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Marriage is one of the most significant events in a person’s life. A person may end up spending so much time planning the ritualistic events and caterers also the attire and other accessories. It might lead to forgetting to plan the registry. But without registering a marriage, it will not be considered legal or valid in India. The registered marriage is the legal proof that the couple is legally married in India. This document is very important for various purposes in order to get spousal benefit and acceptance. Thus, you must take the help of a marriage registrar or court marriage lawyer. If you have a wedding planner, do remember to tell him or her that a court marriage lawyer must be contacted. To find the nearest lawyer, take help from Sulekha, where you would find court marriage lawyers in Kodaikanal. 

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FAQ - Court Marriage Lawyers in Kodaikanal

  • Q. What are the documents that the lawyer will ask for?

    There are several documents that the lawyer or registrar will ask for. Most of them are related to proof of identity. So you must identity proof document like any one of the following: Voter card, Aadhar card, passport, PAN card, electricity bill, among others. Age proof is significant when it comes to marriage. In India, a woman above the age of 18 and a man above the age of 21 years can get married. You will also need to have passport size photographs. It must be coloured and a recent photograph of both the parties.
  • Q. What proof is given of the marriage registration?

    The registration is successfully completed after the submission of documents; the couple will sign. The registrar will authenticate the marriage. After this process, the lawyer will hand over copies of the marriage certificate.
  • Q. When will one receive the marriage certificate? Can it be delivered by post?

    The normal course of getting the certificate is generally ten days. But it may vary depending on your locality or area. Do ask registrar when you can expect it. Most registrar will suggest collecting the certificate in person, but if it is not possible, then you can have it delivered at your home.
  • Q. Can the marriage be registered after the ritualistic marriage?

    Though not advisable, you can register your marriage anywhere between 90 to 150 days after the ritualistic marriage takes place. But in the case of intra-religion marriage, then a civil marriage is absolutely necessary, which means court marriage is the only valid marriage. 
  • Q. Who can become a witness in the marriage?

    The marriage in order to be legal will need two witnesses. The witnesses can be any person who is above the age of 18 years. Generally, one person represents the groom side of the other bride side. Another additional witness is also required. Each witness must be present in-person at the time the marriage is conducted.
  • Q. What is Notice of intended marriage?

    It is a notice that the registrar puts up after the bride and groom complete the paperwork. After 30 days if there are no objections, the marriage can be conducted.
  • Q. How to find the best court marriage lawyer in Kodaikanal?

    Find the best court marriage lawyer or registrar in Kodaikanal by visiting Sulekha. Here you will find lawyers who are recommended and popular among the users. Find the lawyer nearest to your home, get in touch with them today. Get your documents ready and prepare for your court marriage registry. Make sure you have all the documents available with you. There is a procedure that needs to be followed, and the lawyer can help you with that.

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