Essential Tips To Keep In Mind While Planning A Wedding

  • Planning a wedding is a long task that involves months of research and a lot of coordination. As the bride or the groom, here are some important tips to keep in my mind while planning a wedding:

    Create guest list on priority

    Finding the approximate number of guests to expect at a wedding is an important step to be done while planning a wedding. From booking the hall to finalizing on a food menu, this number is important.

    Get help for planning

    Don’t try to manage everything for the wedding on your own. You would miss somethings invariable in the middle of all the running around. Get in touch with a professional wedding planner or get help from family and friends to plan the event.

    Check weather updates

    Before finalizing on the dates, check weather updates to ensure that the wedding does not fall on a day with heavy rains. This is especially important for sates where rains are more frequent. In case of a probable rain, make arrangements for canopies or tents for outdoor functions.

    Don’t push your budget

    Don’t push your budget while booking the vendors. Weddings always involve a lot of unexpected expenses which would anyways eat into your budget. Hence, stay within your budget as much as you can.

    Get help while shopping

    Get a few people whose taste matches yours to go shopping with you for your trousseau. This would help in making quicker decisions on what suits and what is appropriate.

    Don’t overdo the DIY

    While many of you might be creative and looking forward to doing a lot of the décor on your own, it is advisable not to overdo on it, especially if you are the bride, groom or immediate family. Not only would this add to the stress, you would also not be able to enjoy the whole process as much being so busy.

    Wear comfortable shoes

    Wedding being your big day, it is important you are relaxed and having a lot of fun. Uncomfortable shoes should be one of your concerns.

    Don’t forget to eat

    Many couples get so overwhelmed by everything that is happening around them on the big day and a few days prior to it that they forget to eat and sleep well. This would only add to the stress. Make sure that you keep yourself well hydrated and eating healthy snacks at regular intervals, especially on your wedding day!