5 Laundry Tips For Maintaining The Quality Of Your Garments!

Elisa Vincent 6 years ago

How many times have we had our favourite whites turning a light pink from the colour bleeding or our dark blues and greens turning a few shades lighter from fading? Clothes can last you many seasons if looked after properly. However, bad care of the garments lead to them fading, fringing and fraying much earlier. From following the washing care instructions properly to storing them well, you should give your cloths the necessary care.  

Here are 5 tips for maintaining the quality of your garments!

Check the water temperature

Different materials require different temperature settings. Cold water is best suitable for most materials. However, lukewarm is also alright to kill the germs better. Use hot water only on sturdy materials that has hard-to-remove dirt and stubborn stains.

Sort, zip and inside-out

Sorting clothes according to colour is critical while washing. Dark colours tend to bleed colour easily. Always wash the light colours separately from the dark ones to avoid this. Zip all the zippers, button up the shirts and fasten the hooks before washing to avoid any snags. While you are doing this, also check the pockets for any notes and papers which can also spoil the clothes.

Turning garments inside out before wash would ensure that any prints or patterns are not affected. This also ensures that the prints don’t fade while drying.

Skip the dryer

Heat from dryers have a negative effect on the clothes. They shrink the fabric and also frays the fabric with time. Instead of a dryer, hang your clothes and air dry them for your clothes to last longer and save costs on energy. Using a fabric softener while washing is also recommended.

Don’t let the stains unattended

Most stubborn stains can be removed if treated immediately. To ensure your clothes stay in good condition, make sure that you soak the stain as soon as possible. The older the stain, the more difficult and stubborn it becomes. Keeping a stain removing pen would be handy at all times.

Go easy on the perfume

Perfume, hair spray etc. contains ingredients that can bring down the fabric quality. Don’t let these products build up on the fabric. Make sure that the clothes on which these fragrances are used should be washed as soon as possible.

Use mild detergent

Coming back again to the washing routine, strong detergents tend to do more harm to the fabric than good. Always stick to mild detergents unless washing greasy or heavily soiled clothes.

A good laundry service would take care of most of these and thus improve the longevity of your clothes. Not only is this a money saver, but also an efficient way to maintain their quality. Find the best laundry services near you and give new life to your clothes!

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