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Cool Roof Coating Services in Bellary

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Are you stressed about the huge electricity bills every month? If you are tired of paying those extra bucks for the ACs and other cooling substances in your home, it is time for you to make a change. To lower these bills, you can try out the cool roof coating services in Bellary. These are eco-friendly options that can potentially lower your monthly electricity bills.

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This Summer, Bid Goodbye to the Enormous Electricity Bills With the Cool Roof Coating Services in Bellary

Do you often pay huge monthly electricity bills for the ACs? Why not try out the option of the cool roof coating services available in the market. The cool roof coating system is explicitly designed to reflect most of the sun rays to maintain an average temperature of the house. Such systems are beneficial for energy conservation along with protecting the property from the harmful UV rays of the sun.

Benefits of cool roof coating services

There are several advantages of hiring cool roof coating services in Bellary from reputed professionals in the market. Here are some of the essential benefits of installing the cool roofs:

  • Save money and energy

    During the hot weather conditions, we tend to invest a lot of money in the air conditioners to control surrounding temperatures. The entire concept of air conditioners is not environmental-friendly as these consume a lot of energy and release many harmful pollutants in the atmosphere.

    Installing the cool roofs can help you to conserve energy, along with saving a considerable amount of money. With such additions to your home, the roof can reflect the sunlight, potentially decreasing the temperature of the house. Thereby, you also restrict the production of harmful chemicals into the atmosphere.

  • Conservation of electricity

    With the appropriate cool roof coating services, you would be able to conserve the consumption of electricity to a certain extent. As the demand for electricity goes down a bit, there is also a decrease in the power outrages.

  • Controlling the moisture quotient

    In many moist and warm places, the cool roofs often fall prey to the growth of algae or molds than the hot roofs. However, make sure to ask the contractors to use the select chemicals during the installing of the roofs to save it from such parasitic growth.

  • Save from the harmful UV rays

    Another benefit of installing the cool roofs would be the protection that it provides to your home from the detrimental effects of the harsh UV rays of the sun. As these roofs are specialised to reflect back most of the sunlight, hence, they are able to restrict the effects of the harmful UV rays on the property efficiently.

    Apart from these, you also get to enjoy the benefit of low maintenance costs when you plan to hire cool roof coating services. These are durable to harsh climatic conditions and hence do not require an extreme amount of maintenance or repair services. Therefore, while hiring these services, make sure to know the intricate details of these services to select the best affordable one for your house.

Charges of the cool roof coating services in Bellary

The costs of the cool roof coating services depend on:

  • The location of the property
  • The budget of the project
  • The reputation of the contractor in the market
  • The area of the roof
  • The type of materials used for the property
  • Number of days for the completion of the work
  • Tax considerations, etc.

In general, the coating services costs around INR 200 per square feet area. However, this price is subjected to change depending on the above-stated factors. In order to avoid any confusion, do refer to the services and the prices thoroughly before hiring them for your house.

FAQ - Cool Roof Coating Services in Bellary

1. What are cool roof coating services in Bellary?

The services that offer you to install a cool roofing system to reflect most of the sunlight, thereby decreasing the overall temperature of the building is called cool roof coating services in Bellary. There are roofing contractors offering such services in the market within affordable price ranges. This kind of roofing system is made with the aim of providing ultimate care and protection to the building from the harmful rays of the sun.

2. Why does one need to hire the cool roof coating services in Bellary for his home?

Few important reasons why one needs to get the appropriate cool roof coating services in Bellary for home are:

  • A sharp reduction in the electricity bills
  • To extend the life of the roof and protect them from the harmful radiation from the sun
  • An excellent environmentally friendly option as it helps to lower down the temperature of the house without any artificial devices
  • Do not release any harmful pollutants in the atmosphere
  • Easy to maintain, etc.

3. What kind of paint is beneficial for the roof in Bellary?

One of the best paints which can be beneficial to your roof is the elastomeric coating paint. It is a type of paint that consists of polymeric substances like titanium dioxide and acrylic particles. These are beneficial in providing an opaque and reflective layer to the roof in Bellary. As a result, the roof is protected against harmful sun rays and other particles.

4. What kind of material provides a cooling effect to the roof?

The clay tiles are one of the most popular types of roofing systems that provide cooling effects to the roof. It comes with a thermal emittance of over 86% and is extremely durable for prolonged usage. As they are available in various colours, hence one can choose them accordingly to suit the requirements of their buildings.

5. What amount of weight is added to the roof by the solar panels in Bellary?

On average, the solar panels add around 10 to 25 kgs of weight per square meter of the roof in Bellary. This is, however, quite acceptable and does not cause any harm to the roof of the buildings.

6. What are the charges of hiring the cool roof coating services in Bellary?

The charges of the cool roof coating services in Bellary would mainly depend on the type of raw materials used for the completion of the wok. Apart from that, the costs also vary depending on the specific type of construction company and area of the project. The prices may start at INR 100 per square feet and increase depending on the factors stated before. Hence, make sure to go through the services as well as the charges correctly to choose the perfect one for your home. Here is a price table with some of the main types of roofing systems available for cooling purposes:

Types of roofing systems

Charges per square meter

Solar panels

Starts from INR 300

Clay roofing systems

Starts from INR 150

Tiles roofing systems

Starts from INR 80

Green roofing system

Starts from INR 250

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