Don't Make These 7 Mistakes While Buying A Laptop

  • There are various things that are to be taken into consideration while buying a new laptop. If you fail to choose wisely, you will end up with a system that either has too little of what you need or too much of what you don’t want. So, below are the 7 common laptop buying mistakes that are to be avoided!

    1. Buying the cheapest model available might be light on your wallet, now. But as time progresses you will realize that its repair costs you more than its purchase did. The chances are it lacks the longevity and the speed that you desire. Instead of jumping to the cheapest, jot down your needs and then, search accordingly. For example, let’s say you have a choice to choose between a dual core processor and a quad core processor. If your needs demand you to run multiple applications at once, quad core processor is the evident choice. Don’t just choose the former to save money and ignore your requirements. The repercussions of a wrong choice will plague you until it’s time to buy again. If you are going to use applications that require serious graphical work like Maya, 3D, or AutoCAD, it’s an absolute must to go for the fastest processor and a high-end graphics card.

    2. This mistake is the exact opposite of the first one. If your everyday tasks only include word processing, net surfing, accessing mails and other simple elements, it’s an absolute waste to purchase the latest processor.

    3. Standard configuration of a laptop includes 3 USB ports, Ethernet and audio jack. If you need anything more, research and find a model that suits your necessities. For example, if your requirements include transferring data from and to your memory card, make sure that the laptop you have gotten has a card reader.

    4. All the fancy, shiny advertisements that you watch on TV can manipulate you easily and make you buy something you don’t require. Be sure of why you need a laptop. Do you need it for work, college or for home use? Is it going to be taking the place of the desktop PC? The answer to these questions are the key to a smart purchase.

    5. Some people purchase an apple product only for the brand name. They are absolutely unaware of the features and possible drawbacks, if their needs demand differently. If you plan on getting an apple product, research about the advantages of getting one. See if the perks suit your needs or if they are even necessary, in the first place.

    6. There’s a misconception that disregards every component’s, except RAM’s, connection with the performance of the device. Understand that having more gigs of RAM wont transform your system into a super computer. The minimum requirement of RAM for Windows 8 is just 1 GB. Very few require systems with RAM more than 4GB. So, anything within this range is good.

    7. Don’t waste money on extra storage if you don’t need it. Most models, by default, offer at least 500 GB which is good enough for documents, pictures and the like. Don’t buy a laptop to store all movies, TV shows and music collection. There’s a hard drive for that purpose. 

    Now that you are armed with information about the do's and dont's, get yourself a suitable laptop from our Laptop Dealers!

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