7 Ways to make your apartment look spacious

Parvathya Sripadhan 5 years ago

Does your apartment feel small and cluttered? Do you feel confined in the space you live in? A simple solution is to make the apartment look and feel spacious. A spacious room gives way to a lot more happy thoughts and vibes.

So here are 7 easy ways to make your apartment an airy and open one:

1. De-clutter:

The easiest way to make any area look spacious is by cleaning it and keeping it organised. A cluttered space not only looks poorly designed but also acts as a breeding ground for germs. Tidying up every corner of a room will add airiness wherein it appears accommodative for more things thereby making it look spacious.  

2. Furniture Arrangement:

Contrary to popular belief, all furniture pushed to one corner of a room does not add any space to the room. It rather makes it look very unorganised and thrown together. If furniture is instead arranged properly with gaps between, it creates the illusion of there being a lot more area than there actually is.

3. Wall Paints:

Choosing the appropriate wall colours is imperative to making your space look airy and larger. Sober colours and pastel shades like sky blue, mild yellow, and white add a lot of hue and light into the room thereby making it look large, airy, and open.

4.  Window Frames:

Grilled and constricted windows make the space look very small and cluttered. Big thick curtains can also add a lot of gloom into the room. Look instead at thin, light curtains that will flood some light into the room and also give you the view of the outside landscape.

5. Coloured Ceilings:

Although this may seem like an odd suggestion, a solid coloured ceiling will add a lot of depth to a space. Paired with white/sober coloured walls it creates the perfect balance that a room requires.

6. Mirror Placements:

Mirrors add some character and light into a room. This is also a unique way to play up a plain room as you can place unique framed mirrors. An oversized mirror leant against one wall will instantly add volume to the entire room.

7. Monochrome furniture:

Colourful rooms have their own charm and quirkiness, however, they do add some clutter to space. Furniture that is monochromatic and has solid sober colours expand the room. This also makes space look all the more classy and sophisticated.

Stress and tension accompany every working person in today’s life and in such a case being in an open and airy space will bring about a lot of peace and quiet. The above tips will not only add some spaciousness into your room but also add colour into your life. But to take your space to the next level, go for a Professional Home Interior Designer. Look no further, for you can find the best here. 

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