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Varshaa Srikanth 5 years ago

There have been some radical revolutions in the flooring industry and there is a lot of scope for creativity in putting a house together. Picking an ideal floor is not just about the aesthetics as the creativity is supposed to be of functional use too.

Here is a lay down on what you should be looking for when you pick out flooring for your home.

Keep the cost in mind. Cost of purchase is just one dimension. The cost of maintenance is another. Remember to go for what works best within your current and projected budgets.

Movement in the house is an important factor before deciding your flooring of choice. It is vital to understand that constant walking requires flooring that won’t wear out too soon, and at the same time, be comfortable for being walked upon.

Maintenance and durability of the floor is also an important factor in determining the material that will make it. Floors that require constant cleaning and maintenance should ideally be avoided.

Appearance, comfort and its overall place and the coordination of other things with the floor in the house are important to be kept in mind.

For humane and pragmatic reasons, environmentally friendly flooring is best recommended.

With this in place, here are some of the best flooring ideas - their pros and cons for you to figure out the most suitable for your need.

Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo flooring: A renewable resource which brings in the best of stability and abrasion resistance, bamboo does not react to water and has no allergenic content. Moreover, it is easy to repair. But, the drawback is that it tends to fade, and doesn’t always go well with all ambiences. Fit for all rooms.

Carpet Flooring

Carpet flooring: Perfectly comfortable and versatile, carpeted flooring works best in cold climate and helps absorb sound well. It is also comfortable to walk on. But on the flip side, it doesn’t work as well in summer, and tends to fade, and also comes with the difficulty in cleaning. Fit for the living room.

Laminated Flooring

Laminated flooring: Works well if you want to substitute wooden flooring. Good to go on existing flooring, it is exceedingly durable and works very well without much maintenance. But, it is not suitable for wet areas, and tends to scratch easily. Suitable for bedrooms.

Linoleum Flooring

Linoleum flooring: It works very well since it is made from a renewable resource and is exceedingly durable, and also comes in different patterns and styles. Easy to clean and low on allergens, it offers the comfort of easy maintenance. Fit for all rooms.


Tiles: Tiles are an interesting option as well, especially ceramic and stone. Versatile and contemporary in terms of design and texture, it can be used in any part of the house. It is durable, low maintenance and fireproof. On the flip side, it can be difficult to walk on and tends to be slippery. Mostly used in bathrooms and on the kitchen walls.

Wooden Flooring

Wooden or timber flooring: This type is also incredibly useful – available in multiple styles with elegant designs, it is a durable and elegant form of interior décor. However, it is prone to expansion and contraction, and will need stripping and sanding every few years once. Designed for halls and bedrooms.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl Flooring: Vinyl is also a good option. Made from synthetic materials such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC), they are hardwearing and good with insulation. They are also easy to clean. However, it lacks warmth and can get scratched. Suitable for all rooms.

Cement Flooring

Cement flooring: This is a throwback to olden times and is not much preferred but works well if you are looking for a rustic ambience that needs very low maintenance. Not used nowadays as plain concrete. Polished concrete flooring is used in showrooms. Can also be used in homes.

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