7 Tips You Should Not Ignore While Hiring A Baby Sitter

  • Hiring a baby sitter was an alien idea in India till a few years ago. However, with more women moving into the workforce and more couples leading nuclear families, the need for baby sitters have been on the rise. We now have multiple agencies in India that focus on providing full time or part time help to parents who are away at work.

    Unlike a domestic help who cooks or cleans your place, hiring a baby sitter needs utmost care. It is critical that you familiarize them to the surroundings and ensure that your baby is comfortable in their presence.

    Here are 7 tips to consider while hiring a baby sitter!

    1. Ensure that the sitter has experience

    This is very important while hiring a sitter for your baby. While a young person might be more energetic, he or she might not have the experience of dealing with small children. This can pose as a major difficulty, especially if the baby is under the age of one.

    2. Help the sitter accustom to the new setting

    To ensure that the sitter in comfortable with your home, be with them for a while as they settle into your home. Only if the sitter is comfortable with the space, will he or she be able to take care of the baby with ease. Introduce them to your neighbors as well so that they can reach out to them without inhibitions if the need arises. If your baby is a toddler and has friends in the vicinity, inform this to the sitter in advance.

    3. Introduce your kid to the sitter

    Stranger anxiety is a major issue with a lot of kids. It is important to make sure that the baby is introduced to the sitter in advance and is comfortable in his or her presence. To make a smooth transition, it is ideal if the parents spend a few days with the sitter around before leaving the kid alone with them.

    4. Familiarize them with the kid’s routine

    It is ideal if the parents have already set a healthy routine for the child. This way, the sitter can just be introduced to this routine and asked to follow.

    5. Set rules

    Give extreme importance to the rules you have set in the house for the child. Baby sitters might put the baby to sleep too often or let them watch television for too long just to make their work easier. This will disrupt the baby’s routine and cause difficulties later on. Ensure that the sitter follows the rules you have set for the baby.

    6. Give a brief of the kid’s medical health

    Each baby is unique and it is important to brief the sitter on the medical health of the child. If the child has any allergies, it is mandatory to explain this to the sitter. Always provide them with the telephone number of a doctor and a few emergency contact numbers.

    7. Discuss a plan

    It is good if you discuss what the sitter has planned for the day. Planning out a few activities or games for the kid is essential. If the baby is not entertained throughout the day, they might get cranky and fussy making it difficult for the sitter.

    Even though it might seem like a struggle in the beginning, babies easily adapt to new people. As long as the parents follow some of these tips before hiring a baby sitter, the whole process is bound to be easy and smooth.