Your Pre-Monsoon Cleaning Checklist

Kali Rawat 7 years ago


One week into the peak of summer and we have all started wishing for the rains. Of course, once the rains start, we will all go back to wishing for some sun. In Mumbai, monsoons mean sticky homes, foul- smelling clothes and fungus-y cupboards. This makes me think that rather than a “spring cleaning” routine, we Indians should follow a pre-monsoon cleaning schedule! What do you say?

Here are some thoughts on how to prepare our homes for the rains.

Do a Mattress Check

Flip, air out, rotate or if you have the space, expose your mattresses to the sun. This will help kill any mites living on your mattress, and will go a long way in preventing growth of mold and fungus spores during the humid months.

Clean out the Kitchen

Canned goods past their expiry dates, soup packets, pasta that you will never make, all those ready-to-eat-meals you bought on impulse but never used, can be shown the door. You will find that a cleaner kitchen and fridge, will not only inspire you to cook more, but will also prevent humidity- loving fungi from piling on old food.


Bag it or Box it

Airtight bags and boxes are your best friends. Don’t leave open food and masala packets, or even expensive leather goods or clothes exposed to humid air. Seal them off in airtight bags or boxes. Tupperware and Lock& Lock have a good range of airtight boxes. They are available at, starting at Rs 200 onwards.


Clean Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and rugs should be given a thorough cleaning and airing out before the rains start. Vacuum clean them thoroughly or hire a professional service and have them steam cleaned. Better, why not roll them away and go for plastic based rugs for the monsoons? You can find them at any large store like Dmart starting at Rs 350 onwards.

Prune your Plants

Pre-monsoon pruning is advisable as the moist air can really make a jungle out of your garden. Be sure to remove any deadwood branches or twigs and repot those plants which require repotting. Ensure that the way you prune the plants leads to a pleasant and full growth.

Clean or Change Shower Curtains

Moldy shower curtains will get even moldier when the rains arrive! So give them a good old scrub or toss them if they are old and get a new set. Here’s an easy way to clean your shower curtains:

“You can get pristine shower curtains again using a cup of baking soda (some people recommend vinegar instead) and washing them with a load of white towels with a regular amount of detergent at warm temperature. The additional towels will keep the machine from tearing apart the curtains while also helping the agitating cleaning action. Afterward, just hang them to drip dry and you've got renewed plastic or vinyl shower curtains.” –

Get a leg up on monsoon related cleaning woes with this quick pre-monsoon checklist!


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