Top 5 Useful Tips To Crack MAT Entrance Exam

P T Usha 4 years ago

It is that time of the year where you get to achieve your dream of stepping into your desired B-school. Yes, the MAT (Management Aptitude Test) entrance exam is round the corner, and we know you are preparing your best to crack the test. Though MAT is comparatively easier than CAT (Common Admission Test), the negative marking system and time management factors make the paper quite tough to crack. However, with the right strategy and preparation method, you can easily pass MAT.

Every year, All India Management Association (AIMA) will conduct MAT entrance exam four times in a year (Feb, May, Sept and Dec). The December cycle’s test is just here. So, let’s see some tips to crack the exam.

Know your syllabus

For any exam, first, know your syllabus, divide it according to the subject difficulty and preparation time. Take one step at a time and have a detailed record about your preparations. Analyze the syllabus and find out the easy part and tougher parts for you. While preparing go alternative about handling the subjects. If you are handling the tougher part for two days, then go with the easier subject for the next two days.

The exam pattern for MAT is, 

  • Language Comprehension
  • Mathematical Skills
  • Data Analysis and Sufficiency
  • Intelligence and Critical Reasoning
  • Indian and Global Environment

Based on these, you can plan your preparations.

Plan your time management

Prepare your study notes without fail. Though preparing the study note consumes a lot of time, by the end of preparation, it will be more helpful. Write each topic you are about to prepare for the exam and note down the areas covered under each topic.

It will not only boost your confidence about your preparations but also you need not struggle to recall your preparation history. As you have everything in hand, a simple go-through of the syllabus will help in remembering.

The real importance of mock exams

Many students, though being confident about their preparations, fail to crack the exam. The main reason for this is the inability to handle pressure during the exam. Yes, although you have prepared well, the mental stability during the exam is essential. As the time management factor plays a huge role in completing this lengthy paper, it is important that you take mock exams before the primary test. Consider it as the real test and take it seriously. Find out where the pressure is high and how you can manage it. The more you practice, the more you easy completing the paper would be. 

Choosing right study materials

There are a lot of study materials for all competitive exams in the market. You need not buy all those and get confused on what to rely on. Also, you might end up in not referring to the important notes/study materials. With the right experts’ help, get the right study material before preparations. 

Take help from coaching classes

The professional coaching institutes will also help in effective preparation for this entrance examination. By taking the help of these training institutes, you will be able to acquire experience from experts, get the right study materials, cover your syllabus in the right way with proper guidance, write more, take several mock tests, etc. So, taking experts’ help is the best way to crack MAT.

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