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Best ever flooring contractors in Dindigul

Newly setting up or renovating your floor can be a time-consuming and exhausting affair if you go around your city looking for ‘flooring contractors near me?’ who can get it done in time and at a reasonable price. Big cities, particularly, pose bigger problems as there are a lot of designers and contractors who promise high but deliver low. We will help you steer past them and acquire the services of flooring contractors in Dindigul who are experienced & experts in designing floors in homes and on whom you can rely to get the job done perfectly.

Top 10 Flooring Contractors in Dindigul as on Sep 29, 2022

Thiruveethipallam, Kanchipuram, 631601 ( Also serves in Dindigul )
Flooring Contractors, Residential flooring contractors, Commercial / Office flooring Contractors, Industrial / Factory flooring contractors, Waterproofing services
Response Time: Within 15 MinsSulekha score: 7.8Working hours: 09:00 am to 07:00 pmYears of Experience: 21

Epoxy flooring / polyurethane flooring/ self leveling/ coving/ water proofing / line marking / epoxy coating / cementesus self leveling / concrete power Travelers/ antistatic flooring less

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Mettupatti, Dindigul, 624002
4.5/5 Based on 23 reviews
Flooring Contractors, Grouting contractors, Residential flooring contractors, Commercial / Office flooring Contractors, Industrial / Factory flooring contractors
+1 more
Response Time: Within 15 MinsSulekha score: 8.3Working hours: 9 AM to 10 PMYears of Experience: 12

welcome to Vansilin Chemical Technology Solution, 12 years experience in providing water proofing services and buliding repairs and rehabilitation works commercial and industrial sectors, our services include sheet Membranes , liquid membranes , polyurethane coating, crystalline coating , polyurethane grounding, polymer coating , acrylic coating , and voldex Water Proofing, pvc sheet water proofing epoxy Foolring installations, selpu level exp ... less

Rajasekaru from Dindigul

"This company work is very useful service... Good working"

Shafrin from Dindigul

"Best quality and good job"

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Begampur, Dindigul, 624002
3.5/5 Based on 8 reviews
Flooring Contractors, Residential flooring contractors, Commercial / Office flooring Contractors, Industrial / Factory flooring contractors, Waterproofing services
Response Time: Within 15 MinsSulekha score: 6.7Years of Experience: 10

EXPERT SOLUTION WATERPROOFING has been in business for over seven (7) years and their success rate in this industry, Residential & Commercial Industry, speaks for itself. With the continues research they did on the products they use in the industry, the business has grown so much that they are in a position to provide a 7-10 year guarantee on their workmanship. The owner & director of STATUS WATERPROOFING is Mr Mohamed Yasin The busines ... less

hanifa from Dindigul

"my home heavy problem for water leak in terrace lot of time mason work but not solve the problem once he come some drill and pressure the chemical that problem was totally solved "

Van Vansilin from Dindigul

"This guys are work very well "

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Madurai West, Madurai, 625016 ( Also serves in Dindigul )
Flooring Contractors, Carpet dealers, Wall Decors, Residential flooring contractors, Commercial / Office flooring Contractors
+1 more
Response Time: Within 15 MinsSulekha score: 8.8Working hours: 9 AM to 10 PMYears of Experience: 5

we are deal wallpapers,customize wallpaper,carpets,pvc flooring,wooden flooring,vinyl flooring,blinds less

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Kallipatti, Dindigul, 624004
5.0/5 Based on 11 reviews
Flooring Contractors, Real Estate Appraisal, Swimming Pools, Resorts, Property valuation services
+21 more
Sulekha score: 7.5
Murugan from Dindigul

"Best work... Good response... Genuine people"

Yuvaraja R from Dindigul

"Nice product on everyday to improve."

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Poonamallee, Chennai, 600056 ( Also serves in Dindigul )
5.0/5 Based on 5 reviews
Flooring Contractors, Building service contractors, Net Dealers, Partitions Dealers, Residential flooring contractors
+4 more
Sulekha score: 6.8
Farooq from Chennai

"Good service nice work...."

Logu from Chennai

"Good work"

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Bandra, Mumbai, 400007 ( Also serves in Dindigul )
3.5/5 Based on 7 reviews
Flooring Contractors, Labour Contractors, Labour contractors, Scrap Dealers, Weigh Bridge Services
+13 more
Sulekha score: 4.6
Guest from Mumbai

"thx i support you sulekha"

Shankar baburao from Mumbai

"Good job helpness I am happy"

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Reserveline Madurai, Madurai, 625014 ( Also serves in Dindigul )
4.5/5 Based on 5 reviews
Flooring Contractors, Wedding catering services, Roofing services, Residential building contractors, Building service contractors
+11 more
Sulekha score: 4.5Working hours: 9 AM to 8 PMYears of Experience: 14
Karthick from Madurai

"Good services and success completion of project "

Guest from Madurai

"Designs are EXCELLENT, EXECUTION is good.."

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Ranjnoli, Bhiwandi, 421308 ( Also serves in Dindigul )
Flooring Contractors, Doors & windows dealers, Net Dealers, Partitions Dealers, Industrial / Factory flooring contractors
+3 more
Sulekha score: 0.1
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6 Reviews of Flooring Services As on Sep 29, 2022

Average Rating
5.0/5 6 Reviews

" Good repansive. Good work "

Senthile murugan from Dindigul, on 20 Nov 2021

" Nice product on everyday to improve. "

Yuvaraja R from Dindigul, on 01 Jan 2021

" Good service and economic price "

Sajith from Dindigul, on 14 May 2018

" good and clean work in low budget "

S.asumathi from Dindigul, on 31 Dec 2020

" Good job good work excellent service "

Dinesh from Dindigul, on 29 Nov 2020

" I am very much like him approach and professional workers "

Maideen from Dindigul, on 13 May 2018

Trending Flooring Contractors in Dindigul

Flooring is the part of the house that undergoes wear and tear due to our daily activities throughout the day. A sleek, durable and attractive flooring can completely change the outlook of the house. Replace your old stained and cracked floor with the newly trending flooring types.

In fast-paced cities like Dindigul, trends change spontaneously in search of the latest products that comes with better benefits. The flooring trends are now shifting from the standard marble and tile flooring to wooden and 3D floorings. The flooring contractors in Dindigul are working faster to match the speed of the market. But the demand for the tile and marble are ranging high regardless of the changing trend. The market trends are getting higher for Dindigul tile companies.

Dindigul holds the type of people who primarily try the latest trends first and decide whether it is good or bad afterward. Approximately more than 8000 people search for 3D flooring in Dindigul. It has just freshly arrived flooring type in India. So, some useful piece of information before opting these rapidly rising latest flooring trends.

Here is the list of the flooring types and its price below

Type of flooring

Cost per square feet

Laminate flooring

Rs 65-400/Sqft

vinyl flooring

Rs 30-200/Sqft

epoxy flooring

Rs 45-400/Sqft

3D flooring

Rs 500-1500/Sqft

wooden flooring

Rs 200-500/Sqft

Mosaic flooring

Rs 100-300/Sqft

stone flooring

Rs 300-600/Sqft

ceramic tile flooring

Rs 50-300/Sqft

Flooring trends in Dindigul

We can categorize flooring into two types as resilient and non-resilient.

Resilient floorings create a cushion effect when you step on it. They are not hard like the marbles or tile. Thus, it does not break your head even if you fall hard on the floor. These are the best to choose if you have children and old people at home. The newly arriving resilient flooring types in India are listed below.

  • Laminate Flooring

    It is a multi-layer synthetic flooring which looks like laminated wood or stone. They replicate the look of natural materials. Go for laminates when you want to add hardwood look to your house with low maintenance.

    Pros: They are inexpensive, durable and scratch resistant. The installation is as easy as you can do it yourself to your house.

    Cons: They are not waterproof instead they absorb water and swell. You should keep a habit of cleaning water spills immediately to avoid damage.

  • Vinyl Flooring

    It is predominantly known for its advantages that come within the economical price. Vinyl sheets are also available in premium materials as the luxury vinyl tiles which provides higher wear and tear along with a natural look of wood, stone or concrete. These are strongly waterproof so that you can use it even for bathrooms.

    Pros: It is highly durable, water resistant, stain resistant, versatile, and economic.

    Cons: It is not resistant to scratching, and fade when in direct contact with sunlight.

  • Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy floors give a chemical resistive and durable surface which makes it suitable for commercial and industrial flooring. There are a variety of epoxy flooring materials available in the Indian market. As mentioned above 3D epoxy flooring are arriving faster into the market which also has a tremendous demand in future.

    Pros: They are clean, simple to maintain and also looks glossy. A well-maintained epoxy floor can stay new without a change in color or any other damage for about 15 years.

    Cons: Maybe slippery if an oil-based material is used and are prone to chips and tears

  • 3D flooring

    3D flooring is primarily an epoxy flooring on the top of a high definition image. A self-leveling primer is applied on which the desired image is placed. A transparent epoxy coating is applied on to create an illusionary image depth resulting in 3D floor design. A final coat of varnish is applied.

    Pros: Unique and eye-catching aesthetic, high strength, easy maintenance, water and fire resistant. 

    Cons: 3D flooring cost expensive, hard to install, takes 3-5 days of time to cure, and it is cold flooring.

  • Wooden flooring

    Wood flooring gives a classic and authentic look to your house. They are mostly in two types which are hardwood and engineered wood. The former one is the raw wood planks directly cut down from the tree, and the latter is the layers of pressed plywood with solid wood on top and bottom. Commonly wooden flooring cost per square feet in Dindigul is estimated as Rs 200-500/Sqft.

    Solid hardwood flooring

    Pros: Aesthetically pleasant

    Cons: It is porous and in contact with moisture lead to contraction and expansion.

    Engineered wood flooring

    Pros: It does not expand or contract and also strong and durable

    Cons: It is hard to maintain and needs replacement after 2-3 years.

    Non-resilient flooring is the stone, ceramic tile, marble and granite floorings. These are expensive which can stay strong for years.

  • Terrazzo or Mosaic flooring

    This traditional flooring method is developed by mixing a composite material on multi-colored marble, quartz, granite and other material chips.

    It is cured and then polished to give your home a monochromatic look.

    Pros: It is VOC free and stays strong for years.

    Cons: Improperly polished flooring will be easily prone to dirt.

  • Stone flooring

    This flooring holds varieties of stones like marbles, granites, limestone, slate and more. The style and class of these stones can never be replaced by any other. It remains cool to soothe your feet even in hot summers of India.

    Pros: It stays hard, stylish, and long-lasting for years.

    Cons: If pores appear regular application of sealants is required.

  • Ceramic tile flooring

    Ceramic Tiles are the used in high traffic places in the home. These are composed of natural materials like sand, clay or quartz. Floor tiles prices in India are affordable due to its predominant popularity in India which led to a variety of textures and styles too. 3D floor tiles are also newly arriving mimicking wood and stone textures.

    Pros: It is versatile, durable, and easily replaceable

    Cons: It can be stained easily, and break if something falls hard on it.

The definitive guide to finding the right flooring for your house

The floorings are one of the major factors that can alter the overall look of the house. There are many types of flooring that are available with the flooring contractors in Dindigul which are reliable and high in quality. But, it is important to choose the right flooring for your house and it is your responsibility. As we all know, each type of flooring holds its own pros and cons. You got to find the perfect fit by knowing the requirements of your house. Here is a list of few things that can help you decide on the right flooring catering to all your requirements and meeting your expectations. Take a few minutes to skim over the things discussed below before hiring the right flooring for your house.

  • Type of installation

    The flooring installation is an important part when it comes to flooring. You need to get in touch with the right professionals to get it done right. The experts will help you get the best finish that highlights the overall look of the house and enhances its interior design. It is important to hire an expert to do the installation for best results.

  • Cleaning and maintenance

    You can spot a flooring type which does not require maintenance at all, but you can get a less maintenance flooring option. You can opt for stone floorings in which cleaning and maintenance are very easy. You should avoid carpet flooring and wood floorings if you want a maintenance free flooring for your house. They require a lot of attention and care to keep it in a good condition for a long period.

  • Resilient or non-resilient

    The resilient floors are shock absorbing flooring which is suitable for the home that holds elderly people, children, and pets. As the floorings are smooth and shock absorbing, does not hurt much if someone falls or slips on the floor. On the other hand, the non-resilient floorings are strong and durable which are usually stone floorings and tile floorings. 

  • Green options

    As the whole world is looking for greener and sustainable options, there are many green floorings are also available with the flooring contractors. Some of the common green floorings are linoleum flooring, cork flooring and bamboo floorings which are made of natural materials as well as they are recyclable. These floorings are also aesthetically pleasing and make your interior look even better.

  • Aesthetics

    As already mentioned earlier, the flooring plays a crucial flooring in creating an impact on the overall interior look of the house. The flooring lifts the aesthetics of the house. The flooring options like stone, especially the marbles and granites take the interior to next level of class. The laminate flooring, vinyl flooring create a neat and sleek feel while all the wood flooring types create a rustic feel. Choose the suitable floor tiles which match with your house’s interior style.

Hire the best flooring contractors in Dindigul by filling in the form given above.

Should You Choose Wood Flooring Or Laminate? Here’s Some Handy Help

If you are thinking of relaying your flooring and cannot decide between wood or laminate, it’s not surprising. Each of these types of flooring has so much to offer that you can never tell which tone is better.


  • Wood:

    Wood floors require need to be cleaned with special floor cleaners also preserve the finish and restore it. By using universal cleaners, you can end up wiping away the sheen of these floors and make them look dull. Besides, any warranties you have from the manufacturer will stand void in such circumstances.

    Installing wood floorboards take a little longer than laminate as its drying time is more.

  • Laminate:

    Laminate flooring can be finished in a day, depending on its size.


  • Wood:

    Wood flooring has sporadic patterns that seem to be random.

  • Laminate:

    Laminate flooring has repetitive patterns, like knots and grains.


  • Wood:

    Wood flooring is prone to scratches. It can get easily damaged due to moisture and will show up wear and tear marks, especially if the flooring is excessively used.

  • Laminate:

    Laminate is made from pressed wood and is highly durable. It is scratch-resistant and does not show any signs of being affected by moisture or wear and tear.

Easy Maintenance

  • Wood:

    Wood floors require need to be cleaned with special floor cleaners also preserve the finish and restore it. By using universal cleaners, you can end up wiping away the sheen of these floors and make them look dull. Besides, any warranties you have from the manufacturer will stand void in such circumstances.

  • Laminate:

    Maintaining laminate flooring is very easy. All you need to do is to sweep, mop or wipe it with a damp cloth.

Is repairing easy?

  • Wood:

    Wood floors require need to be cleaned with special floor cleaners also preserve the finish and restore it. By using universal cleaners, you can end up wiping away the sheen of these floors and make them look dull. Besides, any warranties you have from the manufacturer will stand void in such circumstances.

    Wood flooring is far easier to repair than its laminate counterpart. Spot repairs are also easy on these floors and can be done within a couple of hours.

    If the surface of the flooring is damaged extensively, sanding and refinishing it will solve the problem. For smaller issues, all it needs is to remove and replace damaged planks. If they require sanding, staining and refinishing, they can be done individually.


    On the other hand, laminate flooring cannot be repaired easily. If this flooring was laid by sticking it down, repairing it is very difficult. Besides, laminate can neither be refinished nor sanded. If damaged individual planks are removed and replaced, there’s a good chance that the pieces will not match the rest of the room because of age, exposure to sunlight and water levels.


  • Wood:

    Wood flooring is made from harvesting trees, so the price depends on the value of the trees. In general, however, wood flooring is more expensive than laminate.

  • Laminate:

    Since laminate flooring is made from composite wood pressed at high temperatures, the materials are inexpensive. Further, installation is also half the cost of wood flooring.


With these differences before you, surely now it is easier for you to choose between the two. If it's the long-term value you seek, then wood flooring scores over the laminate.

FAQ - Flooring Contractors in Dindigul

1. How much time will they require to complete the flooring?

You need to know the time frame to plan accordingly. Do not forget to decide on the time frame with the contractor.

2. Is Sulekha Flooring contractor licensed?

Yes, our professionals are licensed & verified. It is necessary to hire a professional licensed and insured flooring contractor to avoid additional problems in your home. Make sure you choose a licensed flooring contractor or firm.

3. What kind of services can I expect from flooring contractors in Dindigul?

The reputed flooring contractors provide numerous services such as the installation of a new floor, polishing the existing floor, and renovating the current floor.

4. For which type of floor can I hire flooring contractor in Dindigul?

In Dindigul, the flooring contractors offer expertise services. They can provide services for many flooring types such as marble, epoxy, PVC, rubber, laminate, 3D, and many more.

5. Can I hire a residential flooring contractor in Dindigul?

In Dindigul, you can hire different types of flooring contractors like

  • Residential flooring contractor
  • Commercial flooring contractor
  • Gym flooring contractor
  • Industrial flooring contractor
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