9 Expressions Everyone Has On a Mid-Week Work Day

  • Mid-Week work days can be hard especially because you know the weekend is just a couple of days away. But know that there is no stress or worry that babies/puppies/kittens cannot ease. We know that during the mid-week, everyone tends to feel quite lost. 

    So here are 9 expressions on babies that you can definitely relate to:

    1. The ‘Do I have to go to work’ face? 

    The expression you have on, every work day when you think if you really have to go to work today. You spend many minutes contemplating on the necessity of this job and having to work in general.

    2. Your ‘long To-do list’ face:

    When you finally get to work and look at your to-do list for the day and you know you are in for a long day of work. You sit there counting the items on the list and calculate the time for it. While you do this, you know your face will be a sight to watch just as your colleagues’ faces are. 

    3. The ‘thinking of food’ face:

    When you still have a mountain of work left but you are sitting and thinking about what to order for food later today. You stare at the ceiling making it seem like you are in deep thought when in reality you are trying to decide between Biryani and Fried Rice.

    4. 11 AM Thoughts be like: 

    When you are hit with the majority of your work and you take a minute and just imagine you are back in your cosy bed, all warm and comforted. You dream of going back home and dreaming to your heart’s content.

    5. Did you say, Team Lunch? 

    When you suddenly hear someone say it is team lunch day and you suddenly feel like you have a purpose in your life again. You thank your stars for having decided to come to office today after all and start planning the menu according to the places nearby.

    6. Did I also hear CAKE?



    You suddenly realise that it is also one of your co-worker’s birthdays and this day just became a whole lot better for you because it now has CAKE! You thank the heavens for your colleague’s birth, because now not only do you get to have a team lunch outside but you also have the yummy cake to brighten up your day.

    7. Waiting for lunch:

    When you realise there is still an hour and a half for lunch and you are just sitting there waiting for time to go faster. You cannot help but think of the chocolate cake waiting for you in just an hour and have the most earnest expression on your face.

    8. Back to reality face: 

    When you come back from the delicious lunch and have to face the fact that you still have half a day of work left to do. Things only become worse when you realize that there are two more days to go before the weekend begins.

    9. Home and Exhausted:

    When you rush home after work and just fall flat on your bed not caring about what you are wearing or the fact that your ID card is still around your neck, is the perfect sign of a hard day at work. You can then be proud of your hard work and sleep as soundly as a baby.

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