The Unique Features In Microsoft Office 2016

Arvind L 6 years ago

The Office 2016 at the first glance might not look that different from Office 2013 but there are several unique features designed to meet the expectations of a user. Office 2016 primarily focuses on enhancing the productivity of their users. 

Here is list of things Microsoft office 2016 offers making it the ultimate software you would ever need.

Real-time co-authoring

The Co-authoring feature has been around for a while but in the 2016 office, collaboration can take place in real time. Collaboration helps you see what changes the other authors are making in a document or presentation as they work on it. Regardless the place or device, the changes can be tracked on the go.

Simplified document sharing

Document sharing has never been this easy. Office 2016 simplifies the process of sharing with a new Share button in all their applications. Clicking on that share button gives you access to share your document from a list of recently worked on documents with your contacts. You don’t have to save or close the document to do it.

Smart attachments

Sending attachments on a daily basis is an inevitable part of desk jobs. In the previous versions of the office, to attach a file one had to navigate to the place where the document was stored. In office 2016, when attaching it will show a list of shareable documents which were worked on recently. Office 2016 creates a ready-made list and keeps it updated with the recently edited documents.

Clutter In Outlook

Outlook 2016 now has a new feature called clutter. This clutter feature helps you in designating priority tags for emails. If you tag emails as low priority, it will go into the clutter folder making the process of sorting easier. Similar emails in the future will also be sent into the clutter folder, thus categorizing mails as important, clutter, junk and delete.

New Charts in Excel

The ability to visualize data in form of charts and graphs is the highlight feature in Excel. The list of charts found in excel has now been updated with newer templates. Some of the new chart types are Waterfall, Treemap, Histogram Box and Sunburst. The inclusion of these new visually appealing charts will help in the creation of refined and professional reports.

Integration of Skype

One of the more attractive features in the office 2016 is the integration of Skype. If you are working on a document, and need to discuss some data with a person on Skype, you can Instant Message without having to alt-tab. Video conferencing and screen sharing is also possible. The integration Skype to office aims at improving the productivity and workflow. 


Delve is a new inclusion to the office family. The tool acts as a location that gives access to every document that has been created, shared or collaborated on Office 2016. Just like the recently worked on a list for attachments, Delve’s list is stored in the cloud. Due to delve using the cloud, the list can be accessed from anywhere with the help of Office 365 Portal.

Microsoft Office plays a huge role in our lives and the concept of documentation would have not been possible if not for this fantastic software. Now you know the unique features in the office 2016, what are you waiting for? Find MS Office software providers and start working with it

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