12 Global Events to Look Forward to in 2023

Harshavardini M 4 weeks ago
What's better than the end of a year? The beginning of a new year. With every New Year comes new beginnings and new changes. But one thing that remains the same is the anticipation of the people on what exciting events the New Year is about to bring them.

So, this year, you need not wait for what's about to happen. Instead, you can stay prepared. Here is a list of 12 events for the 12 months of the year that you can look forward to in the year 2023:

Walt Disney is an American multinational entertainment company with a place in our hearts. Their entertainment will be a part of every childhood. The year 2023 marks the centennial year of Walt Disney. The company was founded in the year 1923 by brothers Walt and Roy. o. Disney through their studio named Disney brother's studio. Disney is well-known as a leader in the animation industry and is especially famous for its widely popular character, Mickey Mouse. The year 2023 marks the 100th anniversary of the studio's creation, and you can very well look forward to the celebration of the studio around the globe.

Titanic hits 25. Titanic is an epic romance film that swept the world off its food. The movie was directed by James Cameron and released in 1997. This year, the movie will celebrate its 25th anniversary. Titanic became a global phenomenon as soon as it was published. It broke box office records and won 11 academy awards, which include the best picture. According to sources, the movie has been remixed and will be re-released in February 2021. You can relive your moments and cherish nostalgia by watching this movie in theatres nearby.

The first commercial spacewalk is scheduled to take place in March 2023 by a private space business called Polaris Dawn. The spacewalk is anticipated to be a significant turning point in the developing industry of space tourism, and it will undoubtedly be a massive occasion in 2023. The commercial spacewalk by Polaris Dawn is being widely watched by the space industry and is anticipated to open the door for other such endeavors in the future. Make sure to keep an eye on this journey so you can spacewalk into your futuristic dream.

By April 2023, Voyager 2, the space probe that NASA launched in 1977, will overtake Pioneer 10 (a space probe launched in 1972) as the second-farthest spacecraft from the earth. The Voyager 2 probe is expected to keep transmitting weak radio messages until the mid-2020s, which marks about 48 years since its launch.

The Most historical event of the century, the coronation of King Charles III, will be held on May 2023. It can be considered the first coronation of a British monarch since 1953. This event is also the first coronation to be held in the 21st century and is anticipated by the people of the world. Along with Kind Charles III, his wife Camilla will be crowned Queen consort. The event is to be held at the infamous Westminster Abbey.

The infamous tennis tournament, the French Open, will be held in June 2023. This year's French Open is much anticipated as the 14-time French Open champion hasn't confirmed if he will return to the French Open due to fitness-related issues. This has plagued the mind of his avid fans in regard to his retirement from the sport. On the other hand, the strong contenders of Nadal are looking forward to scoring the trophy for themselves.

Soccer fever isn't over as of yet; the Women's World Cup is set to take place in New Zealand and Australia seven months after the men's World Cup. The event will be held from Jul. 20 to Aug. 20 and features 32 teams worldwide. New Zealand and Australia, hosting the championship, will join countries from Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Europe. Team USA will play as the defending champions.

One of the best meteor showers, the Perseids meteor shower, will peak in August. The Perseids meteor shower is well-known for producing up to 60 meteors. The meteor shower will show up from July 17 to August 24. Make sure to keep an eye out for the beautiful meteor shower.

OSIRIS-REx is an asteroid study and sample return mission launched by NASA, which will return in September with the samples from the asteroid 101955 Bennu. Bennu is an asteroid situated in the Apollo asteroid belt, considered one of the most potentially hazardous objects and a sentry risk to earth. The samples collected by OSIRIS-REx will prove to be of help to astrologists to hypothesize the formation of the asteroid in order to create precautions against it.

The Sydney opera house, one of Australia's most famous tourist destinations, will turn 50 by 2023. The opera house was formally opened on October 23, 1973, by Queen Elizabeth II. The Sydney opera house is one of the famous tourist destinations and the busiest performing arts center, with over 2000 shows yearly. As a part of the occasion, the New South Wales government has announced that several major events and programs will be held in the Sydney opera house throughout the year.

India will be hosting the 13th edition of the ICC men's cricket world cup, which is anticipated to be one of the major sporting events of 2023. This would be the first time India would be hosting the tournament on its own, without the event being co-hosted by other south Asian countries. England will play as the defending champions against India, Australia, Pakistan, and other countries considered tough contenders for the championship.

This December, you will be able to see the Geminids, the king of meteor showers. Given that it can produce up to 120 colorful meteors each hour at its height, it is widely regarded as the finest meteor shower in the sky. It is caused by the 3200 Phaethon asteroid's debris, which was found to exist in the solar system in 1982. Every year, the shower is open from December 7–17. This year, the 13th and 14th nights and mornings are their peak times. After midnight, the viewing will be at its best from a dark position. Gemini is the source of meteors, though they can appear anywhere in the sky.

Enjoy this year with a peaceful mind and a hopeful heart.
Stay healthy and happy this new year!
Happy New Year!

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