Immunity fortifying Foods For Monsoon

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Piping-hot pakoras and steaming ginger-infused chai might be the first thoughts that come, as the smell of rain are our nostril, but Indian culinary traditions in the monsoon are far more rich and diverse. Recently in India, rain and showers have become unpredictable and hazardous due to climate change, and it’s affecting the locals of Odisha, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, and Kerala. Seasonal food can be very nutritious and delicious at the same time to help us fuel our body and brain. In most parts of the country, food habits follow traditional roots, including recommendations from Ayurveda, the ancient science of food and medicine. 

During the rains, it’s highly advised to pacify the aggravated digestive fire. The dark, damp months of monsoon can make people sick and prone to diseases related to the stomach. It’s not only a good idea but vital to consume food that helps fortify the immune system.

Check out our top picks for foods to eat in monsoon season or during heavy rainfall to boost immunity and stay fit. 

Warm, spicy, tangy, and oily food aids digestion, medicinal concoctions like the trikatu (a mix of black pepper, dry ginger,  and long pepper), or even a combination of amla and rock salt, are encouraged. Sambar is a perfect combination of various spices served with rice, a staple for south Indian cuisine and a healthy alternative to dal.

Kerala’s traditional monsoon fare includes a special porridge with medicinal properties, most popularly called the Karakadaka Kanji. This rice gruel is cooked in coconut milk, infused with medicinal herbs and spices like fenugreek, coriander and cumin seeds, cardamom, cloves, dry ginger, caraway, and other rarer ingredients.

For nonvegetarians, fish oil is one of the most vital superfoods to keep our bodies protected from various diseases and illnesses. Fishes like salmon, tuna, pilchards, and other oily fish of India like rohu, Katla, catfish, are rich sources of omega-3 fatty acids. If you dont eat fish, you can always order fish oil supplements that come in hassle-free packages and easy-to-eat tablets. According to reports by various institutes of India and abroad, long-term intake of omega-3 fatty acids helps to reduce the risk of rheumatoid arthritis and increases brain activity.

RA is a chronic autoimmune condition that occurs when the immune system mistakenly attacks a healthy part of the body.

Hope you will include more of the above-mentioned foods and fortify your family’s immunity. To know more about foods to eat for specific conditions, we advise you to check out top nutritionists in your city who can help you to create a custom food plan for you and your family.

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