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    Construction Material Dealers & Manufacturers7 Ways to make your apartment look spacious

    Does your apartment feel small and cluttered Do you feel confined in the space you live in A simple solution is to make the apartment look and feel spacious. A spacious room gives way to a lot...

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    Construction Material Dealers & ManufacturersAn interview with Garima Agarwal - Peek-a-boo patterns

    Monica 8 years ago

    The founder of Peek-a-boo patterns, Garima Agarwal is one of the successful business women to mention when it comes to the interior designing industry. Her passion towards revamping kid’s...

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    Construction Material Dealers & ManufacturersWhy You Should Use Aluminium Shutters At Home

    Rajashri R 9 years ago

    As life gets more hectic, we all seek products that make life easier. We seek products that don’t require too much pampering or maintenance efforts. In keeping with this, in this blog I...

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    Construction Material Dealers & ManufacturersRunners, Frames, Benches and More to Enhance your Hallway

    Rajashri R 9 years ago

    Is your hallway just another long, dark, characterless space or does it actually say, ‘Welcome home! Come on in’ Hallways, which serve the practical purpose of connecting rooms, are...

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    Construction Material Dealers & ManufacturersGo Handle less for a Refined Appearance

    Shveta 10 years ago

    Handleless kitchens are becoming increasingly popular as they can create visually stunning, sleek minimalist effects that are unique. What started off as a niche product has now become mainstream...

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    buzz man 10 years ago

    Led Zeppelin’s stairway leads to heaven, and while not all staircases promise to do the same (some even lead nowhere!), differently designed staircases are surely a home owner’s...

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    elmar 10 years ago

    Splashbacksare essential in kitchens and wet areas. Splashbacks are designed to take any spills, water,splashes of food,oil and grease so they can be easily wiped clean.Splashbacks not only...

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    Construction Material Dealers & ManufacturersAdd a Midas Touch to your Home

    Team Sulekha 10 years ago

    If current décor trends are anything to go by, it’s time to usher King Midas into your home, with accents of gold! Both the fashion and interior design worlds have taken off in auric...

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    Construction Material Dealers & ManufacturersHow to Plant, Train and Care for a Bonsai

    Monisha Krishnan 10 years ago

    Grow, train and care are the three words you should be aware of when it comes to bonsai trees. In Japanese, these magical miniature trees actually mean ‘planted in a container’. You...

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    Construction Material Dealers & ManufacturersHow to Personalize Your Rented House

    Kali Rawat 10 years ago

    Decorating your own house is of course quite simple as it is you who decide what and how you would want your home to be. But for people like me, who live in a rented apartment, decorating options...

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    Construction Material Dealers & ManufacturersLatest trends: Stripes for homes

    PraptiBagga 10 years ago

    Using stripes in home decor can be a lot of fun. If you wish to give your home a graphic punch, try applying stripes to give a trendy, chic look. Thick, thin, vertical, horizontal - stripes can...

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