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    Event OrganisersTrendy Themes for your Dream Wedding!

    Niviya Chanchez 4 months ago

    All of us dream of our big day and get on our wheels ravaging the city for the best designers, costumes, make-up artists, caterers, and whatnot! Apart from all these, adding a theme to your wedding can make it a memorable one for you as well as the......

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    Event OrganisersCreative Gift Ideas for Valentines Day

    The love season is around the corner, and the planning process is sure at its peak. Valentine’s day is always special and is all about making your loved one feel special. Gifts hold in a significant place during Valentine’s week, and every year peo......

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    Event OrganisersBidding 2021 a Farewell and Happily Welcoming 2022

    2021 has undoubtedly not been a fantastic year for many of them with the COVID-19 pandemic's peak effects. However, thanks to vaccination drives that have instilled a ray of hope, things are slowly resuming back to control. No matter how hard this ......

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    Event OrganisersSignificance of Top Five Christmas Decoration Items

    The season of celebration is here! We all get excited when Christmas is around the corner; the decoration part and the process of getting ready for it adds up to the joy. Buying essential Christmas decorations is always special every year. But ther......

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    Event OrganisersHow to host a COVID-Safe Event

    Jenson 8 months ago

    While in India, things are getting back on track since the whole pandemic, feelings are much happy, and celebrations are on the swing. To get you through a safe event, here are some valuable tips and important points to note before going about host......

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    Event OrganisersTop 5 Show Stopping Ideas To Host Your Next Event

    Usha P T 8 months ago

    Finally, we have arrived at the most enjoyable time of the year! Yes, it’s Christmas month, and we can’t wait to celebrate the festival of joy with our friends and family. With the corona pandemic and lockdown restrictions being a thing for nearly ......

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    Event OrganisersLets Plan your Christmas Event

    The Christmas season is around the corner, and everybody loves parties that make it even merrier. Though many of them plan Christmas events every year, it eventually gets a bit tough to manage it during the process. Hosting a fantastic and perfectl......

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    Event OrganisersWhat Is The Future Of Virtual Events?

    Usha P T 8 months ago

    Live events, in-person gatherings, corporate meetings, etc., were a thing but only during pre-covid times. As soon as the pandemic hit globally, the world was shut, and every industry faced challenges in mass communication. However, the technologic......

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    Event OrganisersTop Cities To Plan Your Destination Wedding

    Jenson 9 months ago

    Your big day is one of the main days of your life. So for once, don't simply go for it, rather plan it. Take some time. Ponder every one of the little things and make your wedding grand. What you really want is some motivation and fortunately, we a......

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    Event OrganisersGetting Your Office Ready for an Event

    Conducting an office event is never a cakewalk. It involves lots of preparations, discussions, and confusion. Though everything is planned out very systematically, last-minute mistakes and unexpected scenarios are unavoidable. An event planning ste......

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    Event OrganisersWedding Calendar - Top Suba Muhurtham Dates 2022

    Usha P T 10 months ago

    Weddings are a beautiful memory in everyone's life. No matter how you want to host it, promising a 'happily ever after' is a huge responsibility and commitment in one's life. Several communities across India are highly concerned with hosting their ......

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