Master the Art of Work-From-Home

Deepika Ravichandran 3 years ago

One thing pandemic introduced amongst us is the work-from-home culture. It has become both a boon and bane. The fact that it has increased stress and routines have gone out of our hands is undeniable. People have started living an imbalanced lifestyle at home. Balancing it is an art and here are some tips to master it. 

Planned Routine is a Perfect Map  

Yes, a well-planned routine is indeed a clear map to a peaceful mind. Have a planner note handy with you or invest in a desk board planner and place it on your work table. Spend time every morning listing out the day’s to-do works and tick it out when you complete. This has been a great practice among those who live a stress-free life. The relief you get when you tick out the completed work is unmeasurable. Prioritize tasks and remember to have time for things you enjoy doing. 

A Good Setup Doubles Productivity 

While working from home it is important to ensure you have a good setup. Get everything organized, right from comfortable furniture to good internet connectivity. Especially having comfy furniture is important as you will spend a whole day on it. Uncomfortable furniture can be irksome and will make you feel tired. An ergonomic chair and spacious work desk are the essentials of a good work-from-home setup. Ensure furniture fits the room space and set it up in a bright area where there is natural light as dark lighting will create an unenthusiastic vibe. A poor work-from-home setup will make you feel tired and fatigue as days pass. Arrange your desk well, do not overload it, and stick to a minimalistic setup. Clean your desk and workspace often. 

Portable Gadgets & Essentials 

Portable gadgets make a huge difference. If you have access to both laptop and desktop, prefer a laptop. It gives you the independence to shift rooms and places whenever required. While using a laptop/desktop place the screen at an eye-level angle, you can buy a portable laptop stand to make it easy for you. This will prevent back pains and enhance your body posture. Get a wireless keyboard and mouse combo, this will ease out the working process for you. A headphone, notebook, and pen should always be kept ready on the table for virtual meetings. All these gadgets need to be placed on your desk properly, misplacing them is sure to cause tension at times of urgency.  

The Me-time and Breaks 

An effective work-from-home routine also includes breaks. Do not indulge yourself too much in work. Take breaks in between and have a bottle of water on your desk. Avoid procrastination it will pile up work. By properly planning and working on time you will never have to sit for long hours. Set boundaries and work at proper office timings. Spend time with family after work and stay away from gadgets and machines once you log out. One way of relaxing is spending time on hobbies and exercising. Every individual needs to understand work is not who he/she is, there has to be time for plans and commitments beyond just working. 


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