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Top 10 Epoxy, PU, ESD Flooring Contractors in Amravati

as on Oct 22, 2021
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  1. M/S Floor Tech-Amravati-Epoxy Flooring Contractors, Residential flooring contractors

    M/S Floor Tech

    Also Servicing in Amravati

    Epoxy Flooring Contractors, Residential flooring contractors

    We provide expert epoxy flooring, PU coating & Waterproofing solutions for industrial areas. Need your floor done? Please contact use #epoxyflooring #PUcoating #resin #epoxywork #waterproofing #terracewaterproofing #epoxyresin #epoxy #flooring #epoxyfloorcoating #coating #floor #epoxyfloors #antiskidflooring #antistaticfloor

  2. Hakam Bhai Tiles, Marble (Flooring Contractor)

    Amravati, Amravati Camp
    2 Reviews

    Epoxy Flooring Contractors, Residential flooring contractors

    +91 9822222022
    "Kahekasha Villa", Asir Colony, Amravati, Amravati Camp, Amravati - 444601
  3. M J  Construction-Amravati-Epoxy Flooring Contractors, Residential flooring contractors

    M J Construction

    Also Servicing in Amravati

    Epoxy Flooring Contractors, Residential flooring contractors

    +91 9134750665

    MJ Construction Pvt Ltd. stands ahead of its competitors when it comes to offering best-in-class Construction Labour Services. We have link-ups with the best human resources who provide best services for labour works.

  4. Vima Enterprises

    Also Servicing in Amravati

    Epoxy Flooring Contractors, Residential flooring contractors

    +91 8788498078
    Flat No. 104, 1st Floor, Paras Graficon Building, Vishrantwadi, Pune - 411015 Get Directions

Durable and Attractive Epoxy Flooring by Verified Flooring Contractors in Amravati

Epoxy flooring makes a very reliable system due to its excellent qualities in order to meet the present floor stringent demands. Epoxy resins can be adjusted as per the users’ need for hardness and elasticity and can be customized specifically for the building. If you are planning to install 3d epoxy floor in your dream home, Sulekha is there to help you with listings of more than 4 flooring contractors.

To install long-lasting and attractive epoxy flooring for your residential or commercial establishment, our listed flooring contractors in Amravati will be the best option for you. So what are you waiting for? Just fill the above form and submit it now.

  • Q1. What is epoxy flooring?

    It is a flooring surface that comprises of multiple layers of epoxy which is applied to any floor with a depth of up to two millimeters. However, an epoxy floor which is less than two millimeters thick is referred to as an epoxy floor coating.

  • Q2. What are the different types of epoxy flooring?
    • Self-levelling Epoxy

      If you already have an existing concrete floor which is cracked or damaged, self-levelling epoxy will be ideal to use. It comes in a variety of colors which can be matched with any decor. It is resistant to abrasion, heat, chemicals and slipping.

    • Anti-Static Epoxy

      If your workspace with sensitive electronic equipment needs new flooring, you can go for the anti-static epoxy floor. An electrostatic charge builds up in certain floorings which can cause inconvenience. Anti-static epoxy prevents building up of this charge as it contains conductive materials which dissipate static charge.

    • Mortar Epoxy

      It is the toughest type of epoxy flooring available. It is perfect for industrial environments which often have to bear heavy equipment. Epoxy is mixed with either quartz sand or graded sand which is then troweled onto the floor.

    • Quartz-Filled Epoxy Floors

      It is a combination of high-performance epoxy polymer resin and tainted quartz grains. It is ideal for decorative spaces which require slip-resistant properties.

    • Epoxy Flake Floors

       It contains colored flake materials which are inserted into the epoxy to create a lively, multi-hued look. The flakes not only provide a seamless look but also give subtle grooves to the surface and reduces any chance of slips and falls. Epoxy flake floors are available in an infinite variety of colors, sizes, styles and textures which are customizable for any space.

  • Q3. What are the benefits of installing epoxy flooring?

    There are various benefits of installing epoxy flooring like:

    • Durability: Concrete flooring coated with epoxy will last longer and offers resistance to considerable wear and tear.
    • Strength: After the epoxy gets converted into a solid polymer, it becomes extremely strong and prevents any chemical breakdown.
    • Saves time: Epoxy flooring can be installed quickly and easily.
    • Low maintenance cleaning: After epoxy coating, the concrete is no longer porous and is, therefore, easier to clean.
    • Aesthetic: Epoxy flooring is available in a wide array of colors and patterns to fit your preferred style.
    • Chemically resistant: Epoxy flooring can survive continued exposure to strong chemicals and therefore, it is perfect for warehouses and plants which may be exposed to such materials.
    • Safety: This flooring is resistant to slippage, high temperature, and even fire, maintaining both the safety of employees and the building.
    • Brightness: Many high gloss options for epoxy flooring are available, which can enhance the lighting in your facility to some extent due to reflection.
    • Lowers vehicle maintenance: Epoxy resin floor can also reduce wear and tear on vehicles in your facility.
    • Helps the environment: Last but not least, it is a green option for your business because of less use of material.
  • Q4. Is epoxy flooring flammable?

    No, epoxy flooring is non-flammable, which is an advantage if you are working in extreme conditions.

  • Q5. Why Sulekha is the best option to find the best flooring contractors in Amravati?

    Sulekha is one of the most reputed business-listing platforms where you can effortlessly search for verified flooring contractors in Amravati inconvenience of your home. All the listed contractors are verified, and you can see their genuine reviews from previous customers. You simply need to fill up the requirements in the above form and submit it.    

Book the Dependable and Experienced Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Amravati

Everyone wishes to have a floor that is tough, durable, easy to maintain and looks good as well. Epoxy floors are the one that can fulfill this wish. Basically, concrete floors are covered with the coating of epoxy. This type of flooring is known as an epoxy flooring. It is an ideal choice for the areas experiencing heavy traffic such as commercial garages, warehouses, aircraft hangars, industrial sites, showrooms, and many more. It offers high-performance and provides a durable surface.

If you are planning to redesign your workspace, opting for epoxy floors is an ideal choice. At Sulekha, you can go through the list of 4 verified and dependable epoxy flooring contractors in Amravati. The Sulekha listed flooring contractors have served the clients with matchless services. As a result, we have an average rating of 4-stars across 80 users.

Why choose Sulekha?

Sulekha is a reputed business-listing platform. Here, we help you to choose the trusted epoxy flooring contractor in Amravati from the renowned and verified flooring contractors. At this platform, you can also find the contact details of the flooring contractors. If you want to hire an epoxy flooring contractor for your space, fill the form above along with your specifications.

The dependable and reputed flooring contractors from your locality would get in touch with you. You can discuss the required services and service charges with the service provider. Based on your specifications, the expert would provide you with an estimate of the specified services.

Benefits of Getting Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy is a material that is used to seal the concrete floor with a coating that makes it durable and offer a fantastic look. It is a great choice for commercial as well as industrial spaces such as manufacturing plants, commercial buildings, laboratories, warehouses, and other many others. Epoxy coating floors offer a number of advantages such as:

  • Resistance

    These types of floors are highly resistant to different types of substances such as bleach, oil, transmission fluid, gasoline, and many others. Along with these substances, epoxy floors offer resistance to heat as well. The best thing is that epoxy floors are resistant to germs and bacteria which make it an excellent choice for the medical health care centres as well as hospitals.

  • Longevity

    As compared to other flooring choices, this type of floors last for longer. If it is installed in the right manner, it can work well for decades without peeling or cracking.

  • Variety

    The epoxy coatings are available in plenty of colours that make can your floor look smooth, elegant as well as shiny. This helps you in upgrading the floor of your space and improves the ambience.

  • Cost-Effective

    In comparison to other options, epoxy is an affordable choice. In case you wish to remodel your space and repair your floor, epoxy coating is a pocket-friendly way to upgrade the floor.

  • Maintenance

    Another major advantage of epoxy coating is that it is easy to maintain. By covering your concrete floors with the coating, you can prevent the releasing of dust as well as cement particles. Moreover, you can simply sweep and get the shiny floors.

  • Environment-Friendly

    The other flooring options require the cutting of woods, tiles as well as use of machinery and equipment that do not last long. Whereas in the epoxy coating, some chemical compounds are used which need not be replaced for years. Therefore, epoxy flooring is an eco-friendly option.

  • Appearance

    The epoxy coating helps in transforming the damaged floors into attractive and shiny ones. With the help of epoxy floor coating, you can hide the defect of your concrete floor and give an elegant look to the floor of your space.

Type of Epoxy Floors

Being highly resistant and durable, an epoxy floor is a wonderful flooring option for any space. However, it is important to know which type of epoxy floor is suitable for which area. Here is a list of types of epoxy floors that you can explore and choose the right type of epoxy

    • Self-Levelling

      This type of epoxy is applied on the damaged, old and cracked floors to create a durable, low maintenance, and a smooth flooring surface. It is available in plenty of colours. You can use colours to make your own design according to your choice. It can be used in showrooms, kitchens, warehouses, and many other areas.

    • Quartz-Filled

      This type of flooring systems uses the coloured quartz grains with the high performing epoxy polymer resin that provides a decorative and slip-resistant floor. It can be used in offices, locker rooms, cafeterias, restrooms, etc.

    • Epoxy Mortar

      These types of floors are prepared with the combination of quartz sand/ graded sand and solid epoxy. It is the strongest epoxy floor type that is chemical-resistant. It is an effective repairing system. It is used in spaces like mechanical rooms, restaurants, manufacturing plants, and service areas where heavy equipment like forklift is used.

    • 3D

      3D epoxy floor is the latest technology. In this type of flooring, creative designs are used to provide an amazing visual effect. It can be used in apartments, offices, shopping malls, etc.

Apart from these, there are many other types such as anti-static epoxy coating, gravelled epoxy coating, terrazzo epoxy coating, and many others.

Cost of Epoxy Flooring Project

The cost of the epoxy flooring project depends on numerous factors such as type, thickness, brand, application area, packing size, labour charges, and many others. For an idea of the epoxy floor coating service, you can refer to the given table

Type of Epoxy Flooring

Approximate Cost

Self-Levelling Epoxy

Rs. 15 to Rs. 400 (per sq. ft )

3D Epoxy Flooring

Rs. 200 to Rs. 700 (per sq. ft )

Anti-Static Epoxy Flooring

Rs. 18 to Rs. 125 (per sq. ft )

Based on the shelf life and features, the cost of the epoxy flooring material varies.

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FAQ - Best Epoxy Flooring Contractors in Amravati

  • Which aspects an individual need to discuss while hiring the epoxy flooring contractors in Amravati?

    If you wish to get the services of an epoxy flooring contractor, it is advisable to discuss the following aspects with the expert

    • Budget
    • Type of contract (labour / labour & material)
    • Type of epoxy flooring you want
    • Type of service
    • Type as well as the size of space
    • Mode of payment
    • Colour and Thickness
    • Ratings & Reviews
    • Warranty and many others
  • What type of services can I expect from the epoxy flooring contractors in Amravati offer?

    In Amravati, the epoxy flooring contractors provide wide range of services like polishing of the old floor, installation of a new floor, and renovation of the existing floor.

  • For which type of premises can I hire the services of epoxy flooring contractors in Amravati?

    In Amravati, you can book an epoxy flooring contractor for the work of residential spaces, offices, workspaces as well as factories.