Clear Children's Clutter Creatively!

Kali Rawat 7 years ago


For those of you who find yourselves fighting a seemingly losing battle with clutter on a daily basis… I commiserate. There are times when I wonder if all I exist to do is sort, put away, organise and of course NAG those around me to keep their things in place. What those significant others don’t know is that I spend at least half an hour daily trying to locate things that I kept in ‘the proper place’ to begin with!

And let me not even start with the children’s room. It is cleaned two to three times a day- only to get to square one by bed time. (Mind you, I’m not talking about swabbing- the-floor-with-antibacterial-solution clean; just being-able-to-walk-in-the-room clean.) If you suffer with kid’s room cleanliness issues like I do, here are four simple, cheap and creative ways to corral clutter once and for all.

Shoe Organiser

House tiny commandos and superheroes in a shoe organizer behind the door in a clear pocket shoe organiser. This way you will never have to hear ‘Where is my Spiderman?’ again.

Magnetic Auto Show

Cars, cars, cars everywhere! I have toy cars popping up all the time in my bed, in the shoe closet, in the bathroom and sometimes even in the washing machine! Make storing your little car-crazy kid’s toys easy and fun by nailing two or three magnetic knife strips to the wall and mounting the cars on them. It also saves a lot on decorating the kid’s room.

Crate-r Fun

There’s a red plastic cupboard for my kid’s toys that I hate and think of throwing away every few weeks. But I hang on to it simply because it’s a great storage option. Had I thought of this idea (above) first, I would’ve definitely opted for it. It’s way cheaper, more fun and also much more attractive. You can just paint old packing crates in different colours and stack them one over the other or even use old drawers for the same purpose.

Book Holders

This one, I plan to do today! Instead of piling books on a shelf, you can place them in magazine organisers, labelled as per the topic of the book. This means that your children won’t pull out all their books at once and you can keep changing the books around without disrupting the entire shelf. Plus, your children will learn the basics of simple organising by putting books in their correct categories. Win-win all the way!

A kid’s room need not have fancy decals and the like to make for great décor. Their toys, books and other paraphernalia, creatively displayed and organised, can make for the smartest, cutest and most clutter-free décor!

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