Elevation Architects in Bilaspur

Some Great Things That An Architects in Bilaspur Can Do for You

Architects in Bilaspur - Looking for experienced and reputed architects in Bilaspur? If you are planning to make some interior changes in your home or office, then it is time to hire a professional skilled in the business around your location. A reliable and reputed architect not only provides you with attractive designs and layouts but also guides you to manage your expenses well. Unlike builders, Architects spend most of the quality time in improving the visual and functional aesthetics of the building. Sulekha listed with verified professionals with 4.5-star ratings. Connect with leading architectural service company in Bilaspur for further more details.

Elevation Architects in Bilaspur

as on Dec 06, 2021
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  1. Dream Builders & Consultancy Services-Bilaspur-Elevation Architects

    Dream Builders & Consultancy Services

    Sindhi Colony, Jarhabhata Mandir Chowk, Bilaspur

    Elevation Architects

    +91 7000788223

    We are a team of Architects, Interior Designer, Engineers, Vastu Consultants for designing of any type of Residential and Commercial Projects. Contact us for any Planning, Designing, Drawing, 3D ELEVATION, WALK THROUGH works. Dream Builders & Consultancy Services

  2. NEW EDGE ARCHITECTS AND ASSOCIATES-Bilaspur-Elevation Architects


    bilaspur (C.G.), Rajkishor Nagar

    Elevation Architects

    +91 8839229887
    Plot-19, vivekanand nagar,phase-2, behind petrol pump, mopka, bilaspur (C.G.), Rajkishor Nagar, Bilaspur - 495006
  3. BBI Construction

    shubham vihar , Mungeli Road

    Elevation Architects

    +91 9770524715
    Shakuntala kunj, behind lafagarh gas godown, shubham vihar, Mungeli Road, Bilaspur - 495001
  4. Poddar And Sons Construction Planner Pvt. Ltd.

    Also Servicing in Bilaspur

    Elevation Architects

    Poddar & Sons Construction Planner Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company. We are the No.1 construction planner in Ranchi. Our team includes well-qualified Interior Designers, Civil Engineers and Interior Planners, who work day and night to make our clients dream come true with their work output. Our ServicesArchitecturalSimplex/DuplexResidential/Commercial – Showrooms and offices Interior</stron ...

  5. SK Architects & Associates-Bilaspur-Elevation Architects

    SK Architects & Associates

    Behind Old Nandu Garage, Telipara, Bilaspur

    Elevation Architects

    +91 8109981063

    Architecture, Urban Planning, Engineering, Interior Designing, GIS Expert and Landscape

  6. New Edge Architects & Associates-Bilaspur-Elevation Architects

    New Edge Architects & Associates

    behind petrol pump, Rajkishor Nagar, bilaspur

    Elevation Architects

    +91 8839229887

    New Edge Architects & Associates has massive experience in this business. We provide services like Office Interior Designers, Office Interior Decorators, Home Interior Designers and Home Interior Decorators. We have the capability to provide you with those interior decorating styles, designs, planning, skills and ability. We take on any interior job as a new challenge and specialize in low cost, elegant, functional concepts and work on them with lightning speed, the most essential factor of any inter ...

  7. Architect and Contractor-Bilaspur-Elevation Architects

    Architect and Contractor

    Ghumarwin, Bilaspur - 174029

    Elevation Architects

    +91 9817722587
    Ghumarwin, Bilaspur - 174029
  8. Agase Architects-Bilaspur-Elevation Architects

    Agase Architects

    Also Servicing in Bilaspur

    Elevation Architects

    +91 7470560737

    We are provide all type of Architectural service


    MANGLA CHOWK , Mangala, Bilaspur

    Elevation Architects

    +91 8827327345

    R. Creative Constructions(RCC), is an Architectural and Construction firm in which we provide Architectural, Structure, Interior Design & consultancy along with construction of Residential & Commercial spaces. We are providing our services since 2014. ?R. Creative Constructions has achieved the milestone of more than 500 HAPPILY SATISFIED CUSTOMERS and completing more than 1.50 LAKHS sqft construction of Residential and Commercial spaces across BILASPUR, MUNGELI, KORBA and near by Districts.

  10. DIPESH DAMA ARCHITECTS-Bilaspur-Elevation Architects


    opposite mosaji honda showroom, Bilaspur Railway Station, Bilaspur

    Elevation Architects

    +91 8818877774

    we design we build we rebuild. we provide all type of consultancy under one roof

  11. Aakriti Construction

    Link Road, Vyapar Vihar

    Elevation Architects

    +91 7869976000
    V. R. Plaza ,Ground Floor, Link Road, Vyapar Vihar, Bilaspur - 495001

Synergize art and spaces with the best Architects in Bilaspur

Architects are meticulous about defining a space or a building as your own. They work upwards from a concept that is derived from the initial discussion you have with them. The concept will be the definition of your building. They zero in on your expectations in a concrete fashion. They can work with many styles of architecture. If you want a classic look, they immediately look at the vernacular and deduce a form from it. If you want a modern look, they can express their understanding of post-modernist designs with the cultural expression of Bilaspur.


They start with simple sketches of the building form and site plan and work their way up with detailed drawings of the building. Options based on your design brief are presented and you can choose from it and add in your ideas and corrections. Then they incorporate it seamlessly into the design and then they begin work on placement of doors are windows. The whole planning process is hardwired into them to take weather, lighting and space dynamics into consideration. They strive to give the user a holistic experience. The end-user is always a major deciding factor at each step of the way. You can also request a physical model or a 3D model. Architecture firms have a separate team of experts who are well-versed in various 3D modeling software such as AutoCAD, Google Sketch Up, 3DS Max, Photoshop, and Lumion. They have 7 years of studies and several years of experience to have reached their height of expertise. You can rest assured they will deliver on their promises.

Before hiring an Architect:

Before consulting an architect, choose and filter them based on their portfolio, style, previous projects, testimonials, reviews and ratings on the internet and your friends. Also, use your budget as a filter criteria. Reviews on Sulekha will help you choose the right architect. Decide upon the design requirement before meeting the architects. Once you give them the design brief, they will suggest a few design ideas with mood boards and their previous projects. If you have brand guidelines, make sure you furnish the details to them. They will have a team to go through it and then present you with their ideas. Architects provide consultancy services and turnkey services.


Do Architects stick to a particular architectural style?

Many architects do not adhere to a singular style but there are a select few who have devised a style for themselves from which they would not deviate. Most of the architects work according to your requirements and design brief.

Do Architects follow Vaastu while designing a building?

They have the knowledge and experience to design a building according to Vastu if you specifically ask them to.

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FAQ - Elevation Architects in Bilaspur

  • How are the architects in Bilaspur different from the general contractors?

    An architect combines practicality with the artistic vision before actually building any structures. They take in special care to assess your design problems and document the appropriate solutions in the form of drawing and layouts for the clients.

    The drawings serve as the reference points for all kinds of construction work way ahead of time. These designs satisfy their own vision, along with the fact of abiding by the regulations and codes by the law. The architects are a skilled professional who coordinates with the work of a structural engineer, interior designer as well as lighting designer.

    A general contractor is an expert that works with the subcontractors and the building inspectors to build a construction project. They do not require a degree like the architects, and they mainly deal with the construction work as a whole. In most of the cases, the contractors work closely with the architects for designs and layouts for the construction work.

  • Do I need to appoint an architect or a contractor for my house?

    Whether you need to hire an architect or a general contractor depends on the type of construction project. If you are planning to make any particular design for your house or office or want to go for advanced interior designs, then an architect can serve you well. However, if your project is all about the construction fieldwork, then a general contractor can be useful. However, make sure to check out the services of both the professionals and then pick out the appropriate one for your next project.

  • Do the architects in Bilaspur specialize in environmental-friendly architecture?

    Generally, architects in Bilaspur do provide environmental-friendly options to their clients for their building layouts on special requests. However, the services may vary between the companies and their policies. Hence, it is advisable to contact the professionals and have a thorough discussion with them regarding the raw materials, prices, and packages before you finalize one for your next project.

  • Do the architects in Bilaspur only provide consultation services?

    Generally, the architects in Bilaspur provide all kinds of services related to the construction project. However, many professionals only offer consultation services regarding plan layouts and architectural designs. Hence, before hiring one for your project, do know the detailed information about their services and also the prices thoroughly.

  • How much time does an architect require to complete a project?

    Depending on the type of project, the architect might require a year or more to complete the project. However, the period might vary depending on the weather conditions as well as the project requirements. Hence, do have a detailed meeting with the architect to understand the amount of time required to finish the project beforehand.

  • How much do the architects in Bilaspur charge for a project?

    The charges of an architect depend on certain factors like:

    • The reputation of the company or the professional in the market
    • The type of project
    • The types of clients
    • Scope of work
    • Location of the project
    • Project design
    • Current market trends
    • Other requirements of the project, etc.

    As the charges fluctuate depending on the above-stated factors, hence it is beneficial to understand the price quotations by the company thoroughly before hiring one for your project.

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