How Do You Know When It's Time to Replace your Window?

Rajashri R 8 years ago

I enjoy playing around with the windows in my house. You could call them my muses of sorts. Decking up windows is one of the easiest ways to breathe life into a home, and improves its appearance by bounds (if you go about it the right way, that is). When I am not painting my windows, I switch around the curtains for a dramatic effect. But, sometimes, as I recently found out, you just have to give up… your windows reach a stage when they are beyond redemption. No amount of artful masking will do; they have to be properly repaired or replaced altogether. It isn’t wise to tide it out with windows that have developed deep structural flaws.

Here’s when you know that it’s time to bid your windows adieu.


When you feel a change in the temperature inside the house

Even the best of windows allow a small amount of outside air into the room; but not so much that it can be felt or seen. Also, when the frames of windows become loose, creating gaps, it results in a lot of air in-flow. When such is the situation, you will find it hard to keep the room’s temperature constant during the summers and winters. Fixing the gaps with a sealant is only a temporary solution.

Difficulty in using the windows

Are your windows extremely tough to open and close? If yes, it’s high time you replace them. Wooden windows get warped over a period of time and can be a pain to open/close. In some cases, the balance in the mechanism of the window could diminish, causing the window to slam shut quite without warning, when kept open. Such incidents can pose a potential hazard to everybody in the house.

Condensation inside the glass pane

This usually occurs in double and triple pane windows. The air in between the panes is what makes them good insulators. However, if you notice condensation in between them, the window should be replaced. Condensation is a reflection of seal failure and inappropriate functioning.

Noise from outside can be heard

Windows are usually structured not just to reduce heat transfer but also the noise coming in from outside. If you feel that a lot more noise from outside is entering the room, consider changing the window.

So, the next time you see you see these signs, you know it’s time to replace your windows.

Out of curiosity, how often do you replace the windows in your home?

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