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Fedbank Financial Services Ltd

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Financial Advisor Investment service Loan agency Mortgage lender

Fedbank Financial Services Ltd (Fedfina) acquired receipt of its NBFC license in 2010. Fedfina has 463 plus gold loan branches across the country. It caters to products like Gold Loan, Home Loan, Loan Against Property (LAP) and Business Loan. Fedbank Financial Services Limited is poised to emerge as a relevant player in the BFSI space.

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  • Monday - Saturday : 9:30 AM - 6:30 PM

Block No.304, 3rd Floor, Acharaj Tower 2,NMC House, C S No. 2480/ 1, Mouza Jariparka,Sadar,Nagpur-440013

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Financial institution Primary category

Home construction loan

Embark on your journey to build your dream home with Fedfina's best home loan rates. Our low home loan interest rates make realizing your dream a financially sound decision. Visit our branch in (location) to start the process of a home construction loan and bring your vision to life.

Home extension loan

Elevate your living space with our Home Extension Loan. Fedfina’s home extension loan solutions come to the rescue when your home needs more room to breathe. Explore how our home loan interest rates can facilitate you. Visit Fedfina in (location) to understand our home extension loan offerings.

Home improvement loan

Enhance the beauty and functionality of your home with Fedfina's Home Improvement Loan. Our impressive mortgage rates ensure cost-effective financial support for your home renovation project. Visit Fedfina in (location) to explore our various Home Loan options and turn your dreams into reality.

Home loan balance transfer

Make your existing home loan work better with a Home Loan Balance Transfer from Fedfina. Our specialized service allows you to transfer your current home loan to us, offering better interest rates. Visit Fedfina in (location) to initiate the application for a Home Loan Balance Transfer.

Home loan EMI calculator

Make informed financial decisions with Fedfina's Home Loan EMI Calculator. Our user-friendly Home EMI calculator enables you to estimate your monthly loan repayments. To explore more about home loan EMI, visit Fedfina in (location) and learn about our housing loan EMI calculator service.

Home mortgage loan

Secure your dream home with Fedfina's Home Mortgage Loan. As one of the best mortgage lenders, we offer competitive rates to make homeownership a reality. Want to explore our best mortgage rates and start your home mortgage loan application journey? Visit Fedfina in (location) today.

Home Purchase Loan

Discover the perfect solution for your dream home with Fedfina's home purchase loan. With competitive home loan interest rates and flexible terms, we provide you with the ideal avenue to turn your homeownership dreams into reality. Visit Fedfina in (location) and apply for a home loan today.

Joint home loan

Start your homeownership process with a Joint Home Loan from Fedfina. The dream of owning a home with a loved one becomes a reality with our home loan services. Our impressive mortgage rates enable you to achieve your dream home. To learn more about Joint Home Loan, visit our branch in (location).

Land purchase loan

Invest in your future with Fedfina's Land Purchase Loan. Whether you seek a loan to buy land for personal use or investment, our plot loan options offer the ideal financial support. Visit Fedfina in (location) to discover more about our land loans and initiate your land acquisition journey.

Top up loan

Fedfina elevates your financial prospects with a Top Up Loan on your existing Home Loan. You can conveniently access additional funds for various purposes while enjoying the benefits of attractive interest rates. Visit Fedfina in (location) to learn more about our Top Up Loan on Home Loan.

Financial Advisor

Insurance annuity investment advisement
Home loan near me

Explore the possibilities of owning your dream home with Fedfina's Home Loan. Our best in the market Home Loan Interest Rates make your dream more attainable. Initiate your home loan application today by visiting Fedfina in (location). Simply search 'home loan near me' to find us.

Loan against property

Utilize the worth of your property with Fedfina's Loan Against Property Benefit from our low loan against property interest rates and explore options that suit your needs. Visit Fedfina in (location) to discover how our loan against property can open up new financial opportunities for you.

Investment service

Balance transfer loan

Switch to smarter financial solutions with Fedfina's Balance Transfer Loan. Our home loan balance transfer offers unbeatable rates, making it a wise choice. Discover Fedfina in (location) to explore how our home loan balance transfer loan can help you achieve your financial goals.

Fedfina Home loan products

Explore Fedfina's range of Home Loan products tailored to meet your diverse needs. From Home Construction Loans to Plot Purchase Loans, Home Improvement Loans, and Top Up Loans, we've got you covered. Visit Fedfina in (location) to discover the perfect home loan solution.

Home loan interest rate

Benefit from Fedfina's keen Home Loan Interest Rates. Our Home Loan Rates are designed to make your dream of owning a home a reality. Enjoy our attractive Housing Loan Interest Rates and repayment options. Visit Fedfina in (location) to learn more about our Home Loan services.

Housing loan

Fedfina's housing loan options are designed to turn your dream into a reality. Our competitive home loan interest rates ensure affordability and our customer-friendly approach makes the application process a breeze. Visit Fedfina in (location) to discover the perfect housing loan for your needs.

Low interest home loan

Utilize Fedfina's low interest home loans, designed to help you achieve your homeownership dreams with ease. We offer the lowest home loan interest rates to make this process more affordable than ever. Visit Fedfina in (location) to explore the lowest housing loan interest rate being offered.

Plot loan

Fedfina's Plot Loan is the key to unlocking your dreams of land ownership. Our Plot Loans service offers affordable land loan interest rates, we make buying plots easier. Visit Fedfina in (location) to learn how you can secure a loan for a plot purchase and turn your vision into reality.

Take over loans

Take control of your finances with Fedfina's Take Over Loans. If you're burdened with unaffordable home loan interest rates, our take over loan service is here to help. Explore Fedfina in (location) to make a smart financial move and start the application for a home loan balance transfer today.

Loan agency

Business loans
Fedfina in-house legal and technical assistance

Ensure that your financial decisions are backed by the expertise we offer with Fedfina in-house legal and technical assistance. Whether you need legal assistance or technical insights, we've got you covered. Visit us in (location) to learn more about Fedfina’s legal and technical assistance program.

Home loan eligibility

Make sure to meet home loan eligibility criteria at Fedfina and take the first step towards owning a home. Our experts will guide you through the process of home loan application. Use our home loan eligibility calculator for better understanding or just visit Fedfina in (location) to enquire more.

Land loan

Initiate your journey to land ownership with our Land Loan. Our financing solutions pave the way for you to acquire the loan for land purchase, be it for personal use or investment. For unbeatable offerings and flexible terms visit Fedfina in (location) to begin your process of land loan.

Loan against property

Fedfina offers Loan Against Property, providing you with up to 25 lakhs to meet your financial needs. Visit Fedfina in (location) to know more about how you can access maximum funding through our loan against property, making your dreams and aspirations a reality.

Loan against property eligibility

Know your Loan Against Property eligibility at Fedfina and unlock the potential of your assets. Our experts will assist you in the loan against property application process. Visit Fedfina in (location) for financial empowerment after ensuring to meet our loan against property eligibility criteria.

Loan to buy land

Fedfina gives the opportunity to realize your dream with the Loan to Buy Land offering. Our tailored financing solutions of loan for land purchase makes it attainable. Visit Fedfina in (location) to kickstart your application for the loan to buy land you've always desired.

Processing and dispersal of loans

Experience quick and efficient processing and dispersal of loans with Fedfina. Our dedicated team ensures that your financial journey is smooth and trouble-free. Visit Fedfina in (location) to discover how our application processing and dispersal of loans can make your financial goals a reality.

Mortgage lender

Apartment purchase loan

Explore Fedfina's Apartment Purchase Loan, the perfect solution to finance your apartment purchase. With our apartment loan options that cater to your needs, we make buying your dream apartment easier. Visit Fedfina in (location) to learn more about our Apartment Purchase Loan offering.

Apply for home loan

Apply for a home loan offered by Fedfina and experience the benefits of our flexible repayment terms. Search for ‘loan near me’ to find Fedfina’s branch in (location) and easily apply for home loan. Transform the dream of owning a home into a beautiful reality through our home loan service.

Home renovation loan

With Fedfina's Home Renovation Loan, transform your abode into your dream home. You might want a minor upgrade or a complete overhaul, our house renovation loan has you covered. Visit us in the (location) branch to explore more about our Home Renovation Loan options today.

House purchase loan

Make your dream of homeownership a reality with Fedfina's House Purchase Loan. Whether you're a first-time homebuyer or looking to invest in another property, our house loan options provide the support you need. Visit Fedfina in (location) to explore our House Purchase Loan services.

Property loan

Fedfina's Property Loan solutions for a wide range of options. Whether you're looking to fund a personal project or meet other financial goals, our property loan options come with competitive terms and quick processing. Visit Fedfina in (location) to learn more about our Property Loan services.


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