Sri Velumurgan Civil Works, founded in 1990, provides domestic help services for people based in Bangalore, India. Our team of part-time and full-time maids offer residential housekeeping services like washing clothes and utensil cleaning. We also supply cooks and babysitters as per client requests.
      Furthermore, we render civil works like building renovation, fireproofing, solar fencing, truss works, piling, concrete core cutting, rock cutting, fencing, etc., for individual houses, apartments, commercial complexes and industries. Our etiquette-trained staffs speak and understand Tamil, Telugu, Hindi and English to better aid our patrons. We employ only background-verified staffs to ensure the safety and comfort of our customers. Contact us for getting our affordable domestic help and civil works services.

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    Customer Recent Reviews as on Dec 12, 2017

    Average Rating (4) - 9 reviews
    1. 20th August, 2017

      Maid is always sick.. came very few days in this month

    2. 18th August, 2017

      I contacted this business and received the service. The service was average at this business. They charged reasonable price. They are on time to take care of the baby.

    3. 8th August, 2017

      I approached this service for Babysitter services, But I preferred this business because they provided a worthy service and were on time.they charged was a normal amount .I'm happy with the service

    4. 3rd August, 2017

      Services from this centre was good and the person coming on time. They charged as per the tariff and i got the receipt. I am happy to take the services at this centre.

    5. 20th June, 2017

      Good service and fast delivery as committed

    6. 10th June, 2017

      I am done with the event f

    7. 13th April, 2017

      I have taken services from Book My Nanny, Jaya Nagar 4th Block. We 1st want to say thanks for the services. Because I have taken childcare for my little baby care it is going well and services are very good, they are well trained nanny's. All most past 2yrs, I can say best services in Bangalore is Book My Nanny, Jaya Nagar 4th Block. I can suggest people can go to Book My Nanny, Jaya Nagar 4th Block. I'm satisfied about their service.

    8. 14th November, 2016

      Through this service, I Should take care of the 4-month-old baby from 10am to 6pm Optional Chapatti preparation.Overall paid 8000 Rs. It was a good service and I am happy with their service.

    9. 13th November, 2016

      I contacted this Babysitter Services for my child and taken 1 Year agreement .They charged me Rs.12000 for month y wise and separately for agency Rs.12000 . I ma fully Satisfied with their service

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    Recent Enquiries on Domestic Help Services

    • Babysitter work timing: Part-time
    • Age of child for babysitting: 1 - 3 years
    • Languages for domestic help: Hindi
    • Other services: Utensil cleaning, Washing
    4 hours ago
    • Babysitter work timing: Full-time
    • Age of child for babysitting: 1 - 3 years
    • Languages for domestic help: Kannada
    4 hours ago
    • Babysitter work timing: Full-time
    • Age of child for babysitting: 7 - 12 months
    • Languages for domestic help: Hindi, English
    6 hours ago
    • Babysitter work timing: Full-time
    • Age of child for babysitting: 7 - 12 months
    • Languages for domestic help: Hindi
    • Other services: House cleaning, Utensil cleaning, Others
    6 hours ago

    Recent Bookings in Domestic Help Services

    • Babysitter work timing: Full-time
    • Age of child for babysitting: 7 - 12 months
    • Languages for domestic help: Kannada
    23 days ago
    • List of services provided by baby sitters in Bangalore

      Babysitter and child care services have become essential and high in demand not just in Bangalore but elsewhere too, thanks to the emergence and constant increase in the number of working parents. Even if an infant’s mother stays at home, she is likely to need the help of professional nannies with giving the baby a bath, changing diaper, putting the baby to sleep, feeding him/her, and helping the baby develop psychological, physical and cognitive abilities during his/her primitive years.

      List of babysitting services

      You can hire part-time or full-time babysitters for any of the following list of requirements and services:

      • Complete child care
      • After-school care
      • Emergency support
      • Mothers’ support

      Complete child care

      As mentioned above, your child will receive all the physical support he/she requires, from being given bath every morning, changing clothes to practicing going to the toilet, involving him/her in fun activities, identifying the ideal times to feed food, putting the baby to sleep, and much more. These services will help the new parents tremendously, for they might not yet have the experience and also may have other household tasks to concentrate on on an everyday basis.

      After-school care

      In this case, the hired babysitter will help the kid and his/her parents after school hours. The nanny can be asked to pick the kid up from the school, and after the two have come home, the kid will be fed and more often than not be put to sleep in his/her room. A service as this can be of particular help to working parents, who at around noon, will be at work and might not be able to pick and drop their kids at home.

      Emergency support

      Experience in having fostered kids is vital during a child’s initial years. And nannies, needless to say, are well-experienced and equipped to provide support to the kids when they are stricken with fever, common cold or any ailment basically. Experience is key because infants cannot always convey what’s bothering them and so, those around them need to be aware of the ‘what’ and ‘why’. Babysitters can not only identify the trouble experienced by the child but also conduct the necessary first-aid, to ensure that the child has been and feels relieved.

      Support for new mothers

      Babysitting services extend beyond providing support and care for the infant, attending to his/her needs and fulfilling the nursery duties. The mother and sometimes even the father, may need assistance in the kitchen or elsewhere in the household during the days following the birth of their child. Nannies can also teach/train the new mother to taking full care of the child sooner or later.

      Hire babysitters in Bangalore

      As a parent, you’ve come to the right place for hiring child care and nanny services to assist you and help in the development of your cute little kid.

      Whether you want baby care services full-time or part-time and are looking for nannies in a certain age bracket, you can definitely find what you’re looking for, here. All you need to do is fill the form and get us to provide you with the best child care services in the garden city. With a shortlist in hand, you can begin the process of hiring a baby care taker for your kid.

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